Training Notes    
02/07/04 track: 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 on 48 seconds per 200 meters with 30 seconds rest between each set. Then back down starting at 1000. Felt great - was a bit faster than 48 seconds for most of the sets except the 1000 which was right on 48 sec  
02/09/04 Nice, long steady swim for hour alternating 100 swim, 100 pull, 100 fins. + 30 minute CP 140 test watts down a bit - why??  
02/10/04 MTB bike outside 4 hours in the wind and blowing snow. Felt good out near Bragg Creek when the wind wasn't blowing. Went part way to Elbow Falls. Has to call Helen for a pick-up on return up Springbank rd when snow had blow over the road - very slippery and icy!  
02/11/04 Ran outside for 1.75 hours - wanted to go for 2, but felt really sick - a bit of the flu I think. Ran another hour at the gym - also felt really sick.  
02/12/04 4 bricks x (10'@250 watts, 5'@ 7'/mile) found it difficult to maintain 250 watts for 10 minutes, but I felt REALLY sick. Was able to do 3 brick intervals only for about 1.75 hours  
02/13/04 Awesome bike intervals! Averaged 213 watts at 140 hr for first 30 minutes. Later I did 5 minutes of steady state climbing in big gear at 65 rpm, 140 hr and 230 watts! Don’t know why…..

Great swim with Greg 4km !! Was maintaining 1:50 100's with the pull b.
02/14/04 1000 meters in 19 minutes, 500 meter with pull B. I figure I'm probably good for a 27 minute 1500 with wet suit, and possibly a 67 minute IM swim - goal: 65 minutes!

Also bike 45 min and run 20 minutes - run felt good, low heart rate, fast speed
02/15/04 Big day - did the Hypothermic half marathon today and came in 7th overall out of 300 runners. Cool. Went out at exactly 7 min/mile pace and kept it the whole way (according to my Garmin GPS). Time 1:31:39. And according to my Lactate tests, my 1/2 marathon time should be 1:30 - so looks like a confirmation!  
02/16/04 Swim 1.25 mostly pull. Did 50 fast, then 50 slow. Was keeping 55 seconds on the 50 fast with Pull B  
02/17/04 Strangely LOW watts on the CP 140 test this morning - only 174 - weird. I wonder if it's fatigue from the half marathon race on Sunday? I rode inside for an hour, then 3 hours on the MTN bike to Bragg and back, then another 2 hours inside with Greg B as part of his Epic 50 hour week. Repeated the CP 140 and the measurment was 186 - still lousy. Odd.... Also strange is the slope for the days hit it's best value to date!  
02/18/04 I started to run 5 x (5 min @ 7:20, rest for 5 min), but I could really feel that chest cold in my chest, so I stopped at 3 intervals and topped out at a 90 min run rather than the 2 hour run as planned. Finished with 30 minutes on the spin bike.  
02/19/04 Good 2 hours on the Mag trainer with a CP140 test. Watts back up to normal levels and my chest cold seems to have dissappeared?? 45 min run at Talisman track holding 8 min/mile easy. Swim felt srong was holding 50 sec/100 with Pull B  
02/20/04 5 k swim! That's a personal record. Thanks Greg B!!!  
02/21/04 REST!  
02/22/04 REST!  
02/24/04 Ran 1 hour outside before flight to Phoenix, then ran an hour in Phoenix. Felt good - maintained 8 min miles for both runs  
02/25/04 Cycled to Tortilla flats. Lots of CLIMBING. Felt fantastic. Watts were WAY up. Not sure why - something to do with altitude of Phoenix? 130 hr equated to between 230 to 250 watts!  
02/26/04 Cycled to Bartlette lake. Tons of long, long climbs. Was actually kind of warm in the valleys. Took heart rate above Aerobic Threshold today for the climb out, but not sure if HR monitor was working properly - saw values of over 230 flash on and off - wierd seemed that as soon as I started moving fast, it went all wacky - maybe due to the big power lines in area???  
02/27/04 CP150 values were 324 watts!!! Slope was .21 Didn't really take HR above 130-ish today. That's probably why the values are so high - not sure.   
02/28/04 Great day 4.5 hours of cycling to Bartlette Lake again. Cold today, but sunny. Never took HR over 139 today stayed in Aerobic zone all day. Solid. For a 25 minute chunk in the middle of the day climbing out of the valley on way back I averaged 237 watts and 136 heart rate - that's well over 240 watts for CP140. Most of this is NOT aero - but climbing with cadences between 80 and 90  
02/29/04 Last day in Phoenix. Ran for 2.5 hours today REALLY SLOW!!! Must be tired from week. Speed averaged about 8.5 m/mile during the last hour, but was around 9 to 10 for the first hour. Too slow!  
03/01/04 Swim . included a 1000 meter pull B timetrial. Averaged 57 seconds per 50  
03/02/04 2 hours on Mag trainer with good watts - CP140 was 214 - higher than recent averages indoors. Jason says the increase in Phoenix was due to riding outside - we'll see when the weather gets better if that’s true or not  
03/03/04 Did swim video with Ken Olsen - I will get the video next week with an analysis. Ran hour easy at Westside. Feeling generally tired and extreemly uninspired these days.  
03/04/04 Swam 3000, held 1:50 for each of the first 600 100's with Pull B.  
03/05/04 Argh! Had a super crappy indoor CP140 hour ride this morning! Low, low low value of 194 ! I suck!! Possible reasons are: 1. General feelings of lethargy as noted on Wed, 2. Had my typical overtraining symptom last night - being jolted awake at the moment of falling asleep... why?? it's been a generally low volume week. Perhaps it's due to the heavy week in Phoenix last week (one week delay??). 3. Did a full shot of venolin by mistake before ride, but I've done this before and it hasn't even made any difference at all, 4. Spent a few hours yesterday welding (fumes??). Swim 4000 meters  
03/06/04 2,6 hour run. I think I'm coming doen with a cold - chest was sore and very caughy - could explain the low watts test yesterday. Did the first hour at Talisman track 8min/mile, but noticed my heart rate was nearing 150, so slowed down - again, probably due to a virus... Ran 1:45 inside and the rest outside. Feeling very tired, achy and fluey after the run. Also very cold, can't seem to warm up.  
03/07/04 4 hour brick with Cals group at Olympic Oval. Was tough - still sick, watts low. Coughed a bit and generally felt fatigued.  
03/08/04 1.75 hour swim. I did 4000 meters, the first 3000 with full wetsuit on. My arms felt VERY tired and sore from that wet suit - so I took it off and swam the remaining 1000 with just the bottoms on with the arms and body dragging in the water. My arms felt 100% better! That wet suit is too tight and is creating some strange forces that I have not become conditioned to. Next swim I will try the sleeveless suit and compare.  
03/09/04 100 miles!! Took me 7 hours of cycling though.. Through high wind warnings, rain, freezing rain, gravel, etc. This is by FAR the earliest century I've ever done - early March! Pretty cool. Felt fine after. Slope is good and watts are higher but not as high as Phoenix. Still a bit sick - coughed quite a bit when I got home.  
03/10/04 Run 50 minutes felt REALLY tired! Legs were sore and my lungs felt sore!  
03/11/04 Bike/run bricks 15 mins each at Talisman. Near the end my running felt very good - better than 8 min miles and easy  
03/12/04 Indoor CP140 1 hour bike test. Watts look much better. After first 1/2 hour of warm up, I held an average of 215 watts at 140 HR. But, during the last 15 minutes, I held 225 watt average in UPRIGHT position. Interesting. I think most of the PHOENIX riding is upright, not aero.  
03/13/04 Good 2.75 hour solid run today. Maintained 8 min miles for 90 minutes after a 30 minute warmup, then close to 8 min/miles for the remaining 90 minutes. Heart rate during the 8 min/mile portion was average 143 BPM. Chest still feels sore from cold - and I cough a bit. Was a build up of some phlem last night before bed and coughing. I wonder how many HR beats that cold is still responsible for????  
03/14/04 Outside 2.6 hour ride with Myles. Averaged 31 kph. HR was well into the 150's for most of the ride. Crashed at the end in some gravel turning a corner and did an endover. Some loss of skin on my left hand and numb-but-getting-sore left thumb. Overall, a very good week with a chest cold lingering. 20 hours and a Century - not bad.  
03/15/04 day off!  
03/16/04 Cycled outsite for 4.5 hours with GregB and froze! A high of about 2. Went up to Elbow falls, but couldn't make it all the way to the top because it had snowed. Legs felt ok - Watts/HR were crappy! Spent a lot of the time in aero (which I need!) because of my injured thumb and palm from crash. Evidence that long rides really train the recovery and endurance system = Greg B was unable to maintain the same pace for the last hour +. This is his first long outside ride of the season. Finished with another slow hour inside, then a 10 km run outside where I maintained 8 min/miles for the whole run.  
03/17/04 Swam 4000, 1000 drills, 600, 200 flippers, 500, 200 flippers, 400, 200 flippers, 300, 200 flippers, 200, 200 flippers, 100, 200 flippers. Was holding 1:55's/100 at the end - swam with sleevless sw  
03/18/04 Ran 6 x 1mile @ 7min/mile w/ 1.5 min rest between. Then I ran for 30 minutes on track and maintained my 8 min/mile goal pace - nice to note that my HR on the 8 min/mile was averaging around 137. Good! Finished with 30 minutes on stationary bike.  
03/19/04 1.25 HR BIKE INSIDE CP140 watts were nicely high during 2nd 30 minute period. Note that previously I did the CP140 tests at beginning of workouts and now I'm doing them after a 30 min warm up (around 120 HR). Also I take the average of the last 5 minutes of a 30 minute 140 HR run. Upright position is always 5 to 6 watts higher. I would like to experiment with speeds and these watt values and see if I can achieve a more efficient aero position??? Good swim 3000 meters. Was holding 1:50 100's with Pull b.  
03/20/04 2 hour run on track at Talisman. I maintained 8 min/mile pace for the whole 2 hours. Average heart rate during the first hour was around 140, but dropped during the second half to about 136 or so. Good!  
03/21/04 Nothing! Day off  
03/22/04 2 hours inside. First hour was 160 watts and reading my book. Then I did 30 minutes of aero CP140 where I set a new record of 220 watts! The next 15 minutes was an upright CP140 and hot an average of 230 watts - also a Calgary record (not including Phoenix). Then 5 minutes at 150 HR, and a cool down.  
03/23/04 Great swim - 1000 warm up & drills then 10 x 100's with sleeveless wet suit on. Good times - they were all on 2 minutes are here are my times: 1:33, 1:34,1:36,1:37,1:39,1:40,1:42,1:45,1:46,1:48. My 45 min run was with race shoes on and I found the pounding really hard on my legs.  
03/24/04 Great outside 3.25 hour ride. Watts sucked during first hour - then steadilly got better. During last hour, I was probably holding 218-220 at 140HR in aero.  
03/25/04 Speed run - felt really easy. 4x 1 mile @ 7min/mile pace wih 1.5 minutes rest between. Then 45 minutes really super easy on the spin bike. Moved a heavy box with my left leg sideways today and felt something in my upper left piriformus hurt. I know it will agrivate the sciatica now - I'll feel this tomorrow  
03/26/04 Was at gym early, so I swam for 2000 meters before my swim workout with Greg where I swam another 2500. My piriformus, and left leg down to my calf is very sore today due to the inflamed sciatic nerve. I hope it settles down later this week!  
03/27/04 Very sore piriformus again still. Flet it while running - very tired form yesterdays swim I think… Ran for an hour at 8 m/mile pace 138 - 140 HR.  
03/28/04 OFF  
03/29/04 Tested the Elite with the new Zipp disc and Aero helmet. At 203 watts out = 138.9 HR, 31.45 kph. At 206 watts back = 141 HR, 42.26 kph. That equals 205 watts / 140 HR / 36 kph. Which sounds too good to be true - maybe wind picked up as it was pretty windy. My HR was pretty high for only 200 watts which is also strange. 36 kph average is a 5 hour IM and 2.5 hour 1/2 IM. Not bad if I could pull it off!  
03/30/04 This morning when I woke up I remote viewed a number: 10:49 It was pretty clear and I didn't know what it was for. When I fully awoke, I realized it was my predicted Ironman time - possibly Cda. I didn't really have any RV intention before the perception - I was just sort of falling in and out of sleep and not really thinking of anything. Sometimes, it seems like that's how RV works - my IM time prediction has been a focus of many recent RV attempts - usually with nothing returned. It seems almost as if when the time is right, I'll get my answer - regardless of why my 'current' intention is - perhaps that makes it work even better - to not even have any intention and to not even try. Time will tell  
04/03/04 Ironman California. Great race. Swim times improved to 1:48 / 100. To do a goal time of 1:06 at Ironman cda, I need to hold 1:45/100. Still have some work to do, but at least now I have a good grasp on what I need to do. Bike averaged 20.7 mph, 2:42, 250 watts and 148 HR. This would equate to a 5:24 Ironman time which would be great - problem is the HR was 148 rather than the 140-144 it needs to be...... Run was fantastic. Finished 18th in my group, averaged 7:20 min miles (very close to goal) for a 1:36 time. Lesson learned here is take it easy on the bike and have a killer run. 8 min/mile IM run goal now seems very attainable! Overall, I was 5:05, 33/227 (top 13%). Really SLOOW transition times! Average total T times in top 10 were 5 minutes faster than mine! Work to do: THINK about transitions, work on holding 1:45/100 swim pace, LONG bike rides near Aerobic Th, and maintain my running pace.

