Sneak preview of the new boat!

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Naval architect Stuart Bloomfield from Bloomfield designs is making good progress on the design of next version of WiTHiN - the speed demon that I will human power across the Atlantic ocean. It's still a work in progress, but I thought I would show you how it is looking.

I took a .dxf file of the basic hull shape from Rick who converted it from Stuarts drawing and imported it into my 3D software where I added hatches and windows and other details. The construction method will be based on developable surfaces. First, we create flat panels which are carbon over varying thicknesses of core material (probably something like CoreCell). Then computer cut the flat panels and join them together around the bulkheads to create the boat.

This flat panel method of construction is fast and less expensive than the traditional CNC machined foam plug/mold method. It's also very strong and according to Ricks computer simulations, just as efficient as a compound curved hull.

With the two hatches on the roof, I will be able to sit up on the top deck

or kneel on the sea-anchor locker which is behind my seat to
deploy the sea anchor or a drogue

The aft top deck hatch also makes it easy to enter the sleeping cabin

Another 'living position' is to sit on the sea anchor locker top and
look out through the aft top deck hatch

After the seat is rotated out of the way, I can stand up
through the sliding pilot hatch

There is a hatch separating the cockpit and sleeping cabin

This view shows the sleeping cabin hatch open and resting
on top of the sea anchor locker

A view into the sleeping cabin. There is a rear port light window to
see behind, and two round port lights on each side.
The monitor that you see hanging down from above is
the AIS radar monitor

This is a view out the front window. The port lights on the sides open IN and DOWN.

There will be enough room to crouch to access the
bow locker and to remove the drive leg

Earthrace has started!!!

Look at this awesome looking beast! It's Pete Bathune's Earthrace - a 100% biodiesel powered wave piercing boat that departed today from Spain on it's way to set a new round the world power boat speed record.

You can follow Earth Race progress here: The race tracking map and data is presented by none other than my buddy Pat Brothers from Racerecon (now Rushdigital).
You can support the record attempt for as little as $10 by buying a nautical mile at the Earthrace web site.

I just finished reading Pete's best selling book about their first failed attempt to set the record last year. Earthrace - Futuristic Adventures on the High Seas is a GREAT read and I can really identify with how difficult it was for Pete and his team to even make the start line! I think just getting to the start line is more than half the battle.

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5 Responses to “Sneak preview of the new boat!”

  1. # Anonymous Garrie Hill

    Which CADD software are you using to unwrap the surface to create your "developeable surface"?

    Garrie L. Hill  

  2. # Anonymous Guus Bonnema

    Hi Greg,

    The boat is tremendous! And also tremendously professional....

    I must have skipped a few sessions, cause I have no idea why the old boat had to go (I will check though).

    Although I like the new boat, for some dark reason, I had grown attached to the old one.

    Maybe because it "eyed" just a little bit less professional with the retractable arms and what not.

    It gave me more of a Jules Vernes feeling. The new boat is more like "The next generation".

    Seven of Nine.  

  3. # Blogger Adventures of Greg

    I got a dxf file of the hull as you see it from Stuart. I'm not sure what app he uses

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    looks good but I would look at putting a shaper shape on the top deck ares where you want to sit
    when the waves come crashing down on that flat surface it may slow it down a little  

  5. # Anonymous Nick

    The earthrace had developed some problems with the automatic steering according to the captains blog and had to be manually steered from just shortly before docking at the azores.

    Now looking at the reduction in speed, having left the azores, it looks as though the problem hasn't been corrected or there is a change in local conditions.  

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