my x-wing starfighter cockpit

We got the seat panels inserted into the expedition boat and just as a double check, I placed my recumbent seat onto the carbon seat panel and used the cranks and drive from Critical Power 2 to check where the pedals will be. It all fit perfectly.

We also got the port light (windows) holes cut out of the cabin top, so we placed the top onto the hull while I sat in the seat. For a moment, I was ready launch a plasma bomb to destroy the death star from my X-wing fighter starfighter cockpit seat. Then I confirmed that nothing interfered with the pedal revolution (it's a human power X-wing) and checked the view out the windows (making sure that the horizon from my eye level was mid-window). All worked perfectly according to plan. Whew! Exciting!!!

I joked with Ken that I want to get the hugest bank of flashing lights and switches and gauges filling up both of those arm rests. Of course, they would do nothing, but how cool would that look!


6 Responses to “my x-wing starfighter cockpit”

  1. # Blogger Elrey

    Looks like you can always make a living as a purse seiner if the economy goes down the shitter, after all.

    It's sweet seeing something in the flesh that you have just dreamed about, materialized, eh?  

  2. # Blogger john

    That thing looks shit hot Greg! It's gonna rip! I'm sure you can't wait to test it! All the best! Yes you can!  

  3. # Blogger angel

    Hi Greg,

    Great job. She looks beautiful!!


  4. # Anonymous Buzz

    You better notify the CIA of your intentions when you make the crossing. If they see that thing on a satellite image, they will aim the death ray at you for sure. It looks amazing!  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    when you don't ned it any more I would like to put an outboard motor on it  

  6. # Blogger Brian

    Greg, I don't see any channels cut in the bottom of the cross members to allow for the movement of water within your boat. Are they just not visible in your pics, or are they missing? Without them, the condensation that forms within the areas will form some extra ballast for you, along with mold, mildew and rot...

    Best of luck!  

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