strange thing about watts at sea level. They were WAY higher with a way lower heart rate, but produced the same speed that the HR would have produced at home. Meaning that perhaps HR is a better measure of effort than watts.   
04/04/04 cruise  
04/05/04 cruise  
04/06/04 cruise  
04/07/04 cruise  
04/08/04 cruise  
04/09/04 cruise  
04/10/04 cruise      
04/11/04 cruise      
04/12/04 Bike 3.25 mtn bike cause Elite is still in transit from Cali. Legs left really tired - amazing how much endurance is lost in a week of no cycling. (well, a week + the previous week of taper). Swim tried to hold 1:45/100 for 500 with Pull B - only managed 1:48. 1:45 is probably not going to happen with the Pull B, but I'll make it my goal.  
04/13/04 Long run 1.75 hours. Held 8 min miles for last hour-ish. Felt tough - 1 and 3/4 hours feels very long! It';s amazing how quickly detraining sets in.  
04/14/04 Swam 3000. Area below both knees is very sore. Not sure what it's from?? Perhaps the long run, or maybe the long ride on MTN bike - different position?  
04/15/04 Tried to ride MTN bike outside, but too cold. Did 3 hours on spin bike + spin class - great class HR was over 150 for whole class. Then swam 2000. Tricepts very sore!  
04/16/04 Did 5 x 1 mile @ 7 min/mile w 90 sec rest with Greg B at Talisman - felt pretty good - no idea what HR was at because I forgot my monitor  
04/17/04 Finally got my bike back and set up on the mag trainer for an indoor CP140 test. Real super shitty result thought. In aero, I was 192 watts at 140 HR. I suck! Possible reason - tired from yesterdays run intervals, Thursdays high HR spin session, or a serious detraining effect from the taper + race + cruise. ????\  
04/18/04 Did 4 hours indoor riding with Cals brick group at the University. Watts were sadly LOW - but I noticed that the calibration numbers would change by 100 when I stood on the cranks to seat the meter….. Hm….. My watts number would instantly improve. I wonder if that's whats been going on.... Worked very hard - averaged 136 HR compared to 127 and 108 average from previous 4 hour bricks. - Note: the chain ring bolts AND crank bolts were very loose!!!! Jason says thats a cause for calibration errors  
04/19/04 BENCH MARK WET SUIT TEST - Swam 3000 today, 1000 WU and drills, then tried to swim 1000 at 1:45/100 straight out. Made only the first 500 and started to slip on the time. Rested for 20 seconds, then did the second 500 and again, slipped about 5 sec by the end. Finished with 500 flippers then the last 500 were 100's at 1:45 each with 15 sec rest btwn. It's going to be tough to make 1:45 for 1000!   
04/20/04 Awesome ride! 150 km to Elbow falls, down the back side, then part way out to Millerville and back. On way back I was holding 220 to 230 watts at 140 HR in Aero for extended periods, no problem. It really seems like my body needs to warm up for an hours or two before my heart starts to allow my legs to hammer like they want to without freaking.  
04/21/04 Long run 2 hours. Started at Westside gym and ran out to Griffith woods near where we lived last summer. Nive running in the trails by the river - great run. Finished with a long uphill climb back to Westside where I finished my last 30 minutes on the indoor track holding 8's. HR was right around 140 for the 8's - maybe a bit less.  
04/22/04 3000 meters - 1000 WU, 500 with wet suit holding 1:45/100. Also did second 500 and held 1:45/100. Then 1000 flippers and tried to time my last 10 x 100's but things got crazy at the pool - there was a water polo game on and the swim clubs were using up ALL but two lanes which I ended up sharing with about a dozen others.  
04/23/04 (didn't sleep well last night. I dreamt I was going to get a cold and cough blood - nice hey?) 4.5 hour bike - good ride up to top of Elbow falls and back. Was averaging very good watts again today 120 to 130 at 140 HR. Felt pretty good, but got tired near the end - probably cause it was my second long ride in only 4 days. Did a transition run immidiately after - went very well. I held 8 min/mile pace at btwn 137 and 141 HR. These training sessions are INVALUABLE! They teach me exactly what it will feel like to have to keep that goal pace up after a hard bike ride. It ain't going to be easy! Holding 8 min/miles for an hour is one thing, but imagining continuing that effort for another 2.5 hours will be TOUGH!

finished the LONG day with a 2000 meter swim. First 1000 straight at about 1:50/100. Then 5 x 100 @ 1:35, 140, 145, 145, 148, then 500 steady
04/24/04 Half hour easy swim 1300 meters with some drills. Then easy hour on spin bike  
04/25/04 Police Half Marathon - Decided not to race, and I won't do that again. If your going to enter a race, then race - or else do a training run on your own. I ran with Tom for the first 45 minutes at exactly 8 min/mile pace. Then I met up with Gary and helped him for the remainder by running about 8:30 to 8:45 / mile pace finishing in 1:51  
04/26/04 swim long - 5000 meters! Whew! 600 drills and WU, then 900,800,700,600,500,400,300,200. Kept 1:50 pace per 100 for first few sets, then got tired of clock watching and just swam the rest. Arms a bit tired, but not bad at all. I supose if I had to, I could do another few thousand....

Quick ride down to hwy 22 and back, then took the M5 out for a 30 minute spin. That things fun, but a lot of work
04/27/04 WHEW! 165km in 6.5 hours. Went up the pass at Elbow falls and down the other side, then back up, down turned around and did it all again. Probably around 1200 feet of climbing on the front side and 500 on the back side.  
04/28/04 Long run 2.25 hours ran downtown met John for lunch. Swam for an hour at Talisman.  
04/29/04 I was supposed to do a hour spin and a swim, but I didn’t feel like doing anything so I blew it off. Instead I spent the entire day working on a steering mechanism for the HPV - works sweet!  
04/30/04 I consider these long bricks the most important training days I have - felt very good today, perhaps due to the rest day yesterday. Maybe I should start to make every Thursday a rest day so I can put more effort into the long bricks. Worked on really turning on the pace during the trip back and pushing the legs hard. My run was tough - managed 8 min/mile page for 10km, but my HR was averaging around 145 - too high....  
05/01/04 Awesome swim!!! Did 1000 meters straight and held 1:45/100. In fact, I finished the 1000 15 seconds faster! 3000 meters, 100 WU and drills, 1000 straight timed, 500 easy, then 5 x 100 @ 1:40/100. Then I did 6 x 1 mile repeats @ 7 min/mile  
05/02/04 2 3/4 hour ride - pushed hard for first half - rode with a pro mtn bike racer dude and pushed pretty hard to keep pace with him.  
05/03/04 crappy swim! I suck man. Tried to do 5000 meters like last Monday, but felt really REALLY tired! I kept forgetting my counts also. So, I stopped the pain at 4000 meters.  
05/04/04 Had a nice ride today - averaged around 29 kph for a trip up to Elbow falls and back. But, right around hour 5 I started to feel very tired - I do think I need a recovery week this week.  
05/05/04 Fantastic run. Did 2.75 hours down to Edworthy, then into Bowness, then back and downtown to meet John M for lunch. Averaged 8:25 min/miles for the entire run with much of the last hour at 8 min/mile. Swam 45 minutes at Talisman in evening 900 WU and drills, then 6 x 100 fast.  
05/06/04 Swim 2500. 500 swim, 500 flippers, 500 swim, 500 flippers, 500 drills  
05/07/04 Great transition run! Did 4.5 hours up to Elbow falls and back. Then nailed a 8:08 min/mile average on a 45 minute run and my HR average (from the watch) was only 134!!! Sweet. I figure 8 seconds off that pace average has to be worth only a few beats. Actually, a quick calculation estimates that 8 seconds faster pace would be worth 3 heart beats - so 137 HR for 8 min.miles. My target is to not go over 140 HR at 8 min miles - that's a 3:30 marathon.  
05/08/04 Run 45 at Talisman. Did last 15 minutes at 8 min mile pace and was exactly on 140 HR. Swam 45  
05/09/04 Dya off!  
05/10/04 Great training day! Started with a 5000 meter swim at Westside. Had the lane to myself for 2 hours. 1000 warmup, and drills, then 400 kick, then 800, 700, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 all swim wetsuit. Times were on track for the first 800 at 1:45 per 100, but fell off to about 2 minutes/100 near the end.

Then - did 2 hours of intervals at Talisman track. 10 x 1 miles at 7 min/mile w/90 sec rest + 20 minutes of warmup.
05/11/04 Yestdays intensity and marathon swim left me feeling drained today. A dreary day with about 5 inches of accumulated snow meant that I would be doing my long bike ride INSIDE. UGH! 5 hours of uninspired movie watching. Average watts for the 5 hours was a crappy 140.  
05/12/04 I ran downtown to meet John for lunch then ran back home for a total of 24 miles in 3.5 hours. Note to self: don't eat a big lunch before running! Also - I've been having diaphram (side stitch) problems again starting with the intervals on Monday. Not sure what is causing them - perhaps the big swim on Monday???  
05/13/04 Day off. I was going to swim, but I forgot my gym bag - so spent the evening talking to John about alternative drives  
05/14/04 Awesome training day!!! 100 FAST miles on the bike in about 5.5 hours (29.5 kph ave) and 207 ave watts for the day - biggest watts training day for that kind of milleage yet! One thing I noticed is difficulty keeping the watts up during the last hour or so - that's what this kind of training is for! Get the legs nice and burnt, then hammer some more on them! Did a 10km transition run after - starting out was rough, but as usual, my legs came through after about 5 minutes or so - no troubles maintaining my 8's with decent HR. Finished the day with a 30 min swim at Talisman - drills and swim = 1000 meters.  
05/15/04 1 hour swim, then had to work a bingo. 1000 wu and drills, then 5 x (100 @ 1:40, 100 slow) First 100's were on 1:40, then slowed to about 1:45. With wet suit. 2200 total, did last 200 with drag  
05/16/04 Quick ride with Greg B. 208 watts ave, 29.5 kph, 130 HR, 1:45  
05/17/04 Great trainig day! Swam 600 meters! Bot a new wetsuit - Quintana Roo Super. Swam with it for 3500 at Westside. 1000 drills, 5 x 500's all at 1:45/100. Interesting: My times actually got FASTER at the end when I STOPPED KICKING all together…. My arms pulled a bit differently and felt very strong and powerful. Also my HR dropped a ton! No out of breath feeling at the end. Will have to remember that.

Then I ran 12 x 1 mile @ 7min/mile w/ 90 sec rest btwn. Felt great - alternated tred with track at Westside. Then I swam another 2500 at Talisman with pull B.
05/18/04 Great long ride! 186 km total. Cycled slow out to Hwy#1 then tried to maintain 220 watts all the way to Canmore. Ended up in Canmore at 210 watts, 33 kph ave and HR right around 140. The way back I averaged 204 watts, 32 kph, but HR was soring. Even according to the SRM file, my average CP140 for the trip was a crappy 200-ish. This was almost ALL aero hammering.

Near the end when my legs felt like rubber, I really tried to continue the pace and it was TOUGH!, but thanks to my trusty training partner Greg, we managed it. This is what Ironman training is all about!!
05/19/04 Great run - 23 miles REALLY, REALLY low heart rate - averaged somewhere between 125 and 130 the whole run of 3.6 hours. It really is amazing how much longer and farther you can go if you slow down 5 to 1 beats. Finished the day with a 2000 meter swim at Talisman.  
05/20/04 2000 meter swim at Talisman. 1000 WU and drills, then 3 x (100 slow followed by 200 fast on 1:45), then 100 warm down. Wet suit  
05/21/04 Great ride! 184 km in the cold and rain and snow and freezing rain. But I figured that if there are 10 guys who are getting a Kona slot at Cda, and I have to beat one of them - the one that I'm going to beat is the one who stayed home during this crappy weather.

Hit an ALL TIME watts high for today!! According to the SRM analysis, my 140 HR watts were an all-time high of 240!!! During a 5 minute flat stretch in Aero position, I averaged 230 watts and just below 140 hr. I wonder if Tuesdays long ride had something to do with that???
05/22/04 90 minute run with last hour at 8 min/miles. 2000 meter swim including 2 sets of 500's as fast as possible.  
05/23/04 3 hour ride to bragg and back. Nice way to finish a 30 hour week!  
05/24/04 off  
05/25/04 Rode to Banff with Helen into a HUGE head wind. Had the bob trailer hooked up to the Elite and it took us 6 hours to move only 120 km! Then went for a great run around Spray Loop trail -  90 minutes.  
05/26/04 Rode back from Banff, then 1:15 in the pool - 3000 meters, 1000 w/u, 500 fast, 500 fast, 1000 moderate.  
05/27/04 two hour slow run - really slow. Tired. Then 2000 meter swim  
05/28/04 Worked a Casino last night and I'm TOTALLY sick!! Sore chest, sore throat and full nose. Hope this don't last long!  
05/29/04 sick!!!!  
05/30/04 sick!!!!  
05/31/04 Felt a little better and did a 30 minute swim - slow and easy  
06/01/04 A little better - did a quick 90 minute ride. It's amazing how fresh my legs felt after a few days of doing nothing. I felt like I could have hammered on for hours! My HR was fairly high though - still flighting off the virus! Also did a 60 minute swim in evening. Leg cramps again!!!  
06/02/04 90 minute run - HR was higher than it should be due to virus. Stopped to clear nose, chest many times!  
06/03/04 5 hour bike - felt great despite tons crap in my nose and chest.  
06/04/04 Feeling better today - not nearly as congested. Coughing only few times - loose. 4000 meter swim. First 1000 18 minutes, then remaining 19 minutes. That would equal about 67 minutes for IM swim…  
06/05/04 3.25 hour bike followed with a hour run with Mike. My CP140 watts from the SRM were at the lowest point I've seen in a long time! How frustrating!! I 'feel' fine, but my hr is racing. Probably due to the virus…. I don't know. This sucks.  
06/06/04 Day off - virus kill time!!! Argh!!  
06/07/04 3800 meter swim.  
06/08/04 Whew! 200km ride + 90 minutes run. Greg B and I rode to banff, then ran the Spray creek loop and rode back into a fairly stiff headwind. A 9 hour day - my biggest single day this season - felt actually pretty good on the way back - Heart rate is still way high for the watts though...  
06/09/04 Gordos notes on the taper:

here is what I am finding works well for top AG and elite athletes. You must have a base a mile deep for this one.

Run -- 16-20 day taper for the long stuff. 10-14 day taper for high lactate stuff. Once within 10 days, no sustained high lactate -- only strides for quickness. Duration 40 mins or less for the last 10 days.

Bike -- Keep the _aerobic_ volume rolling until 10 days out. Veteran athletes keep the strength work (what I can HUGE gear, low cadence training) until 7 days out. 10 days out, do a big gear main set -- something like 6x6 min big gear on 3 min RI.

Swim -- Keep the aerobic volume rolling until 8 days out. 7 Days out is the last BT brick (no swim or easy swim). Six Days out -- something like this...

