This was a gross job, but I knew it had to get done, so I rolled up my sleeves and got to it.

When we vacuum bagged the inside layers of glass to the kayak hull, the fiberglass creased around the edges of the kayak (the gun-wales). I knew that sanding/griding these off was going to be a big, long and messy job. So, I got to it. What a mess. Sanding dust everywhere. It took me a couple of hours just to clean up.

I sanded down the creases which opened up the composite layers which I knew that it would. I filled the open cracks with a mix of epoxy and this anti-sag powered i have. I find the anti-sag is stronger than micro, but it is difficult to sand. After the anti-sag curred, I spent some time cutting new fiberglass caps that would go over the gun-wales to seal it all up again. While I was at it, I glued my fiberglass roving to all of the joins in the bulkheads and some additional glass for the bulkhead surfaces. I also added more glass to the edges of the drive leg bay. It's looking really good and beefy now!

Next is to wet it all out, then I install the seat rails, seat, make the prop, finish the drive leg, and rig up some rigging for the rudder steering.

Then it's to a pool to see if this baby floats!


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