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  1. # Anonymous John Vary

    Greg, looking at the chain/tube arrangement it occurs to me that there may be some unexpected wear, at the points where he chain enter the tubes, stainless steel is a very hard material and I am not sure which will wear at the fastest rate , the tube guides or the chain.

    I can't suggest a fix for this if it does prove to be a problem but maybe it's a thing you have thought about, ideal solution would be a low friction lining to the tubes, ptfe or Delrin with a flared entry to remove the sharp edges you will have on the ends of the tubes where the chain enters, and these could get even sharper as wear takes place.

    Sorry if this sounds like a pain in the butt, you're doing a damn sight better job than I would, and I have nothing but admiration for your efforts  

  2. # Blogger Adventures of Greg

    I was going to use a stainless steel chain. I could always change the chain every 1000 miles or so...  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi Greg,
    Congratulations on your efforts so far,I think you should start to get some seatime in,not a few hours but days or preferably weeks offshore say in a sailboat to see how your body adapts to the ocean enviroment.Its one thing to do these super human feats you have done on land but another on the ocean.I have crossed the Atlantic on my own sailboat and I am a comercial fisherman I spend most of my life on the sea,some people can not adapt to being on sea for weeks on end especially alone.Even really experienced people do not succeed,we will probarbly never find out what happend to Andrew Mcauley for exsample.The open ocean can become a dangerous place and there is nowhere to hide.
    Keep up the good work and I wish you luck.
    Robert Hurrell  

  4. # Blogger Adventures of Greg

    Thanks Robert - what is your email?  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi Greg,
    My e mail is I live on a small Island called Saba In the Caribbean.

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