Race Week Swim – the swim workout below will be scheduled for many of you.
• 500 easy, long and steady – every 4th length non-free
• 4x50 alt 25 fists / 25 dps
• 100 non-free
• 4x50 alt 25 zipper / 25 high elbow swim
• 100 non-free
• 3x200 pullbuoy only, alt 50 b/l3 with 50 b/l 5 (or if you have problems with a full 50 of b/l 5 then use 3/5 breathing the whole way)
• All of the above are easy to steady pace, rest interval as needed to keep stroke perfect and HR moderate
Main Set
• 3x200, descend 1-3 on 60s RI, descend to hard pace (not very hard)
Cool down with 200 mix of strokes

Five days out -- swim 4K open water as 2K easy, 2K steady

Swim every single day of race week.

No high lactate in any session but most important in the water.

This is what my top athletes do and the structure that I use for myself. Somewhere between 7 and 21 days is the final chance to add aerobic fitness. 7 days out is the last chance to add strength. Veteran and female athletes should schedule their final strength session seven days out.

None of my athletes really "taper" in the sense that most people consider it. Joe's use of "Peak Period" is far more accurate. We are doing training that is designed to bring our bodies to a strength, endurance and aerobic peak. That's my goal.

06/10/04 Great run 2:35. For the first time in a long time, my HR was under control - slightly under 140 running at 8's for most of the last half of the run.  
06/11/04 YA!! Finally my HR is back to normal - better than normal! 5 hour bike ride today, hit all time highest watts of 240 in AERO for 140hr!! SRM anal shows 260 watts for 140hr and 312 watts for CP150 nice!!!  
06/12/04 did nothing. Cough was pretty bad today and yesterday, so I thought maybe a day off.  
06/13/04 Well - I think I am ready for Ironman. Did 3 hours today straight at my AeT pace (220 watts) which averaged out as follows:
Watts: 210
Ave Speed: 32
Ave HR: 130
Estimated watts and speed at 140HR:
HR: 140 (130 + 7.7%)
Watts: 226 (210 + 7.7%)
Speed: 34.4 (32 + 7.7%)
Estimated IM time: 5:15 - This estimate would be based on a course exactly like the route I took today, and I think IMcda is hillier, so I would need to ADD some time to compensate for the hill climbing inefficiencies. However, I will be using my aero helmet, disc wheel and aero from rim at Cda, and that will ADD speed. Based on all of this, I will predict a IMcda bike split of 5:25

my srm is acting strange... The calibration #'s are all over the place. One minute it will be 940, the next, 902 And those differences make a HUGE difference in the watts.
06/14/04 5000 meter swim! 1000 + 1000 + 1500 + 1000 + 500 Then, did 5 x 1 mile repeats on track at 7 min/mile pace.  
06/15/04 30 minute swim 1000 meters - to shake out the sore arms from yesterdays swim.  
06/16/04 2500 meter swim with Greg and Helen at Talisman. Did my fastest 100 of 1:30 (wet suit), then 1:35, then 1:40 (slowed). Rode for 2 hours with Greg up Elbow climb. Big watts 2 hours.  
06/17/04 Did lactate test with Cal. Watts were up 30 watts from last test in January - good news. My AeT watts were around 230. Cals says IM race wattage goal should 230 to 240. Looking at the lactate test chart, it's obvious where Lactate Threshold is (260 watts), but not that obvious where AeT is.... If we use the 2.1 Mmol of Lactate as a the limit, then it puts my AeT at about 235 watts. This was all up on the bars though. These days I'm not noticing as much of a difference from being up and down in aero, so I think if my AeT is 235 sitting up, then it's probably 220 to 225 in aero.

So here's where I am confused: How exactly is the AeT determined? Well, after some extensive internet research, some feel it is the first minor bump up in Lactate levels from a consistant baseline. If that is the case, then my first increase went from a baseline of 1.2 (181 watts) to 1.6 (203 watts). That would put my AeT at only 203 watts which would basically suck! The other method of estimating AeT is blood lactate levels of 2.0 which for me occured between the two measurements of 227 watts (1.8 mMols) and 248 watts (2.4 Mmols). So that would put my AeT at about 235 watts which would be great. There's a big difference between the two!

My second 'confusement' is what exactly should be my target Ironman bike pace? Gordo says AeT and NO higher, so that's somewhere between 203 watts and 235 watts. Cals says it can be higher than that and he has many elite triathletes who have had great runs after bikes much higher than AeT - about 10 to 20 watts higher! Cals recommendation is 230 to 240 watts with hills under 270 watts (lactate th).
06/18/04 Awesome swim! Siwmming really regularly works! This is the second long swim this week and it felt pretty good. Dod the first 1000 in 16:15, BUT, I MAY have missed a 50, so I'm saying 17:00 to be safe. That's a 1:42  100! Which would equate to a 62 minute Ironman swim! Not that I could have kept the pace up for an entire IM, but it didn't feel out of control fast - I could have held onto that speed probably for another 500.  
06/19/04 Watts tests on the Elite with disc wheel, Aero front rim, Aero Helmet at 150, 200, 220 and 250 watts.   
06/20/04 Swam for 45 min at pool, Also did 3 x 1 mile repeats at 7 min/mile - felt good  
06/21/04 Swam in Arbor lake - 15 degrees. Hard 35 minutes.  
06/22/04 Swam for about an hour in Arbor lake, then a 90 minute ride  
06/23/04 Quick, short swim then a 30 minute run at 8 min/mile pace  
06/24/04 Travel day!  
06/25/04 A little bit of each  
06/26/04 swim and rest  
06/27/04 RACE!!! Full race report here:  
06/28/04 rest  
06/29/04 drive to Vancouver island  
06/30/04 Sea Kayaking broken island chain with family and Ericksons  
07/01/04 Sea Kayaking broken island chain with family and Ericksons  
07/02/04 Sea Kayaking broken island chain with family and Ericksons  
07/03/04 Sea Kayaking broken island chain with family and Ericksons  
07/04/04 Sea Kayaking broken island chain with family and Ericksons  
07/05/04 Drive back home - car broke down in Salmon Arm  
07/07/04 Long run - stupid! 2.25 hours. Don't do this again!! Got VERY sore knees, tendons, hip flexors near the end. Probably due to detraining effect of the taper + 10 days of legs doing nothing in a kayak. Near the end I got rained on heavilly and got a bit hypothermic. By the time I got home I could bearly move and was shaking uncontrollably. A bit of shock as well as I was crying for some reason...  
07/08/04 Rested my sore legs!  
07/09/04 4 hour bike ride - boy wy watts REALLY SUCKED MAN!!! My CP140 was, like 170 watts - that's as bad as I've ever seen it. It could have been partially due to wearing a jacket during 20 degrees - my body was definitely trying to fight off the heat. It could also have been partically due to detraining, plus maybe a bit of altitude reaclimation - don't know.... If it's due to the heat, then the heat really takes more out of me than i thought! I saw heart rates as high as 170 and I have NEVER seen my HR that high on a bike ride before!!  
07/10/04 3.25 hour ride - SRM data shows HR and watts returning somewhat to normal - CP140 at 216. Tried my shoes without the inserts and the outside bottom of my right foot got MORE sore than when using the insert. I don't really know what I can do about the sore foot problem....  
07/13/04 Largest one day distance ever! 265 km in 9.25 hours. Watts still in the dumper, but had no problem maintaining SRM ave of 180 watts and 28 kph! SRM anal say CP150 is a crappy 247 watts. Need to deal with these shoes!!!! Very sore big toe on right foot.  
07/14/04 Largest single day ever! 269km in 10:30. Much tougher than yesterday - quads a bit sore. Palms of hands VERY sore! And had to peddle the last hour with my feet on top of my shoes due to toe pains on both feet. Averaged 26 kph and 170 watts. Strangly and magically though - my watts are back to normal. Over night like magic. the SRM analysis says CP150 is 290 watts!  
07/15/04 Drive Suburban home  
07/16/04 Great run. My legs were super sore from the marathon bike days, plus the back-left side of my left knee was still injured from the hypothermic run a week ago. So I thought I would try taking it super easy today. Ran easy for 15 minutes and walked for 5 for 3.5 hours. Great way to get some endurance training in without risk of injury. Speed was slow, but at the end I felt very good - same distance as my typical long run, but felt amazing at the end. I can see now why these ultra marathon people mix walking in.  
07/17/04 First swim since Imcda. 45 minutes with drills, 500 pull b, then 200 kick and 100 swim with kick focus. Need to build kick distance up every swim workout!!! Rode fast for  1:15 - watts not nearly as great as the day to Salmon Arm….  
07/18/04 .75 hour swim I think…. (forgot to record it…)  
07/19/04 1 hour swim I think…  
07/20/04 Drove to top of 7200 foot highwood pass - was raining and cold and I wasn't dressed appropriately. Rode down the east side on breaks so I could keep HR up to warm! Did 6 hours - fairly slowish.. Forgot SRM at home. Got thunderstormed on a few times. When i got back to the top, I went for a wicked hike up a steep slope to 8000 feet, then ran hill repeats for an hour. Back of left knee still very sore!!!!  
07/21/04 In Victoria for Codys nationals. Swam 1300 meters in hotel 25 meter pool.  
07/22/04 Swam 3000 meters, then sat on gym bike for hour, then went for hour fast walk outside (leg feeling a bit better)  
07/23/04 4000 meter swim  
07/24/04 5000 meter swim! Plus an hour run outside. Knee still bothering me!  
07/25/04 Did one hour on the bike as soon as we arrived back home. Included a CP5 test and a CP 15 test to start to gather data for Jasons critical power slope profile. My CP5 was 320 which was up about 20 watts from previous test 6 months ago. According to the watts profile, I'm at 4.549 watts / kg for the 5 minute CP5 which puts me at bottom of Cat 2, top of Cat 3.  
07/26/04 Did 1:15 on the Specialized. Testing it out before bike trip. Then did another 1:15 on the Elite. Watts looked good. My run was fantastic. The soreness on the left rear upper calf seemed much better. My 140 HR speed looked like aroune 7.5 min/mile pace for some strange reason. I wonder if it's the mountain training run I did last week. I'm doing another like that on Wednesday with Greg.  
07/28/04 Highwood pass. VERY tired, sluggish and VERY sore legs! I think my legs are still shot from the CP5 and 15 tests on Sunday. Also did the hike up to 8000 feet again, plus some hills.  
08/28/04 Training leading up to IMC was a ton of bike speed work from Jason Yanota - really, really great stuff. I'll dig it out of my emails and post it here because I think it was largely responsible for my awesome bike split at IMC 04  
08/29/04 Ironman Canada. Race report here  
10/23/04 OK - starting back to keeping a schedule now - I've been really slack with this… Helen and I are doing the Tuscon Marathon on Dec 3 and I've been running a ton!! I really want to beat my PR of 3:21 and since this is mostly a downhill course, I want to aim for 3:15 if possible...  
10/24/04 The biggest reason for starting the schedule again is to provide me with a bit more motivation and structure for a possible record attempt in Feb with TCR1. This assumes all goes well with the fairing development and my 150 watt training program.The training program consists of extended periods of 150 watts power output. Everyday first thing in the morning 150 watts for an hour, then once per week I do a long sesssion starting at 2 hours and working up to 12 straight hours at 150 watts per hour straight.

