Paint and decals

I am all ready for my weekly long ride tomorrow - but this time, it will be on the lake! 8 hours is the goal and I'm really looking forward to it. A super nice change from the same-old, same-old.

I masked off the deck and spray painted it like i should have in the first place. I was really unhappy with all the brush strokes, so decided to sand the paint down and spray it. It cam out WAY BETTER! Check it out:

And my bro Alan kindly printed out some decals for WiTHiN - again, check it out:

I cut some holes in the rear bulkhead to fit the paddles into so they are stowed and out of the way. I also fit in water bags, my safety rope, a bilge pump, water proof cell phone case and some new shoes/pedals to see if I can resolve this foot numbness issue. The Time pedals are very large and spread out the load to the foot more than my Speedplay pedals do. They worked slightly better during a test ride on the M5 last night. We'll see how my feet handle 8 hours tomorrow.

Rick and I did some more measuring and it appears that the exact shape of the Hyak hull might be responsible for most of the discrepancy between the estimated speed and the actual speed. The hull is a few inches wider at the keel. Some of the other issues were lack of a spinner which I made (oops forgot to take a picture of it), a tapered trailing edge on the drive leg strut, and a better, more flush fit on the plug. I can fill the plug gap in with silicon, then razor cut a slit for removing. To test tomorrow, I'll just tape it over.


2 Responses to “Paint and decals”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    paint a ships figurehead on the front for good luck may br a yin yang with two feet in it  

  2. # Blogger JW

    Did you get your new prop yet? Theo Schmidt's Propsim is a good program for checking the optimization at HP speeds.
    I have foot problems too, residual from my x-country journey, and find that Crank Bros. Mallett pedals are the bomb.

    Elrey in Orange County, California  

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