WiTHiN is painted!

WiTHiN is finally back from the paint shop, and she looks fantastic! My friend Bob Douglas did an amazing job with the finishing and painting.

Bob started by applying a thin layer of solid filler and sanded it smooth. This filled in the rough areas where we glassed the deck down to the kayak hull. It was pretty rough before and you probably didn't notice it that much because I always tried to hide that area in previous images. But now it's very smooth and nicely sealed up.

We decided to paint the floats with truck box liner - that textured rubbery paint that you find in truck beds. The reason was to save some time for Bob in finishing those floats which were not surface finished, and also because they would constantly be rubbed and banged into by docks, etc. The box liner is pretty durable, and when the floats are retracted, they don't touch the water so the texture won't cause any drag.

Bob Douglas did an incredible job!


10 Responses to “WiTHiN is painted!”

  1. # Blogger John

    Smooth and shiny!  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Take advantage of the weather, put some skis on it and you have a great sled! Seriously, it looks great.


  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Neet! The real thing!!!

    ... those tiny tubes on outrigerrrs :-/ ......

  4. # Blogger "the Dude"

    Looks great!

    The little tabs (red with hole) below the outriggers, are they for ropes or to hold the outriggers tightly or what? guess I missed those before. (They ain't oarlocks, I know.)  

  5. # Blogger Ray

    The result is smooth. WHEN finish the trip, the newspaper photos are going to look superb.

    The red got me thinking: Will you be carrying a canister of red dye for easier rescue, if needed. Might be a small, useful addition.  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    good but it looks like a good wave will rip those floats right off  

  7. # Anonymous Alex

    Your boat? Pretty boat...

    ...sorry it's Christmas so I couldn't resist the Italian Job reference.  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    gk, after a thorough testing and trial - the world is your oyster!

    (God i8s in the detail ;-)  

  9. # Blogger Adventures of Greg

    theDude: The little red tabs guide the floats into their retracted position against the hull. They also secure the floats so they won't twist when in.

    Again - I need to repeat that this version of WiTHiN is a prototype and is slightly DIFFERENT than the actual ocean crossing boat which is being designed now. The ocean boat will NOT have outriggers, but will rely on a ballast keel for the stability that I require to stand, enter and exit. We couldn't add a ballast keel to the prototype boat because it would make trailering and launching WiTHiN very difficult, so we used this retractable outrigger concept. The outriggers are NOT used while underway, and only use when standing up to enter or exit, etc, and only during suitable sea conditions.


  10. # Blogger "the Dude"

    Yeah, figured that.

    You may have seen this link, Steve Roberts site, kayak, bike, boat stuff, technogeek, take a look for any ideas.

    nomad link  

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