I started my record attempt training today with 1 hour straight at 150 watts on my new SportCrafters mini-rollers wind trainer kindly donated by Michael Hoenig of Hoenig Enterprises I have a much better grasp on exactly what kind of effort this is going to take... 150 watts for an hour isn't a big deal, but my average ended up at only 132 watts due to a couple of brief stops to get the rollers adjusted, etc. Ave HR for the hour was 108 bpm and ave cadence was 61 rpm. I'll probably step up the cadence to 70 or so - not sure what the ideal cadence for the record attempt should be, but my training should probably be near that cadence. This is going to be fairly tough!
10/25/04 1 hour on rollers. Averaged 151 watts today for 60 minutes straight. Ave HR 112 bpm and 74 rpm. Also did a 45 minute easy run outside - tomorrow is run interval day, so I want to make sure my legs are good and recovered.  
10/26/04 Watts tests for camber and suspension on TCR1 today for 1:20, then run intervals at Westside, 10 x 1 mile at 7 min/mile pace alternating between the track and tred mil  
10/27/04 hour run at 7 mph on tred mil, + 1/2 hour 150 watt ride on recumbent at Talisman  
10/30/04 Ran 2.5 hours around and around the track at Talisman center. Went well - did about 8 min miles for the second hour and a quarter.  
10/31/04 nothing - was going to ride rollers with Greg B, but he had to work late and I was busy with the  
11/01/04 Did an hour on TCR2 streamliner around the neighborhood. Seemed fast, but had to say because so many corners, gravel, hills, etc.. 90 minute run at Westside around track and on tred m.  
11/02/04 Did 45 minutes watts test with streamliner - read about it in the TCR1 section. 1 hour, 45 minutes of intervals today - 12 of them!!!!  
11/04/04 run 30 minutes at 8 min miles on track, then 30 minutes at 9 mph on downhill tred. Tooled around neighborhood in streamliner with pink foam tail box  
11/05/04 Swim half hour, ride gym bent for 1 hour @ 150 watts  
11/06/04 Long run 2.75 hours around track at Talisman  
11/09/04 Starting to decrease the # of intervals and increase the intensity. Did 3 x 1 mile @ 6:30 pace then all others on down hill tred at 155 to 160 hr (probably around 7 min miles or a bit faster). 1.75 hours. Total of 9 intervals  
11/11/04 90 minute run on downhill tred with some track  
11/13/04 Long run 3 hours. 1 hr on track slow, 1.5 on downhill tred FAST (race pace), .5 outside.  
11/15/04 45 minute easy run. 1.5 hours at Racecity speedway on oval. 142 watts = 37.12 kph in the wind.  
11/16/04 8 intervals - do these miles (min/mile pace): 6, 6:15, 6:30, 6:45, 7, 7:15, 7:30, 7:45  
11/17/04 1 hour run at Talisman  
11/18/04 1 hour watts run with streamliner and 45 minute easy run talisman. 1 hour on talisman bent  
11/28/04 10 miles at race pace. ON the track I did 30 minutes at 1:45 per lap which was probably around 7:15 min miles. On the slode down tred, I did 45  minutes at 7 min mile. HR was 151 on slope down tred. HR on track at 7:15 min miles was 154 to 156. My GOAL pace HR should be about 155, 7:15 min/mile or if down slope is enough then 7 min mile pace. Watch HR at start of race and peg my pace then!!!  
12/05/04 Tucson Marathon. Qualified for Boston with a 3:16 finish. Good race - felt relatively easy but I was injured from training. My hamstring on right side and piriformus was VERY sore from doing really fast speed work on a downhil tred mill about 2 weeks prior.  
01/19/05 I haven't been keeping a record of my training at all. I've bee averaging about 12 hours per week - typically 30 minutes to 45 minutes of running per day plus 1.5 hours of cycling. I do some cycling intensity almost every day and it seems to be coming back. I am STILL injured from running! Right leg - hamstring, piriformus. Not sure if its still from the marathon or from running down the mountain over Christmas. Sciatica is pretty bad these days  
01/20/05 This continued from Wed: Sciatica seems to be bad now on right side. Not sure if it's injury from marathon training, running down big mountain or Sciatica. I am going to STOP running for a while and swicth to elipticle until this goes away! Just started swimming again late last week - have not swam once since IMC!! STarting back slow. Did my first 2000 meter swim today. holding 1:50 on 100's with rest between  
01/27/05 hour on M5 inside  
01/28/05 90 min swim. Had problems holding 2 min/100 !!  
01/29/05 OUSIDE 90 minute ride today on Elite!  
02/02/05 OUTSIDE 2.5 hour ride with Greg B to Bragg and back.  
02/03/05 West side 15 min on bike, 15 run. Both very FAST!! For 2 hours Runnnig starting to feel much better  
02/04/05 90 min swim. 3000 meters. 1000 drills/wu, 5 x 100, fast/slow alternate, 500 moderate, 10 x 50 fast, 500 slow  
02/05/05 1.75 hours on M5 inside. Average 111 HR - probably around 150 watts. Felt very good. Back right hand side near hip a bit sore after. Toes going to sleep - due to the height of feet??  
02/06/05 Long run 1.25 hours. Feeling much better. Start GRADUALLY creeping up the long runs by no more than 15 minutes! Stop if you feel sore anywhere at all!!!!!!!  
02/08/05 4 hours on the M5. Feet still feel like they go to sleep though… The 4 hours were spread out the day.  
02/10/05 Run intervals with Sally on track. 1x8, 1x6 (KILLED me, but I finished it!!!!), 3x7's  
02/11/05 Swim Greg B, 2500  
02/12/05 A bit of a cold - didn't feel great. Spin bike 90 minutes  
02/13/05 rest day  
02/14/05 1500 swim, 90 min run. Run was tough!!!!! Felt sore. Not sure if my legs are healing at all….  
02/15/05 4.75 hours on M5 while taking 30 minute breaks to work on Rocket every hour. Changed to 155 cranks half way through. Could feel the difference, but it felt fine. I raised the seat by adding a foam, and lowered the front crank a bit by removing the front wheel lift block. Toes are still falling alseep, but everytime I lower my feet, it gets a bit better.  
02/17/05 intervals = 1 x 8, 1 x 7, 2 x 6, 1 x 7 The second 6 ended up being 6:17. I'd like to try to make a 6 on my second one next week. VERY sore piriformus next day!!!!  
02/22/05 5 hours on the M5 inside. Did about an hour at a time with breaks. Feet falling asleep - getting numb and feeling cold. I tried lifting my ass up - sat on a shoe and it seemed to work a bit better but I'm still feeling a 'coldness' in my knees - upper legs. I need to get my heart ABOVE my legs somehow. Currently I'm on a foam pad, the M5 pad and the front wheel is on the ground with the rear on the Mag trainer - still not good enough.. I tried 15 minutes at a hard intensity to see if that would get blood to flow, but not work. Only thing that seems to work is single leg peddling while the other rests down - about 4 minutes for each leg per hour.

My last 30 minute position was butt 6 inches UP, and upper back on a shoe (about an inch or so). This position felt VERY good, but toes still got numb. However, I did like the position. To me, it felt a lot like the road bike for some reason...

Read something on a web sit etoday about someone who had same problem. AFter 30 minutes, feet fall asleep. He solved it by sleeping with his feet elevated above his heart at night

150 watt HR was 108 bpm - better than previous tests on the Rocket which were 119. 200 watt HR was 130 bpm which is also very good.
02/24/05 2 hours outside ride. Watts very good CP150 was 260 W.  
02/25/05 1 hour swim 2000 meters  
02/26/05 Flew to Alabama  
02/27/05 did 115 km in 4 hours on test track.  
02/28/05 did 2 hours on recumbent hotel spin bike, then 2 more hours on test track. Watts are very good: 150 watt = 110 HR, 200 watt = 126 HR. My CP150 was an all time high of 315 w  
03/01/05 1 hour on the hotel spin bike, then 30 minutes on the ellip trainer at hotel  
03/02/05 Just took a look at what I was doing last year at this time - yikes! I'd better get moving!!!   
03/03/05 Intervals = 1 x 8, 1 x 7, 2 x 6, 1 x 7. I was going to go for 3 6's, but the second was so tough I stopped there again. However, I did finish my second 6 at 6:05 which was better than last weeks second 6. We'll go for 3 next week and see….  
03/04/05 swam 2500. 800 wu, 5 x 100 - first was 1:45, 2nd was 1:50, 1:55, 2:00, 2:00. 500 with paddles - all were around 1:35 to 1:40. last 500 straight steady. 200 WD. All wim with PB  
03/07/05 did my fastest 100 today 1:40 (with p-boy). Still not nearly as fast as last year 1:30-ish.   
03/10/05 Birthday today! Did nothing.  
03/11/05 Did a CP 20 minute test today = 268 watts! Very happy with that, as last year, two attempts resulted in 263 watts for only 15 minutes, and a previous test at 269 watts for only 15 minutes.  
03/12/05 long run 2 hours - went well. 7 min/mile pace, 125 to 130 HR. Finished with 60 minute regen spin bike.  
03/14/05 bike on trainer: 2 x 10 min@ 270 watts, + 40 min, then 1 hour with 1 hour running transition training.  
03/15/05 5 hours on the bike mixed. 3 hours on mag trainer, then 1.5 outside in the snow, then the last half hour at westside on spin bike. Swam 1 hour, 1000 drills, 5 x 100 with fins - first was 1:30, then dropped to 1:45. 5 x 100 swim. First was 1:45, last was 1:55  
03/16/05 1.5 spin bike, 120 to 130 hr then half hour swim  
03/17/05 run intervals on track. 1 x 7, 3 x 6 (1st was 6:05, 2nd 6:10, third 6:10), 2 x 7 then finished with 30 min easy. Then 30 min spin  
03/18/05 2 hours spin inside on mag trainer. Tried to do some volume swimming, but the pool was BUTS - got pissed off and left.  
03/19/05 Awesome run!! Felt super crappy first 15 minutes, then everything turned around for me. Finished 2 hours fast and feeling very strong. This is the first really good long run I've done since the Tucson Marathon!  
03/20/05 hour elite at home, around 170 watts, hour on spin at Westside, 120 - 130 HR, 30 minute 1500 meter swim  
03/21/05 on Elite on Mag trainer, did 3 sets of 10 min @ 268 watts. Felt a bit easier than my 2 sets last week. Then 1 hour bike, one hour run at Talisman 15 minutes alternating.  
03/22/05 Good swim at westside. 2.25 hours, 3000 meters. 8 drills + 800 + 200 + 200 (=2000), then 5 x 100 all at 1:50 per 100, then 500 with fins. 1.5 hour regen on Talisman bike  
03/23/05 Did 2 hour "have mercy" spinerval DVD, then 1 hour on spin bike 125 hr, then 30 min swim (1000 meters)  
03/24/05 1 hour ride at home 120 to 130 HR. 1.25 hour run track intervals. 1 x 7, 1 x 6:10, 1x 6:15, 1x 6:13, 1 x 6:30, 1 x 6:45, 1 x 7. The fast intervals are getting a bit easier, but it's harder to keep them at 6 - slipping a bit. Rode spin bike for an hour hr - 130ish, swam 30 minutes.  
03/25/05 Feeling really, really tired today. Yesterdays intensity is kicking me today. I'd love to take the day off, but I can't see how I'll make 22 hours by Sunday if I don't put in at least 3 hours today….  
03/26/05 3 hour ride on mtn bike to bragg and back  
03/28/05 3 hour ride to bragg and back - busted a couple of spokes on my new rear wheel.  
03/29/05 Hawaii  
03/30/05 Hawaii  
03/31/05 Hawaii  
04/01/05 Hawaii  
04/02/05 Hawaii  
04/03/05 Hawaii  
04/04/05 Hawaii  
04/05/05 Hawaii  
04/06/05 Hawaii  
04/08/05 5 hour ride to Elbow and back on Specialized (Elite is in shop getting wheels fixed). Good ride - felt great after the break.  
04/09/05 legs VERY sore today after ride yesterday. That's due to detraining over the vacation!  lOng run went ok - 2.25 hours. Really tough on sore legs, but it went ok. .75 hours on track at Talisman, then remainder outside by the river.  
04/10/05 LONG SWIM 1.5 HOURS. 3300 meters. 1000 WU, 5 x 100 @ 2 min each, 5 x 100 at 1:55 each, 5 x 100 @ 1:50 each. Last set ended up with last 100 at 2 minutes, but was able to make my 1:50 for each of the other 4 100's.  
04/11/05 I SUCK!!! Well - I ended up not packing my bike on our Hawaii trip, so all I did was run and swim a bit - no cycling at all. I did a 4 hour ride on Monday March 28, the day before we flew away, then the next ride was the following Friday, April 8 where I did a 6 hour ride. The 6 hour ride felt ok - legs very sore the next day probably due to not cycling at all for 10 days?

Then today I tried to jump back into the intervals program with:

6 X 10 minutes at 110% of 20 minute power, 5 minutes rest (295 watts)

And ended up making an average of only 262 watts on my first 10, 250 watts on my second, 215 watts on my third where I gave up. I suppose it could be a mix of some detraining from the holiday + some residual fatigue from the 6 hour ride on Friday (plus the next day (Saturday) I did a 2.25 hour run on the sore legs, so maybe they're just really fatigued...)
04/12/05 1.5 hour recovery ride on spin at Talisman. Jason says to try the intervals again after a recovery day, so I'll give them another shot tomorrow. 30 minute, 1000 meter quick swim. I've been blasting off my 1000 meters rather than doing drills because getting a lane to swim in has been hit and miss at talisman lately. Very busy, so I blast through them fast and get out of the pool as fast as i can  
04/13/05 I'm really having trouble doing the intervals Jason prescribed for me. He wants me to do 6x 10min at 295 watts. I did 5 x 10 min, 1st @ 250, 2nd @ 260, 3rd @ 270, 4th @ 280, 5th at an average of about 250 to 260.

At Talisman track I did run intervals: 1x8, 1x7, 1x6, 1x6:30, 4x7 felt pretty good. Then I swam for 100 meters with drills and my right quad cramped BAD when getting out of the pool. It took a few minutes before I could even straighten it - very painful.
04/14/05 It snowed in Calgary last night and was really cold this morning so instead of riding to Banff from home, we drove about 55km and parked the car at a camp site then rode 3.3 hours into Banff.  
04/15/05 Awesome, awesome run in Banff. 2.5 hour trail run up to Hoodoos and back. Met Helen for lunch, then ran to pool and swam for 45 minutes, then ran back to Hotel for a total of 3.25 hours running and .75 swim.  
04/16/05 On the ride back from Banff, I decided to switch back to my 170 cranks - felt awesome! Had that strong, steady, powerfull feeling back that has been evading me since the switch to the 150's. Watts were VERY strong also - in aero I did a long stretch of 240 watts at 140 HR. I'd say possibly the most efficient ride I've ever seen - I'll check the SRM file and see if the #'s agree.  
04/17/05 YEAH!!! I finished the week at 22.3 hours, the first week I actually overshot my goal (22 hours). Has a fantastic swim today! After my 1000 WU, first 5 x 100 were all at 1:40 (except the last one) with 20 seconds break. The next 5 x 100 were at 1:50 with 10 seconds break. Then 1000 straight each at 1:55. 200 WD  
04/18/05 Great training day. Rode 4.25 hours to car parked half way to Banff, then ran for 30 minutes  
04/19/05 Toasted today! Really tired. All day in a fog - very sleepy. Had a poor sleep last night - woke up in a PUDDLE of sweat! So bad I had to get some towels to ly on. Gordo's site says that’s due to over doing it a bit. For me, probably the result of the last 5 days and yesterdays hard ride. So today I did an hour regen ride (100 - 120 watts, 100 rpm) and an easy hour run. Need to rest up for tomorrow - I want to do 100 miles with greg  
04/20/05 awesome ride - 100 miles, first of the season. With greg to Millarville and part way to Elbow. Felt great. Did about 15 minutes at 260 watts cruising. Felt great. Then Sally made me run for 1:15 - ugh! I'm dead  
04/21/05 ran 2 hours and met John downtown for lunch. Slow - felt fine. Legs super tired from yesterdays ride. HR super low - around 120. Spin bike at Talisman for an hour, then 45 minute swim  
04/22/05 Tried the 295 watts again and was able to do 10 minutes finally. Did the second 10 min at 270 and the third at 240. My Warm up this time was about 20 minutes at 200, ramping up to 230 each 5 minutes. Then did an hour on spin bike at 120 - 127 hr, then 45 minute swim.  
04/23/05 swam 3600. 1000 swim straight, 1000 flippers straight, 1000 swim straight, 600 drills  
04/24/05 PR run at the Police half marathon with a 1:29:50. Whew - very close. Very easy run - probably the easiest half I think. Not at all out of control - very happy with the result for a hilly course. This compares with my previous PR at hypo half last winter of 1:31, but a VERY FLAT and fast course. The Police was quite hilly with a few very steep, but short hills. Went out with the goal of averaging 6:55 miles and I ended up at 6:53 which as luck would have it was exactly right for breaking 1:30 !!  
04/25/05 easy day  
04/26/05 Jason says no speed work at all this week, so this long ride was esspecially difficult. I tried to stay at 180 - 190 watts, but found it very hard to do. Going up Elbow falls hill, I tried not to go over 200 watts, and did a short, 5 minute stint in aero at about 230 watts comming back. VERY, VERY tired!!! A tough ride. Maybe some residual fatigue from half marathon on Sunday. Also sleeping very deep these days. I'll try to run 45 at Tali tonight, then maybe 30 minute swim. I'll be toast by then.  
04/27/05 90 min spin on spin bike - HR around 120 to 125. Watts probably around that 180 level. Swam 700, 600, 500 300 and got kicked out of the lane for the second time!  
04/28/05 IMPORTANT!!! I don't know what caused this, but this is big. My running HR at 8 min mile pace has been around 140 for, like, 2 years now. I think it has slowing dropped to MAYBE 137, but eventually returns to 140-ish after some distance/time. Today I was doing 15 minutes straight on the track at 134 to 135 HR at EXACT 8 min mile pace. What caused this sudden increase in economy???

