February 2, 2007

The new "Pedal The Ocean" video!

Dare I say that this video is now finished! After a million revisions and weeks or revising, creating 3D animations, filming, sound editing, etc, etc, etc. I think this is the last and final revision.

Luke at AmazingVoice.com kindly offered to sponsor the expedition by donating some of their top-notch voice talent. What a difference that makes!!!! It's amazing - really. I had their voice talent record voice-overs for all of my title screens that are too difficult to read on the YouTube and Google videos.

I also changed the logo animation to PedalTheOcean. Check out what a huge difference the voice talent makes:


Trimble Recon

I've talked a bit before about one of my equipment sponsors Trimble who make the amazing Recon PDA. You really need to watch this video of the running Recon PDA being tossed down the stairs of a stadium: Recon PDA rugged!

Trimble has started a BLOG called OUTDOOR RUGGED and recently featured yours truly.

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