The new "Pedal The Ocean" VIDEO!

The new "Pedal The Ocean" video!

Dare I say that this video is now finished! After a million revisions and weeks or revising, creating 3D animations, filming, sound editing, etc, etc, etc. I think this is the last and final revision.

Luke at kindly offered to sponsor the expedition by donating some of their top-notch voice talent. What a difference that makes!!!! It's amazing - really. I had their voice talent record voice-overs for all of my title screens that are too difficult to read on the YouTube and Google videos.

I also changed the logo animation to PedalTheOcean. Check out what a huge difference the voice talent makes:


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  1. # Blogger Ernie

    I think your idea is great, however I would do a one things different. The fact that rollover is possible, its important to make your boat selfrighting as I am sure you know. I have also designed a boat for crossing the ocean. The idea is to have three tanks or sections of the bottom of the hull that can take on water, these tanks are only about 3" deep and 30" long, when the weather is very rough. These tanks would not be full, only about 2/3's and if the boat did rollover than the water moving in the thanks will push you back to rightside up. My design uses a small 12VDC air pump used for pumping air into a car tire using the 12 VDC car system. This can be done several ways, one, leaving the holes in the bottom of the hull open all the time and using air presure to keep it empty until you need to let water in by dumping the air via air ports through the top of the hull. Two, using flaps inside the tank over the holes and air pressure to open them. I like and prefer the first method which we use. I do believe it is the best system, we have tested this and it works great. I am sure you have thought out ideas for selfrighting, mine is just one, but one that really works well. I wish you all the luck possible and hope to see you make a great crossing. Ernie Parvis

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