Was it the half marathon 4 days prior? Could be because it feels like I am running more with my quads now than before... ???
04/30/05 I've been coming down with symptoms of a serious cold at night after I swim for longer than 45 minutes. All night long - went through a roll of toilet paper blowing my nose! Fine in the morning - some ligering stuffiness and runny nose next day. This is strange! Also - woke up in a cold sweat again last night! I don't know what is causing this??? I wonder if both the cold symptoms and the cold sweat is an allergic reaction to the chlorine in the pool?? I'lll need to track this closer to see if there is a correlation  
05/01/05 New 20 minute CP20 watts test today. Averaged 272 watts which is up only 4 watts from my first test in March. I matched the offset #'s with the original test because both were done at exactly the same temp -just to be doubly sure to compare apples to apples. I don't know why there has been so little imrovement...  
05/02/05 hour outside - out to hwy 22 and back - fast. Felt good to be allowed to do some speed again. Did 2 hours of 15 minute swap bike/run at Tali  
05/04/05 7 hours and 185 km to Millarville then to top of Elbow. Good ride - hard effort. Tried to keep watts output at around 200 or so. Then did an hour run at Tali. Stomach cramps still the run ISSUE!!! I did a set of situps mid run and farted big time while doing them, then cramps went away and I felt great - very good. If I can rum without stomach cramps at IM, I will be doing FINE. Just have to solve that issue. I think it's due to the cramped up position my stomach is in during aero position. I don't think food or water get's processed because it gurgles around in my stomach when I exit the bike. I need to find ways of encouraging blood flow to my stomach WHILE riding. Last summer at IMC, I did deep breathing on bike and it seemed to help when running.  
05/06/05 Did 3 hours outside with a MAP 4 minute test. CP4 was 340 watts which is up from 320 watts last summer. Nice!  
05/07/05 3 hour run - 1 hour to Westside, 1 hour on track, 1 hour home. Listened to 1/2 of "Restaurant at the end of the Universe"  
05/08/05 did 5 intervals of 1:45 on, 4:00 off at 110% of MAP which was 357. My biggest interval was 373 watts. Went fairly well.  4000 meter swim with wet suit - seemed fast. Average 100's wer around the 1:45 t0 1:50  
05/10/05 Did a sweat rate test today. 90 minutes of alternate cycling on spin bike with running on track at Talisman. HR around 125 to 130 level, and the Talisman is usually quite warm - probably 75 degrees. Weight before: 158.2 lbs, weight after: 158.5. Total sweat lost = 3.3 lbs. Sweat lost per hour = 2.2 lbs. According to a formula in triathlee magazine, I am losing 1.98 Liters of water evry hour.  
05/11/05 GREAT long ride today. Biggest over all watts yet this year, and longest ride = 193 km!!! 7:15. One thing - I put my old 170 SRM cranks back on and they ARE LONGER than what I had been using!! I had to lower my seat. I'm not sure if I like it as much as the slightly shorter cranks based on Helens crank length - I'll need to measure and see whats going on....

Thats a TON!!! that is 2 of my LARGE Ironman CDA screw top water bottles per hour! 64 ounces per hour. 3.25 of my small silver Campignolo bottles per hour.
05/13/05 5.5 hour 100 miles hard - very hard. Tries to hold watts above 230 for as long as I could. Ended up with the Highest overall average watts of any long ride since IMC last summer  
05/14/05 ran 3 hours - did glenmore then out to the Inidan gas station and ran trail loops in Fish Creek Park, then back. Good run. The big difference between my training runs now and my runs last year are HR - I uually average about 120-ish HR and my pace is pretty steady.  
05/15/05 Did my bike intervals - felt unusually easy. Legs felt very good - no soreness before or after. Was able to hold and average of 350 to 360 (rather than 340 target) for each (2:15 on, 4:00 off x 4)

My swim was great - 4800 meters. Started with 2000 drills/mix, then 700,600,500,400,300,200,100. My times on my 100's measured on my first 700 were 1:45 per 100 easy (with wetsuit)
05/16/05 90 minute regen outside - 115 watts, 98 rpm. Then easy 10 km run  
05/18/05 WHEW! 205km ride + 2 hour run. Rode to Banff (part way with Greg), then ran spray loop out and back for 2 hours, then ate a meat pie at the Banff Springs deli, then rode home. Felt pretty good - esspecially the run. My right leg hamstring was quite sore for route home,  but I think that's a Sciatica nerve thing. My legs felt generally strong the whole way home, but HR was way lower than last years EPIC ride. I am trying to maintain 180 to 200 watts on my long rides this year and reserving the 200 to 230 watt rides for my intense lond days.  
05/19/05 regen bike 60 minutes and 45 min swim  
05/27/05 NEW MAP!! Between 361 and 370 - up from 340 !!! 370 MAY have been slightly incorrcetly calibrated - I think actual is probably around 365 watts  
05/29/05 NEW CP20 of 309 watts!!! That's a HUGE increase over the last CP20! According to the power profile, I'm at watts/kg of 4.4 which is CAT 1 !!!!!  
05/31/05 Highwood pass with Greg B. Road was closed to traffic, so it was GREAT!!! Nice, warm day, high of 16. Ran into TWO grizzlies on the back side. We turned around and went back up, then did the flats on the north side out and back to the #1 highway. Did a short 30 minute run at the top, then I did a 1.5 hour walk at the Tali and 15 minute swim. Recorded the 1.5 hour walk as a 30 minute run.  
06/02/05 end ints on bike in the rain - went well. Held 310 watts for 2:30 with 2:00 rest x 5 = all x 3

At Talisman I ran intervals on track for 1.25 hours. 1 x8, 1 x 7.5, 4 x 7
06/03/05 Great swim today with wet suit. 1000 @ 1:45 on 1:55, 1000 @ 1:45 on 1:50, the last 1000 @ 1:45 on 1:45 and I was able to do it! Then I did 500 warm down. If I could do all 3800 Ironman meters @ 1:45/100, that would give me a swim time of 1 hour, 6 minutes. Not sure if doing all 3800 at 1:45 / 100 is doable, as I was pushing quite hard at the end.  
06/04/05 Good fast 2 hour run today. Final average was 7:45 min/mile and my HR never went over 135 (doesn't seem right, but that's what the Garmin and HR monitor read).  
06/05/05 100 k time trial First half average was 250 watts with most of the time spend at 270 watts (Target). Second half watts was only 225 with a target of 240. Over all average was 237 watts and 34 kph. Compare 207 watts average and 34 kph at Ironman Canada last year, and you can see how improtant the disc wheel is!!!

