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After only 2 days into my Peru trip, I got a text from Ken with the bad news that we got kicked out of the hanger that my friend Steve so kindly offered to us as to build the new ocean crossing human powered boat - Ocean WiTHiN.

I guess the owner of the Citation jet that was hangered in there didn't like the idea of us lugging long 2x4's under the wings of his baby (understandable I guess), so Ken looked around for another space. The cheapest he could find was a full hanger for $1500 per month - no way.

I knew my garage would be the perfect size for this job, so I sold Helen and Krista on the advantages of parking the cars outside for the entire summer. There weren't many advantages and admittedly it was a tough sell.

So, I spend a couple of days and totally GUTTED the garage and my shop, washed the floor, cleaned it all out and made room for the almost 40 foot long, perfectly flat, most awesome panel layup table that Ken had already assembled at the hanger. Ken installed more lights and we are now totally set to get started on the panels! There is room beside the layup table for a jig that will hold the panels in place to form the top and bottom hulls.

I've been playing with my 3d model of Stuart's design for WiTHiN to get a better understanding of how my drive leg and keel will be incorporated into the hull. Rick Willoughby wants to use the drive leg bay as a torque tube to transfer the rolling moment from the keel into the hull. My good friend and sponsor George from MitrePak is building the drive leg.

Speaking of 'drive legs', here is a before and after shot of my strange swollen foot after we got back from Peru. My Dr. friend Chad thinks it was swelling due to extreme altitude changes and sitting on a plane for 10 hours. It was fine the next day, and I was able to get right back into my ultra marathon training program, so no worries.

The training is going good - no injuries to speak of so far. I'm handling the volume OK. This week I did a 4 hr run on Saturday, 3.5 hr run on Sunday, 1 hr yesterday and I'm off to do a 3 hr run today. I have the Police half marathon to run this Saturday, and I'll probably be running it TWICE - the first time as fast as I can, and the second time in survival mode.

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3 Responses to “New space”

  1. # Blogger Garrie

    I don't know about Canada; but here in the USA garage floors ARE NOT FLAT. They deliberately have a mild pitch and curvature to let water drain out of the door. If your table top is depending upon registration with the floor to be flat, you may have a problem. You will need to actually check the table top ( transit and level would work well for this) to see how flat it is. Ask me how I know all this ;-)

    Garrie L. Hill  

  2. # Blogger Adventures of Greg

    Hey Garrie. We know that and Ken built the table with various sized blocks under the legs to make it level.  

  3. # Anonymous Alex

    Out of interest what were the advantages,? I'm trying to persuade Woman that a garage is not a store for cars but instead a store for bikes, trikes, and unicycles all nicely on the ground and not dangling from the roof where I can't get to them. Maybe you've cracked the secret?  

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