Getting you organized

OK - I think I have finished the new BLOG site, and I'll stop messing around with the URL's and stuff. Here is the final location for everything. Please take a few moments to update your Bookmarks, Live Bookmarks, Address Book, and RSS feeds.

This is the new main URL for the BLOG:

This is the new URL for the RSS and ATOM feeds:
(the old RSS URL will no longer be used)

This is the URL for the weekly PedalTheOcean podcast:
(or you can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes - search "pedal the ocean")

To sign yourself (or a friend) up to receive (or remove) these email updates:


If you would like a very convenient way of following my blog updates, consider using LIVE BOOKMARKS in FireFox. Here's how:

1. click on the RSS icon in the Address Bar and select "subscribe to..."

2. select the "Subscribe Now" button

3. Create your Live Bookmark in your Bookmarks Toolbar folder

4. The PedalTheOcean RSS feed icon appears on your browser tool bar. Clicking on it produces a drop down menu of the blog posts available.

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