My Heart rate was only 143 average which is far better than it has ever been. In fact, everything about this TT is better than I have ever done! I don't understand why I lost so much power over the second half though - theoretically, according to my CP20 of 309 watts, Jason says i should be a ble to maintain 270 watts for an entire Ironman. Not so according to this test.
06/06/05 800 warm ups, then 500 as fast as possible, then 300, then 100. My fast 100 was 1:35 with pullB  
06/07/05 MAP workout on trainer due to rain. 3 sets of 8 reps @ 370 watts 0:45 on / 2:00 off, 5:00 btwn sets. This was 90 min then 30 min recovery after my 60 min run  
06/08/05 swam for an hour straight, non stop in the 50 meter pool. Had night sweats again - pretty sure it's from the Chlorine even though I did an hour on the spin bike AFTER the spin to sweat out the chlorine. Non wet suit which is probably why… I think the wet suit help - at least a wet suit at the Westside doesn't seem to bring on the night sweats  
06/09/05 MAP workout outside. 3 sets of 6 reps @ 95% MAP (MAP is currently 365watts) 1 on, 1 off, 3 btwn sets. I tried to hit 100% of my map because Jason said that the inyervals should continue until failure and my last workout wasn't really even near failure. They were tough!! 1 hour speed followed with 1 hour recovery on spin at Talisman  
06/10/05 2 hour trail run at Gliffen woods. First hour was speed work 6 miles, all at about 7 min pace. Second hour was about 8 to 9 min pace.  
06/11/05 40 km TT - only did 35 km due to a down pour and some technical SRM troubles (broken wire) My average speed on the equal distance out and back was 39.36 kph !!!! That's with my disc wheel. Average watts on the out half was 270.  
06/12/05 5 hour ride - felt easy. 200 watts was target.  
06/13/05 Quick swim - 100 drills, then alternating 50 fast, 50 slow for 500, then a few hundred steady. Did a 45 min quick outside run in the rain with Sally - probably 7:30 to 8:00 mile pace. Parts even faster.  
06/14/05 Rest day - 15 minutes in Rocket, 1.5 hours at Talisman regen on bike  
06/15/05 New MAP 383.5 watts  
06/17/05 1.25 hours straight out wetsuit swim. Didn't count, but I was holding 1:45/100 meters at the end. That would work out to be a 66.5 minute IM swim (I would be happey with that!)  
06/18/05 Long run - 1.5 hours at Tali with Matt. Probably ran faster than I should have - maybe averaging around 8min/mile pace the whole time  
06/19/05 Mini test triathlon. Swam 1500 meters at Westside with wetsuit in 25 minutes. 40 km Bike felt hard and very tiring. I was trying to do 300 watts for the middle 20 minutes, but could bearly hold 270 watts. Not sure why. Could be that I was dehydrated (drank a bit of win at dinner last night) and low carbs (dinner last night was almost 100% meat!). Run was great - no transition difficulties at all. Did initial 5 km at a 46 minute 10k pace.  
06/20/05 Swam in Arbor lake this morn. The water was 53 degrees!!  
06/21/05 4.25 hour ride with greg b. got to 27 degrees!!! Felt really good - strong and my HR was nice and low. Spent a bit of time at 230 to 250 watts with HR around 135 to 140ish. After the ride I ran for 45 minutes. Very strong run - and fast, felt really great. However, I was very fatigued and sore after the workout! My legs were toasted and I slept for an hour. I think it is unusual to feel this toasted after on a 4 hour ride..... hmmm... then again, my last long ride was only 10 days ago (5 hours) so i don't think I can blame it on aerobic system becomming detrained. Probably just residual fatigue from the mini-triathlon on Sunday. Need to rest now.  
06/26/05 IRONMAN cda RACE REPORT  
06/30/05 30 min of stationary recumbent. 150 watts at 98 heart rate.  
07/02/05 Started back on the recumbent at Talisman. Did an hour ramping up to 230 watts each 5 minute interval  
07/05/05 3.25 hours on M5 with Greg b. I think I average watts was something like 135 - very low, but that's ok until me legs get used to the position. Even so, Greg had a hard time keeping up on the flats. If I went up to 190 to 200 watts, there was no way he could keep up. Did a 40 minute run after felt great - did some sprints and felt even better.  
07/08/05 2 hours on the M5 - averaged (M5 conputer average) 185 watts and 35 kph!!!  
07/13/05 4.25 hours on M5. Legs are starting to get used to it - feet are still going numb, but I think it takes longer so that's good. Average watts still very low. I hooked up the camelback on the rear rack for water, but it tasted bad and I got a bad stomach ache with sick feeling and dia during the ride and then into the night.  
07/18/05 Great ride today. 140 km averaged 30 kph including all the way up Elbow. Legs starting to feel pretty used to the new position, and me feet don't go numb as quickly as they used to. Soreness in left leg a bit, but otherwise it was a very good day - felt relaitively easy and I could push all the way to the end  
07/19/05 This week in Switzerland - cycled quite a bit on mtn bike and ran a lot - tons of hicking also. Didn't really track any of it  
07/20/05 This week in Switzerland - cycled quite a bit on mtn bike and ran a lot - tons of hicking also. Didn't really track any of it  
07/21/05 This week in Switzerland - cycled quite a bit on mtn bike and ran a lot - tons of hicking also. Didn't really track any of it  
07/22/05 This week in Switzerland - cycled quite a bit on mtn bike and ran a lot - tons of hicking also. Didn't really track any of it  
07/23/05 This week in Switzerland - cycled quite a bit on mtn bike and ran a lot - tons of hicking also. Didn't really track any of it  
07/24/05 This week in Switzerland - cycled quite a bit on mtn bike and ran a lot - tons of hicking also. Didn't really track any of it  
07/25/05 This week in Switzerland - cycled quite a bit on mtn bike and ran a lot - tons of hicking also. Didn't really track any of it  
07/26/05 This week in Switzerland - cycled quite a bit on mtn bike and ran a lot - tons of hicking also. Didn't really track any of it  
07/27/05 This week in Switzerland - cycled quite a bit on mtn bike and ran a lot - tons of hicking also. Didn't really track any of it  
07/28/05 This week in Switzerland - cycled quite a bit on mtn bike and ran a lot - tons of hicking also. Didn't really track any of it  
07/29/05 This week in Switzerland - cycled quite a bit on mtn bike and ran a lot - tons of hicking also. Didn't really track any of it  
07/30/05 This week in Switzerland - cycled quite a bit on mtn bike and ran a lot - tons of hicking also. Didn't really track any of it  
07/31/05 This week in Switzerland - cycled quite a bit on mtn bike and ran a lot - tons of hicking also. Didn't really track any of it  
08/01/05 Back on the M5 for a fast 2 hours. Averaged 34 kph (not including the big Springbank hill). My feet are going numb again… It would seem that FREQUENCY resolves this issue. When take a week off the position, my feet go back numb again.  
08/03/05 Longest M5 ride yet!! 259 km from Calgary to Golden, BC in 9.75 hours. I averaged 29 kph and my first 100 miles was done in 5 hours at 32 kph average. Legs were really feeling it as I pulled into Golden - knees very sore, etc.  
08/04/05 San Juan Islands family bike trip - plenty of huge mountain climbing intensity pulling a packed trailer up steep grades. We averaged 2 to 3 hours of this a day.  
08/05/05 San Juan Islands family bike trip  
08/06/05 San Juan Islands family bike trip  
08/07/05 San Juan Islands family bike trip  
08/08/05 San Juan Islands family bike trip  
08/09/05 San Juan Islands family bike trip  
08/10/05 San Juan Islands family bike trip  
08/11/05 drive back to Golden  
08/12/05 Long M5 ride = 9.25 hours from Golden to Calgary. Felt WAY better than my first ride and my SRM data showed a greater efficiency. Perhaps this was due to the Islands mtn bike riding and intensity.  
08/20/05 1 hour of easy spinning on both M5 and new carbon sandwich frame lowracer. Did 7 Crr tests with each. Crr of Carbon tires was .0037  
08/21/05 6.5 hour M5 ride. Good felt very easy. Got to 32.5 degrees today!!  
08/26/05 Double century!! 200 miles/320 km. Did the Highwood loop - from here to transCanada to hwy 40 to Highwood pass to Longview. Met up with Jason at Longview to ride with him until Millarville. Then Bragg, then home. My bee sting arm was VERY swollen and bothered me a lot. Got a bit dehrdrated about 1/2 way and felt crappy, but started to dring a lot and felt much better later. Finished strong and feeling very good.  
08/28/05 Went super fast today for 90 minutes. Highest average watts so far for any M5 ride = 166 watts. Tried a CP20 and got to only 13 minutes and 250 watts - pretty crappy compared with 308 watts for my CP20 on triathlon bike. That's a good 58 watts difference!!!!! I really need to start some speed training.  
08/31/05 changed the seat bottom height to match the carbon frame. Also moved the seat back to match the leg length on the carbon frame. Do NOT like the leg length change and I'm thinking of changing it back and trying to get the Carbon length reduced somehow… not sure. Perhaps lifters in the shoe cleats? Also legs are very sore and tired from the new postion. A change of only two inches creates a totally new thing for the muscles to adapt to...  
09/02/05 Rode 178 km to Lake Louise, met Helen and kids there and stayed overnight. There was a pretty stiff head wind the whole way, but I tried as hard as I could the last hour to make 100 miles in 5 hours. I spent the last hour at 200 watts - very difficult! And finished the 100 miles in 5 hours, 4 minutes. Hardest and fasted M5 ride yet considering the wind. SRM is not working - when it gets cold it starts going wierd.  
09/06/05 Fastest M5 ride to Bragg and back average 34.4 kph  
09/08/05 Did the highwood loop again. 320 km. Ended up with a 28 kph ave. I was feeling quite sick for sections. It seems that it might be the hammer gel. I ate a cliff bar at half way and felt great, then started hammer again and started feeling sick. I ate a powerbar at Bragg Creek and felt good again. I think I need to start incorporating solid foods into my plan. Hit some bad weather coming back from about Millarville to home - stiff head winds would for sure have slowed my progress as compared with 2 weeks ago  
09/13/05 45 minute ride in CP1 on wind trainer, then 2:30 on M5 with Greg B.  
09/14/05 Ran for an hour - felt good at the beginning, but was wicked tired and actually sore near the end of the hour. About 30 minutes into the run my 8 min/mile HR was between 150 and 160 !!!! After swimming 100 meters straight, my shoulders were very sore.  
09/15/05 Ran for half hour - HR at beginning of run was norm, but crept up to the 150's after about 15 minutes. Did 45 minutes on gym bent  
09/17/05 340 km !! Did Highwood loop with the Alberta Randonee group. It was Don Yep's first ride ever over 130 km and he did his 310 km loop in 14 hours. I started at 6:00 am in the DARK and ride to Cochrane where I had just missed the group. Spent the next 2 hours catching up and passing everyone. Ride with Don until the start of the pass, then left him. Finished in 13 hours, 25 minutes total time. Not sure what average or ride time was because I didn't have SRM on M5.  
09/26/05 Did my first loops at the Glenmore velodrome today on the CP1 frame. I used the hood for a bit - strange, but I started to get used to it. 200 watts produced about 40 kph - didn't seem at all like the banked corners slowed me a bit. Strange…. Ran an hour at talisman then recumbent for 30 min  
09/30/05 oh my freaking gosh. Woke up at 4:15 am, did 2 hours on the CP1 on the wind trainer, then did the Highwood loop in reverse. Arrived home at 8:30 for a total time of 13 hours + the 2 inside = 15 hours! I figure probably about 370 km total. I'm beyond toasted.  
10/02/05 Did some laps at the glenmore velodrom in the Cp1 full fairing (no canopy) and a few more on the track  
10/03/05 Ran 2 intervals, a 6.5 min mile and a 7 min mile. Did some intensity on the gym bent. Started at 150 watts and went up by 10 watts each 5 minutes for an hour. Finished at 230 watts  
10/07/05 Did 2 hours straight in CP1 with full fairing on soft track at Glenmore. Went very well - no problems at all aside from the tip-over due to landing gear cable braking. Glutts getting a bit sore due to the new position. Then changed M5 geometry and went for a 3.5 hour ride  
10/10/05 Did 2 hours of laps and watts tests around glenmore soft track. Also Crr coast down tests on same track. Crr on that track is .0086. I was getting CdA values of as low as .39 for full bubble with taped up fairing.  
10/11/05 Ran a 5:56 mile, then a 6:28 mile, then a 7 min mile. Then 30 minutes on the bent, 10 watts for 15, then 200 watts for 15  
10/13/05 Did an hour run no stop at 140 bpm, then about 160 - 170 watts for 30 min + 30 minutes at race city  
10/20/05 2 hours on the indoor bent. All at 200 watts. Tried a CP5, was at 300 watts for 4 minutes, then went to 350 for last minute with a 6th minute at 360  
10/21/05 2 hour on indoor bent all at 150 watts. 30 minutes easy running  
10/24/05 30 minutes at tali @ 150 watts, then 2 hours straight at 200 watts. Then 1.5 hours at home at 100 watts for a total of 4 hours to start out this 24 hour Kj period  
10/25/05 Started with 2 hours on CP1 inside at 100 watts, then 8.6 (total time) ride with Greg B to Canmore and back. I was trying to maintain as high watts as I could. Ended up averaging 132 watts which is my highest watt bent ride to date. Then 2 more hours at home on the cp1 for a total of 12 hours riding time. If we consider last nights riding also, then over the 24 hour period (well, 28 hour, but let's just say 24), then I would have expended a total of 7270 Kj which would be 86 watts ave. 86 watts over 24 hours in streamliner would = 994 km, missing the record by only about 30 km. My actual average watts were 133 (including slow inside rides) - 133 watts over 22 hours (2 hours total of break time) would equal 1176 km - beating the record by over 150 km.   
10/26/05 1 hour at 100 watts then 1 hour at 120 watts - recovery at tali  
10/27/05 1.5 hours at 150 watts at tali  
11/05/05 2 hours on CP1 frame wind trainer. Each 15 minute segment: 100 watts, 150 watts, 200 watts, 250 watts, 200 watts, remainder = 150 watts.  
11/06/05 2 hours on CP1 frame wind.  Mostly 150 watts  
11/14/05 did a full hour at 200 watts on CP1 frame  
11/25/05 HPV 24 hour record attempt in Opelika, Alabama. Made it to 20 hours, 22 minutes, 57 seconds when the steering arm weld snapped off. Total distance = 828.4 km and 40.67 kph average speed.  
12/13/05 I have having the most difficult time getting motivated or feeling energetic. This is REALLY tough! I feel tired all the time. My run today was hell just to get to one hour! My HR at 160 watts is what it used to be at 230 watts!!!! My goal is to ride everyday on the Elite to get used to the low aero position. Over the last three days, I've done some intensity > 200 watts. I also did a position test and it showed NO difference in HR from aero to up on bars to WAY up on bars. I want to do another testing saddle heights and one more testing a more conventional seat back and upright position.  
12/14/05 an hour on Elite at regen intensity - 100 to 130 watts only.  
12/15/05 Break-through day!! My inside elite ride felt great today! I tested out a new saddle and it felt very good. I ride the tip of the nose in aero, and am able to sit back for upright riding to change muscles a bit. Watts tests in 3 positions:
1. seat tip aero 168 watts, 129 bpm
2. seat back aero 168 watts, 130 bom
3. up on bars 168 watts, 128 bpm

It would appear that upright is most efficient, deep aero next then last seat back aero. This makes sense because the seat tip deep aero allows my hips to open up and the seat back aero feels very tight.
12/19/05 Ran for an hour at tali, then did an hour of LEG WEIGHTS with Matt. My BACK WAS wicked sore after. Next morning, sciatica was sore - soreness in lower back. I over did it!!! I need to be more careful. I'll wait until the stiffness / scoreness in lower back dissipates, then do another weight session, but with focus on excersizes that do not put a lot of weight on the lower back!!!  
12/23/05 outside ride!  
12/24/05 outside ride!  
12/25/05 outside ride!  
01/02/06 First MAP, or CP5 test for the season. = 337 watts. This was ALL aero, as will all of my intervals be this season. I start standing for 10 or 15 seconds to get rolling and to jump start the power - then settle into aero for the entire interval. My previous 4 minute MAP from last summer was 384 watts, but that was only 4 minutes. Not sure what that would work out to for a full 5 minutes. Perhaps around 370 watts or so. I'm still quite far away from that!  
01/03/06 Tried for 337 - 10% (303 watts) for 12 minute but got to 9 and quit - too tired. Still very early in season I think.  
01/04/06 Ran with my old pronation control shoe on my left foot today and there was no pain. I think my foot has gotten used to the pronation roll angle of the cycling foot bed. The pronation control shoe tends to put the foot back into that familiar position. The only problem is potentially developing a sore anterior tibia compartment which was the reason I switched to the neutral shoe in the first place.  
01/05/06 CP20 test - got to 280 watts which was better than I thought I would be able to do. Also did a new aero position speed test. Averaged 200 watts both ways and 36.2 kph. The last tri bike test I did in the old aero position was 200 watts = 32.97 kph. The new position is very good! _------ NOTE: this is wrong  
01/07/06 Did a 3 hour fat burn ride outside - also a much better speed test. I did my usual long hwy 22 out and back at 200 watts. Results: 202 watts = 34.61 kph. This is still higher than my previous 32.97 kph result from my old position, but far from the 36.2 kph I had originally incorrectly measured the other day  
01/08/06 did two x 20 minutes @ my CP20 power - 10% which was supposed to be 252 watts, but was able to do 257 watts on my first and 259 watts on my second. Running is still very light on the tred mil due to my left foot problem. I have switched to regular flat peddles on the bike with toe cages and my pronation control running shoes. The shoes feel fine on my foot - no issues there, and I think it may help with the foot problem. I ordered some Pyro Platforms which shold be even better.

I did 5 x 100 meters today, each at about 1:45 to 1:50 with a 10 second break between. Looking back, that is about the same as I was swimming 3 months before Cda last year. That's good, but the endurance is certainly down - the speed is there, but I get tired very quickly. I need to start adding intervals and building up my endurance. Like - extending these 5 x 100's to 10 x 100 with the same intensity.
01/09/06 Had a decently hard swim today which makes me feel like I am making some progress getting back my endurance and speed. Did 1000 warm up, then 400, 300, 200, and 100 each set as fast as I could.  
01/10/06 Finally had a great run! I did a total of 90 minutes with first 30 slow on the track, then the next 30 at 134 hr on elliptical, then 15 minutes on the tred mil at 7 mph, then the last 15 min on the track at 7 mph. My foot stopped hurting after the initial 30 minutes on the track. I tightened my left shoe up quite a bit and that seemed to help.

I tried two 20 min intervals on the mag trainer inside today and it was hell!! I only made it to 250 watts. Really tough inside. Also Jason wants me to stick to 90 to 95 rpm, and that made it way more difficult.
01/12/06 Did some difficult intervals on Mag trainer that I couldn't finish, then swam with Matt hard for 45 minutes, then did some speed work running on the track with him. The speed work actually felt fine - no foot pain. I was easilly able to hold 6 min/mile pace for 3 laps. Bike fitness is DEFINATELY responsoble for this. Matt, who has been doing speed work couldn't keep up to my pace.  
01/14/06 Had an amazing ride in Palm Springs. I was holding watts in the 250's and higher without much effort. Felt very encouraging. 45 min run after was ok, but foot started to hurt  
01/15/06 Did 3 hours in Palm Springs 150 watts at 50 rpm. Felt easy.  
01/16/06 Long run - I was very happy to see my foot can take 2 hours, 20 minutes and the run was very easy - again, fitness from the bike I am sure is carrying over to my run legs. My foot started to hurt near the end and was fairly sore after the run.  
01/17/06 inside ride - SRM was all messed up. Found out it was a squished wire from the plane ride. Baled on my 20 minute intervals, and did a 135-ish HR fat burn ride instead  
01/18/06 Swam for 1 hour, 20 minutes at Banff Springs hotel. Pool was longer than a 25 meter - probably 30 meters. I did 1000 warm up and drills, then 5 x 200, 100 fast, then 100 slow. Then finished with about 3 or 4 hundred slow. I figure probably just over 3000 meters - maybe 3200 or so.  
01/19/06 1 hour fat burn at 170 watts, then 2 x 20 minute death intervals. I swam with Matt for 45 min, then did speed work on track. 2 x 500's and 3 x 1000's  
01/20/06 I did 4 x 5 min at 250 watts today with a 2 minute rest between. Much easier than the whole 20 in one shot, but my legs are so, so, so fatigued! These are really tough - esspecially since they are inside.  
01/22/06 I did 3 hours of fat burn riding inside today - 1.5 hours on the Elite with the blue SRM, then 1.5 hours on the Cervelo with the Red SRM. Surprisingly, my HR was WAY down. My ave HT at 180 watts today was 125 compared with 135 at the exact same workout from last week (01-11-06) as per the histogram. Again, I *might* attribute this to a very large lasagna meal last night at Jennifers. It was loaded with cheese and probably NOT the low fat cheese like Helen uses. Or, it could be due to all the intensity last week with a rest day yesterday. I really need to explore this 'fat load' thing more....  
01/23/06 First outside ride on the new Cervelo. Felt great. It was very windy and I could really feel the bike get pushed around due to the large 'winged' aero tubes. Watts were good also - according to SRM histogram, most time spent at 220 watts and 138 heart rate.  
01/24/06 Super long swim. 90 minutes virtually without stopping. Just swam - no counting laps.  
01/25/06 whew! Tough day. 1 hour ride outside with 3 x 15 minute intervals at 260 watts. I hit 272 watts on my 2nd. Then I did 2.5 hour long run. My foot didn't really get sore - a bit, but not too bad. Took 2 advils before and soaked foot in ice water after.  
01/26/06 2 hour reggen bike ride. According to SRM histogram, my watts peak was 140 watts with a corresponding 103 heart rate! I don't ever think my HR has been that low. In fact, this morning while sitting on the toilet, I measured a low 50's resting HR!!

