Seat bracket and DL frame

When the drive leg pivots into place in the frame, it is sandwiched between two narrow rails in the frame, but to firmly secure it while being used, I needed something more. I welded a stainless nut to the drive leg bay frame and with a threaded knob from an old exercise machine, I can screw the drive leg down tight the frame.

I filled the tubes on the drive leg bay frame with epoxy, then cut out plywood panels to fit between the stainless steel tubes. Then I sealed them all in place with an epoxy/micro mix. I will cover the whole frame with fiberglass once it is fixed to the kayak floor.

I messed up with the positioning of the drive leg bay. I had centered the frame in the kayak with the narrow drive leg slot in the middle of the hull instead of the middle of the bottom bracket. I realized this today thanks to a comment from Mikael - thanks! This means that I can now move the DL back to where it was originally planned, and my frame cuts still work. cool.

While waiting for the epoxy to cure on the wood panels, I started in on the recumbent seat bracket. The seat is a fiberglass recumbent seat from PowerOn Cycling
Actually, I scarfed it from my Rocket lean steer velomobile (my bad) - I'll have to order a new seat to replace it because I really do want to get the Rocket on the road for this summer.

The seat will slide back and forward on two rails that will be bolted to the drive leg bay frame. The rails will also be bonded to the kayak hull floor. I hinged the seat directly below the seat bottom so that I can lay the seat flat on the floor for entry, exit and access to the rear compartment. I'm not 100% sure about how the seat back will be supported yet. My idea was to build the rear compartment bulkhead wall sloped and put a skateboard wheel on the seat back. This would allow me to release the seat rail lock, slide the seat all the way forward and have the seat back roll down the rear bulkhead wall until it is flat on the floor. All the time, my center of gravity remains low - no need to sit up and twist around. I'll just slide forward, roll around, knee and open the rear hatch, then crawl in. Well, that's the plan anyhow - I'll set up a mock-up to see how that works before building the seat back support, bulkhead and rear hatch. I will also need some way of securing the seat back firmly to the rear bulkhead wall when in use.

Just to see how the deck and hull matched up, Ben and I placed Within's top deck onto the kayak hull. They match-up fairly close. Some bending and spreading will be required. Cool - we're getting there.


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