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Yesterdays keynote speech at Metafore Corporation here in Calgary at the Palliser Hotel went very well! I was invited to present at Metafore's customer appreciation night 2 months ago.

My messages about not quiting, the importance of having a strong vision in accomplishing your goals, and why being bold about your challenge will give you an edge went over well.


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  1. # Blogger HotPluto

    Greg, sorry I missed your speech but that would have been quite a drive! Do you have any of it on video? If so, I'd like to update your profile with that and other videos on Hot Pluto. Hope you are doing well--gonna have to catch up on your blogs.

    Brett Hill  

  2. # Blogger David Tangye

    Hi Greg, Excellent speech. My impressions: I thought you came across really well. I got the positive impression of an articulate and relaxed athlete, on top of his game, and even if new to public speaking, at least sufficiently relaxed and confident with your subject matter, that the delivery was 'just right': not too "professional and slick". To me, that is a good formula to stay with, as it endears an audience to be "on your side". As you do others, you will relax a little more and enjoy it even more. I did not notice any 'ums' at all, so either you edited some out, or else they were 'natural ums' :-) not 'nervous ums'. Its a bit like riding a bike :-), now that you have presented a couple of times, it will be a breeze for you from now on.


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