Swam 45 min at tali = 1000 wu and drills then 5 x 50 super fast, 100 steady, 50 slow

My run was great - 30 minutes on track warm up, then on tred mil, 8 mph mile, 9 mph mile then a 10 mph mile. My hr on the 10 mph mile only reached a high of about 158 or so - I think that's pretty low. Foot was fine - strange..
01/27/06 ugh! Did tomorrows fat burn ride today (3 hours @ 180 watts, 70 rpm and averaged only 118 hr !!!!!) then tried to do an hour of speed work. Managed 3 x 10 min @ 260 watts, but wasn't able to hit the 260 for the 2nd or 3rd. Toasted!  
01/28/06 Started creatine load today. 1/2 gram x 6 time per day for 30 days. Then I don't know how much I need to take to maintain the creatone levels  
01/29/06 That's it - 25 hour week done. Todays ride was tough. 230 watt focus, 190 watt ave, 30.6 kph, and 95 rpm. Then 1 hour easy run  
01/31/06 The last two days have been easy to allow for a full legs recovery so that I can set a new CP 20 record tomorrow. I swam for an hour straight today with no stops. I did a bunch of these drills I read about in Triathlon mag called "steam trains" I think. On one length you pull hard for one complete stroke, then easy for the remainder of the length. Then TWO hard strokes, then easy, then 3 and so forth until you are hard pulling the entire length. It's great because it makes you count your strokes.  
02/01/06 New CP20 of 278 watts INSIDE. My previous CP20 was 279 watts OUTSIDE. I figure this inside effort is probably equal to 290 to 300 outside.  
02/02/06 New CP5 of 333 watts. This compares to 337 watts at the beginning of January OUTSIDE. I figure my 333 must relate to about 350 or so outside. I topped the 5 attempt off with 90 minutes of 170-180 watt fat burn. Then Swam hard at Talisman. 200 w-up, 200, 300 @ 5:30, 400, 500 - all as fast as i could. Then I ran track for an hour and did a 6:30 mile, a 6:40 mile and a 6:48 miles. Felt fine except for a side stitch which wouldn't go away. Foot feels fine now - it's sore to walk on only a bit after running, but never during the run. Also the soreness in the morning and generally walking around the house is gone.  
02/03/06 1 hour of bike regen, then we're off X-country skiing for the weekend with Val and Gar. Did 1.75 hours x country ski around the lodge  
02/04/06 3.75 hours of cross country skiing today in Kananaskis. We stayed at Mount Engadine Lodge - GREAT!!  
02/05/06 skied 1.5 hours around the lodge, then I rode fairly hard-ish for 2 hours outside  
02/06/06 Great swim!! 90 minutes non stop - no counting. I really focused on maintaining a good, strong pull throughout the swim. Also I did the bent arm thing for almost the entire swim WITHOUT sore elbows! Then hour of regen on the spin bike  
02/08/06 No energy! Did a 4.75 hour bike ride and really started to run out of fuel. That seat is really super uncomfortable!! I ordered a Adamo seat from Blackwell research and they are sending me an advance order (not even on sale yet!). I really hope it solves some issues. I really need to be able to stay in aero for an extended amount of time, and currently, I need to sit up every 10 minutes or so. I may need to raise the aero bars a bit also - the MOST important issue is comfort. If I am more aero but less likely to stay there due to discomfort, then I will be more efficiet in the long run by being less aero, but more often.  
02/10/06 over 90 minutes of regen on the bike. Had a great swim with Matt. We swam 2 x 300's, then 3 x 500's. The 500's were all at 9 minutes which put's me at 1:48 per 100 WITH the pb !!! Tried to run after, but I had forgotten my shoes and my feet/legs were getting super sore, so I cut the run short at 20 minutes.  
02/11/06 Really good hour long swimg this morning. I swam steady non-stop for first 25 minutes, then did my drills with a super fast 50, then slow 100 between each for the remainder. Intervals later on mag trainer went well - 45 sec on, 2:15 off. On my last set I maintained 420 watts for 1 minute. A quick look at all of my historical data with cycling peaks, and I find that this is the highest 1 minute output ever.  
02/12/06 Good fat burn ride today. 3.25 hours at 180 watts and 60 rpm. I also did a long out and back speed test at 180 watts, but the wind must have picked up for the return leg because the CdA is too low. I got 37 kph with 181 watts and a CdA of 1.65. Can't be. Also i need to calibrate the speedo for the Cervelo. Did a 45 minute fast run after and felt pretty good.  
02/13/06 1 hour regen and easy 30 min swim.  
02/14/06 did my map intervals in the morning for 1.5 hours, then ran 90 minutes right away outside. Had some food and a bit of a nap, then ran another 90 minutes at Talisman on the track (no tred mill). Great run! I was starting to get super fatigued near the end of the 3 hours and tried to maintain my form and pace as well as I could for the last half hour.  
02/15/06 swam for 1 hour in my wet suit. Arms get really sore in adifferent way… Took the wet suit off and they were fine. I need to get used to the wet suit. SUPER SUPER tired today!!! That workout from yesterday just toasted me!!!! I should really start to take then next day off when I do those killer intense training days. I'm too old for this!!!  
02/16/06 Gosh - the MAP intervals are getting tough! I find it's getting quite uncomfortable over that last 10 seconds of the interval. Also I find my wattage drifting down if I don't watch it for the minute I'm on. However, I was still able to finish them and my last was about 370 watts for 1.25 minutes to failure. Has a great swim at Westside - 30 minutes of drills and w/u then 5 x 100 fast. My first 100 was 1:37 and it was no where near as fast as i could go. I think that's maybe the fastest 100 I've ever done, and it could have been way faster.

Then I ran for an hour at westside including 5 x 1 miles intervals on the tredmil = 6 mph, 7mph, 8mph, 9mph and 10 mph. Then 10 mph seems way easier than I've ever felt before on those.
02/20/06 long swim 90 minutes straight. I finished with alternating fast 50's for 30 minutes. 60 min of bike regen  
02/21/06 did my split 90 minute/90 minute long run today after bike intervals. First 30 minutes were on the tred mill immediately after riding. Then outside for an hour. Then 1.75 hours at Talisman. I got to talking with Matt on the track and inadvertently added an additional 15 minutes!  
02/23/06 The bike MAP work is getting ugly. Did my sets today with VERY sore and rubbery legs from previous work. It's getting tough to hold the watts. Interesting though - because my 5 min MAP was 330 watts and now I'm doing a total of 20 minutes at 330 watts, but in 90 second intervals. You've GOT to think that would improve my 5 minute power...

Swam with wet suit again - very sore shoulders from that wet suit. I'm going to give the sleevless wet suit a try to see if it's as fast and doesn't hurt my arms. Did my fastest 50 and 100 ever. 50 was 37 seconds, 100 was 1:27, 200 was (1:37/100), 300 was (1:45/100)

Tried to do some run intervals, but my legs were dead, so I ran for an hour as quick as I could. I need new shoes!
02/25/06 I tested my old sleeveless suit in the pool today and my all-out 50 was 3 seconds slower than thursdays and the 100 was 6 seconds slower. It could be due to fatigue, but I think it may be due to bouyancy.

I did my last MAP intervals today - thank god! Then ran for an hour and alternated fast laps with slow laps at the Westside track for my speed work for the week.
02/26/06 great session today on the inside bike. 3 hours straight at 200 watts steady. Doing this inside was really good, and a very good race day simulation. Non-stop, no sitting up, no stopping. I ended with a pretty high ave wattage of aroun 190 watts for about 3 hours. This is even higher watts average than Ironman cda which ended up at about 180 something. If I can get to five hours of this steady-steady-steady, then all I have to do on race day is duplicate it. My heart rate at 200 watts was about 130 - or even in the 120's at times! There is a 37 minute period where my wattage is 195 and my HR is 125 !!!

I did a rough pich test today and I'm somewhere around 12 to 14% body fat. According to some tri info I found, male triathletes should be between 4 and 12%. I am definately at the upper end of that scale
02/27/06 Has a good talk with Dave Ramsay today regarding Ironman training to qualify. He is of the opinion that I need to swim faster and run faster. The bike looks good, but I really need to learn how to get out of the water faster, then do a 3:30 to 3:45 marathon. His point is (and he is correct) that it takes way more enegry to take 15 minutes off the bike than it takes to go 15 minutes faster on the run at my current speeds for both bike and run.  
02/28/06 swam 500 meters in 8 minutes today with PB. Since I've been doing that since 2004 (according to this log), I does not appear that my swimming is getting any faster…. On days like today, one wonders why one bothers…  
03/01/06 New inside CP5 of 347 watts. I'm getting sick because my HR during my 150 watt warmup was VERY high - over 130!!  
03/03/06 CP 10 test was 296 watts. My legs were really super sore though… Not sure if I have fully recovered from the map training of last week…. I did some run intervals at Talisman - more like a farlek workout - fast runs for about 5 to 10 minutes with slow ones between.  
03/06/06 Great swim - went very fast for 700, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200 in one hour. Then very good run at 8 mph on tredmil for an hour. First time my legs didn't KILL me or go numb!

Because of last weeks reduced volume, I am feeling much better about this. Sleeping well and feeling less foggy, etc. I am going to do my best to try to get my training hours DOWN to about the 16 hour mark if at all possible for the next few weeks. I need to focus on QUALITY rather than quantity. A 45 minute run at 7 min/mile is better than 1:15 at 10 min/mile.
03/07/06 End ints are wicked tough! 310 watts for 3 minutes with 3.5 minutes rest between reps * 5, then repeat once more. I couldn’t maintain the 310 watts for the last few reps on the last set. Then I did a 7 mph run on the tred mil immediately after and felt great! No more numb feet and lower leg pains!! Yeah!! I am feeling no transition pains anymore - a good sign. Then a 2 hour run on the track at Talisman at 8 mph pace - faster for parts. VERY TIRED!!! This was great. No leg pains and no numbness today. Legs felt pretty good all run.  
03/08/06 Swam the fastest 100 ever in 1:29 with PB. I did about 10 x 100 fast, 100 slow. The first 3 100's were all at that 1:29 pace, then fell off from there.  
03/11/06 Matt came over in the morning and we rode downstairs together. I did 2.5 hours at 200 watts +. Heart rate seemed high - not sure. Then had a very good and very fast 10 run. Felt great - no leg fatigue at all - very smooth and strong feeling.  
03/12/06 4 hours on the mag trainer at 175 watts, 180 rpm. I was actually trying to END up with an average of 175 watts, so I spent most of the time at 180 to 190 watts. Ended with an ave of 172 watts which is pretty good.  
03/13/06 I did a 3600 meter swim straight, no stop with the wet suit at Westside. I used the Speedo timer, but had some minor problems with it. I think my overall time was 1:06, but there could have been a couple of 50 meter clicks at 100. I was trying to calculate my average 100 meter time, but the speedo doesn't have a look-back feature. My last 500 meters was just over 8 minutes, and my first 1500 was 28 minutes. Based on the last 500 at, say 8:30, that's an average of 1:42 / 100, or 64.6 minutes for an Ironman swim. Base on the first 1500, that's 1:51.6/100, or 1:10.68. I really need to swim more with my wetsuit, as my shoulders were getting SUPER SORE!!! Something about stretching the arms out in the sleeves or something - don't know...  
03/14/06 Brutal day! It started with 30 minutes of 10 watt warmup which was fine, but after my first 20 minute set of endurance intervals, I felt so bad that I booked, and went up stairs and lied down in bed and fell asleep for an hour or so. Then I headed back downstairs to see if I could finish. I did two more end int sets - poor. Some of the intervals didn't make the 306 watt mark. Then I finished strong with a 30 minute 230 to 240 watt ride which actually felt pretty strong. Then 45 minutes on the tred mile at 7 min/mile pace. Felt ok - right foot was falling asleep near the end - strange.. that problem seems to be related to intensity on the bike. Then it was off to Westside for the remainder of my 2.25 hour long run which went relatively well. I tried to keep my speed up and it went well.  
03/19/06 had a 3 hour, 225 watt effort planned, but blew it off because I just didn't feel it. Instead I did 90 minutes of 150 to 170 watt recovery, then ran hard for 45 minutes at 8 mph.  
03/20/06 Had a real crappy long wet suit swim today. I just don't feel like myself in that wetsuit! I'm going to try the sleeveless this week for another long swim to see if it makes a diff. My times for 6 x 500's were:
8:56 = 1:46 / 100 = 67.8 minutes ironman
10:46 =
8:46 =
9:17 =
9:14 =
9:31 =
My second set had an extra 100 in it. I would say my average would probably be around 9:10 or so. That's 1:50 per 100 which is about an hour and 10 minute Ironman. I'll do this exact same test again, but this time with my sleeveless and see which one worked out better.
03/22/06 I repeated the wetsuit swim today, but with the sleeveless. The pull felt way better and no where near as tiring or sore as with the sleeved suit. My times were also better:
8:50 = 1.76 / 100 = 67 minutes for ironman
8:24 = 63 minute Ironman (I may have missed a 50 on this one?)
03/24/06 Matt came over and we spend the day on the wind trainers - 4 hours or so.  
03/26/06 Swam 3800 meters with sleevless suit on. My 100's were averaging around 1.86 near the end. That would work out to a 1:11 Ironman swim. The first sets of 500 were a bit faster, so I would predict a 1:07 to 1:09 Ironman swim time - perhaps even a bit better depending on how much I can draft.

