Another interview

Hello everyone Ben Eadie here, the geek behind the brawn. I have been entrusted to post on this blog by Greg while he is out on the boat during the record attempt...

Ohhh! the power Bwaaaahahahahaaha...... hack! cough! he he.... So you will have to put up with mine bad gammer and speling for a post or two....

Anyhow here is another TV interview done by Greg, and I am positive there will be more to come in the next day or so.

Ben (The Geek) Eadie

1 Responses to “Another interview”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Great work on getting the information out. I am enjoying the day. It is keeping me from doing things I should be doing.

    Hope it all holds together.

    I will try a phone call later in you evening when things are getting tough,

    I noticed a boat going beside Greg in one of the photos. Love more birds eye view of the boat if you can post some pictures or videos.


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