Keel-girl back by popular demand

I said "Hey Helen, can you take a break for a sec and come help me in the shop?" She said sure, and I told her to do stand beside over the freshly bondo'ed keel as I grabbed the camera. She claimed I was shamelessly using her to get BLOG traffic!

Anyhow, this 100 lb beast is almost done. To fill in the leading and trailing ends of the keel bulb, I mixed in my lead shot with Bondo and spread it into the steel sectioned nose and tail like I was baking Frankensteins birthday cake.

Then I tapered the keel tube aerofoil with Bondo, and smoothened over the lead-bondo areas and sanded it all smooth. Well, as smooth as it's going to get. I'm not making anything I expect to last a lifetime here, nor am I expecting any quality workmanship awards. I just need to get through about 20 hours of sea trial testing. This will do the trick.

I'll be heading back out to Tofino sometime within the next 3 weeks for more trials/training. One test I really need to do is to measure my power output, resulting speed and the exact wind speed so we can develop a power profile for WiTHiN to better predict her parameters in various wind conditions. It would be great to experience 30 to 40 knot winds.

I made some calls to see if I can hire a support boat to follow me out, and it might be tougher than I expected. When I was last in Tofino for the first sea trials, it was January and way-off season for the tourism industry. March is the start of Whale watching season, and I've been told that many of the boats are booked with tours.


Training is going great. I did a 6 hour ride INSIDE on Friday and it actually went by faster than I expected. In large part, this is due to my new iPod Touch. What a GREAT invention! I bought a water proof enclosure for it from OtterBox and a Ram mount. Brilliant! I can listen to an audio book, watch YouTube videos, listen to music, read and type emails, and browse the Internet - all right from my pilots seat.

I am planning on using the Ram mount in the new WiTHiN for the ocean crossing.


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4 Responses to “Keel-girl back by popular demand”

  1. # Anonymous Steve (AiT Webmaster)

    Be warned Greg . . . She'll be monitoring throughput and asking for wages, initially as an "Extra" but as the blog throughput increases, she'll expect a filmstar "lifestyle" !

    Pipe-keels are good and will work well. An RSJ welded on the bottom of a thin keel-plate or pipe filled with lead or scrap nuts & bolts is all I've ever used over the years.

    Watching and waiting with great interest your next sea-trials video and pictures.

    Bye for now

    Steve (Aroundinten Webmaster)  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This is very slim and good design with all the weight in the right place.

    The keels not bad as well.


    Jeff in the UK  

  3. # Blogger Adventures of Greg

    Steve - you are right - she is already asking for her own trailer.

    Jeff - HA! good one.


  4. # Blogger David Tangye

    30 to 40 knots. Excellent! That's what we want to hear! Don't forget to take some cameras.

    Nicely put Jeff. :-).  

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