Then I did a spin bike / track 15 min alternate, then 30 min run for a total of 1 hour bike, 1.5 hours run. The run was all at 8 min/mile at least and HR never over 140 which is good. I think my hr per pace running is probably the lowest it's ever been right now. Same DEFINATELY goes for HR and bike.
03/27/06 Finally got OUTSIDE for a ride! I rode the new Cervelo with Profile ater bottle and Arundel down tube bottle. Ironman pace for 4.5 hours. My SRM computer average was 212 watts which is pretty high. The actual average was around 187 which is HIGHER than my average at IM cda last year, so this is good. I also did an out and back speed test:

Cervelo with bottles: 202 watts = 35.57 kph
Elite with one bottle: 202 watts = 34.61 kph

I calculated that the Cervelo would be 9 minutes faster for Ironman bike leg! Most of that is probably due to the profile bottle + Arundel bottle, but some is probably due to the aero frame.
03/28/06 I did 3 x 500's with sleeveless and my average times were even slower! 9:25 per 500 !  
03/30/06 Swam 4 x 500's with my full suit on and my average times were a bit faster than with the sleevless. 8:30, 8:40, 8:45, 8:50  
03/31/06 My 45 min run on the Talisan track was probably the lowest HR I've *EVER* seen. I was averaging EXACTLY 8 minute miles for at least 10 laps at between 129 and 134 HR - which was averaging out to be 132 most of the time. I repeated the 10 laps again later on in the workout with the exact same HR result.  
04/01/06 did 2 x 500's and they were 8:40 and 8:52. 8:52 was a fairly easy-ish pace. If I could maintain 9 min/100, that’s a 68 minute IM swim  
04/09/06 IRONMAN ARIZONA 2006 I qualified for Kona !!!! Race report here  
04/21/06 I ran for 1 hour, 15 minutes in St. Petersburg Florida. The first 20 minutes were very slugish and slow! The middle 30 minutes felt pretty good and the last 30 or so were tough. This is what happens after 2 weeks of lying in a lawn chair drinking beer. I want to run the Police half on Sunday, and would like to break 90 minutes again - it's only a bit more than a week away!!!  
04/24/06 Did run intervals at track today to get ready for Police Half Marathon on Sunday. Went ok - sore legs. Did 2 7 min miles, 4 x 1/2 miles at 6 min/mile pace, then a 7 minute mile. Felt ok I guess..  
04/25/06 First lowracer ride of the season! Felt ok. Bum kind of uncomfortable. I need to adjust the bum curve a bit. Other than that it was ok  
04/26/06 easy M5 ride.  
04/27/06 90 minute run all at better than 8 min/mile pace. Probably 8.5 and some at 7 or maybe better. It was fast and hard  
04/30/06 Ran the Police half marathon today. Finished in 1 hour, 32 minute which was 2 minutes slower than last year. It was very cold and windy though. Not sure what the stats are yet.  
05/05/06 first long ride on m5 today. 4 hours felt very good. It's all coming back.  
05/07/06 First CP 20 CP20 on M5 267 watts. This compare with 276 watts on the road bike, but my average heart rate on road bike was 162, and my ave HR on M5 was 152 - 10 beats lower. I think I could have done slightly better.  
05/09/06 I did 10 - 1 min x 368 watt intervals on the bent lifecycle at Talisman. Tough.  
05/10/06 Tried some of Jasons sprints today on M5. Doable - about 800 watts for 109 seconds  
05/14/06 did 2.5 hours outside with Greg B - went to Bragg and back. Did about 10 of those sprints. My wattage max was down from the prev time  
05/18/06 8 hour ride! I hot 150 watts as my average on SRM power meter. Lost SRM file - for some stupid reason, it didn't offload.  
05/22/06 In Eureka - tried to get CriticalPower onto the track but it was far too windy with gusts of 40 kph. Instead, I rode the CP frame around for an hour. It was very tricky in the wind and is more difficult to control than the streamliner due to it's flat profile. BUT, it is much slower, and therefore not as dangerous. On one landing, the landing gear got stuck on a pebble or something and I was going too fast and it flipped over. My hand got cut and the landing gear elastic gear got bent. Also the force pulled the landing gear cable handle hold off it's set position. I put it back and put a couple of screws in to hold it extra secure.  
05/23/06 Went on a 3 hour hike today with Rob Hitchcock and John MacKay through the redwoods and around Trinidad point. Very pretty. Then later, just before sunset, the winds died down, but it was raining fairly steady. I got about 30 minutes of riding in the streaminer at redwood acres track. After looking at the SRM data, the rain was responsible for a 5 kph slower speed at 110 watts than dry!!!  
05/24/06 Finally got in some good track time with CriticalPower full streamliner at the track. It was faster than yesterdays wet run. Everything was good except it felt too fast at 50 kph to round the corners. However, Rob and Al Krause told me that Sam has done 60 MPH around those very same corners.  
05/25/06 Got back to Calgary and did a hard 4 hour M5 ride. Probably the hardest to date which included a NEW CP20 of 271 watts which is about 8 watts higher than previous test. I did an hour run on the track, then a recovery hour on the Tali bent  
05/27/06 2 hours fat burn 150 watts on trainer  
05/28/06 3 hours fat burn 150 watts on trainer. For a 15 minute period at the end I held 170 watts at 110 HEART RATE  
05/31/06 260 KM today! From Banff to Radium then back again. It was good - listened to a pile of podcasts for most of the trip. 9.5 hours today. My ending watts average was almost 130 which just so happened to be about the same as a Highwood pass ride from last summer - the big difference though was my HR was 5 to 10 beats LOWER for this ride!  
06/02/06 Did 2 hours of LT intervals - First interval was 25 minutes at 240 watts, second was 30 minutes. Ran down a lot of roadies! Great fun. Ran for an hour at Tali, then did 45 min recovery ride  
06/03/06 1.75 hour FB ride at Tali  
06/04/06 3 hour FB outside ride  
06/07/06 Super fast century - in fact, fastest by WAY far. Ended up with an average of 160 watts which is at least 30 watts faster than any previous ride over 4 hours in duration!  
06/16/06 Highwood pass! Whew. My overall watts was about the same as my last highwood ride last year, but my total Kj was way up. I think because of the seat angle + that bad hub. It kept grinding all day. I'm getting a new wheel from Jim S. It was 12.5 hours of ride time and over 14 hour day. Got rained on first thing, then it cleared up and I was in the sun for most of the day. My legs never really did feel tired or fatigued, but my FEET get very sore still. About every hour I need to rest my feet. Need to fix that.  
06/20/06 I did another 20 minutes in the streetliner today. Winds 32 kph and very gusty. I found it kind of scary, but I sort of got used to it. Slow Speed definitely makes it easier to handle. Faster speed were more scary - maybe I just need to get more used to it???  
06/22/06 Fastest 200 km ride ever. I averaged with a finish average of an all-time 198 watts!!! My century in the middle was 4:25 not including stops for drink and food. The Ultra Marathon Cycling Association record for the fastest road century is 4:11, but on a time trial road bike. My stock M5 is about as fast as my triathlon bike I think - so I 'could be' close to the actual record???  
06/25/06 3.3 hours on the new 162 speed gears. The chain kept coming off the big ring on 2nd drive. Also not enough low gears!  
06/26/06 1 hour on new gears v.2 and 1 hour at gym with .5 running  
06/27/06 2.5 hours outside on the new gears. Worked great - no problems. Did 2 x 30 minutes at 250 watts. My overall average out and back speed was 40 kph.  
06/28/06 LT intervals. I did 2, 30 minutes intervals at 250 and 240 watts. No problemo..  
07/01/06 400 km from Calgary to Jasper! I made it to 370 km when Helen picked me up at about 10:00 pm (getting dark) I started at 5:15 am. Tough ride, 2 monster passes, esspecially Sunwapta Pass !!! Ugh!!!! That happened at about 300 km into the ride! Legs felt generally fine though. Averaged 130 watts all-in, and 150 watts while peddling. The 150 watt target was at an average of about 115 HR.  
07/02/06 Hiked up the gondola mountain = 3000 feet of elevation climbed. I was tired, but legs felt fine.  
07/06/06 Spent about 45 minutes in streetliner today doing loops at 100 to 130 watts. Wind was at 8 kph and wasn't really an issue. At 45 kph, I could feel an 8 kph gust hit me directly from the side, but it was easy to handle, and became 2nd nature after 20 minutes or so.  
07/07/06 Did my fastest 100 miles again today. According to the SRM, I was at 4:20 when I almost reached 100 miles, then I slowed down considerably due to a stiff head wind. My watts focus average was 230 and my ending watts average was almost 200. I only stopped once at the 7-11 where I had to wait for someone to buy lotto tickets. My 2nd 7-11 stop in Claresholm was skipped and I  ran out of water about 1.5 hours to finsish and PAYED for that! Dumb, dumb.  
08/08/06 France Backroad bikes trip - generally about 50 km of cycling per day for 5 days and I did a total of 4.5 hours of running the whole vacation. For swimming I did 4 mornings of bungie cord pulls  
08/09/06 France Backroad bikes trip  
08/10/06 France Backroad bikes trip  
08/11/06 France Backroad bikes trip  
08/12/06 France Backroad bikes trip  
08/13/06 France Backroad bikes trip  
08/14/06 France Backroad bikes trip  
08/15/06 France Backroad bikes trip  
08/16/06 France Backroad bikes trip  
08/17/06 France Backroad bikes trip  
08/18/06 France Backroad bikes trip  
08/19/06 France Backroad bikes trip  
08/20/06 Back in Calgary - Good 90 minute bike ride then a fast 10 km run. 47 minutes! My running is in pretty good shape I think. I just have to be carefull not to get injured. I'd like to build back up to 5 hours per week - last week in France it was about 4 and felt good. I did a long run in France of 90 minutes and it felt really good - pretty fast, for sure at least 8 min miles - so I am in a good starting position for Kona training

For swim today i didn't feel like driving to westside so I did 2500 meter of pulls. I figure 40 pulls = 100 meters, so for 2500 meters I would need to do 25 sets of 40 pulls
08/21/06 did 150 meters (120 pulls) on the cords today without stopping. Logest non-stop pull so far. I had my first really good no-pb swim today. I swam 3 x 500 meter sets with only the small foam inserts stuffed down my swim suit. The cord pulls really help strength and endurance for my arms - I could really feel that. I need to incorprate them into my training plan every day. The focus should be on extending the cord sets to failure. Also I need to adjust my distance calculations, as it was taking 12 strokes to cover 25 meters in the pool, so 100 meters of pulls would be 48-50 strokes. I'll say sets of 50 = 100 meters.  
08/23/06 All my swimming was in the pool today. 2000 meters total with 4 sets of 500. Felt pretty good and is starting to feel more relaxed. None is with the pull-b, but all swimming is with the small foam inserts. My 10km run was 48 minutes today in the rain. I rode 30 km with Bryan and he almost got nailed by the garbage truck as it was crossing upper spring bank!  
08/29/06 Great 1.5 hour swim in Whitefish lake. My arms feel like they are really coming back. The only prob is I'm swimming with a wet suit. We'll see how much of this swim fitness tranlates to a boyancy-less pool!  
08/31/06 long run in Whitefish of 2 hours. This felt great. I ran the first hour with Cyrille and the second very fast alone. I had no water or food for the entire run.  
09/01/06 Lowest resting heart rate hr ever recorded! I was at the cabin in Whitefish, in the moring after 2 cups of coffee. I measured it twice for a full minute each at 149 bpm  
09/04/06 Brutal ride today. It was only 28 to 30 degrees, but I think my calorie deficit from yesterday, and mostly my dehydration contributed to a BRUTAL 5 hour ride. I tried to maintain 180 watts, but my HR skyrocketed to way over 150!!!. Greg B was having a much better day though. I'm sure it was due to being dehydrated - don't know. I should do a 60 minute re-gen today I think. My legs are pretty beat up.  
09/05/06 woke up VERY sick today - that's the reason for the poor ride yesterday!  
09/09/06 Peak of sickness today - just felt aweful. Chest full, very sore chest, caughing heavy  
09/11/06 Felt 75% better this morning, so started training again. Back to the Talisman with Cody  
09/12/06 Almost 100% better today.  
09/18/06 This is the first day I havn't been caughing much - FINALLY getting better I think!  
09/28/06 Anual Epic ride to Banff with Greg B. 100 km to Banff into a VERY strong head wind. It took up 4.5 hours to get there! Then we ran Spray loop for 45 minutes. I wanted to do at least an hour, but we were concerned about getting back to Calgary before dark. the ride back was very fast - it took us 3.25 hours. When we got back to the car, we ran for an additional 15 minutes (due to mostly Gregs promting!)  
09/29/06 Long run was very tough today - slow and I was tired. 2 hours  
09/30/06 I think I'll take today off, then do a 90 minute swim tomorrow.  
10/09/06 oh no!!! My left foot has a super SHARP pain in it! It is swollen and I can't eveb walk on it. It started to really hurt during my 2 hour long run in Vancouver yesterday. The pain started near the end of my long run last week (2 hours on the track at Westside), then re-occured during a fast 1 hour run at Talisman on the track. My foot was a bit sore to walk on, but now there is a very sharp pain.  
10/10/06 Oh no again. I am sick again. Dam!! Totally stuffed up, blowing my nose all day long. It feels like it might not last very long though - no chest congestion at all.  
10/12/06 This cold seems like it's well on it's way out. No more running nose, but a bit of a stuffed up feeling head. I did an inside 3 hour hammer sessions with Greg B today. In Half hour intervals, 1=150 w, 2=200 w, 3=210 w, 4=220 w, 5=230 w ++ and the last was 100 w. Totally toasted after and felt very sick. Probably because I was so carb depleted. I ate a bagel and cheese bun and felt 100% better almost immediately.  
10/13/06 My weight was 148.5 this morn on the scale!  
10/21/06 KONA!! Ironman World Chamionships in Kona, Hawaii RACE REPORT HERE  
12/10/06 Las vegas Marathon