WiTHiN is off the stand

WiTHiN upside down on a new stand. The bleeder protective covering has now been removed from the hull bottom

As far as big jobs go for right now, all that is left is building the drive leg / keel bay, carbon taping the exterior seems, and joining the cabin top. Paint & body work, sealing in ports and hatches, and installing hardware, steering, electronics, etc all happens after paint and body work.

Since the WiTHiN designer Stuart Bloomfield has been swamped with other work lately and hasn't had time to complete the drawings for the drive leg bay (a square box that also acts as a torque tube and will hold the drive leg and the keel), we need to find other jobs to do, so we removed the hull from the jig stand and rolled it out onto the drive way to finish up the exterior carbon taping.

Ken is filling the gaps between panels on the hull with epoxy / micro

My daughter Krista shot this awesome photo at the Grand Canyon

We had a great vacation in Vegas with the kids. Helen and I aren't gamblers, but we love the shows and hotels right now are super cheap. We took the kids to see Jersey Boys, Cirq, Blue Man Group, Lion King and Phantom. We also took a day and hit the Grand Canyon. It was over 43 degrees C each day - ugh!

Me on the nocom lowracer sporting my new summer hair cut
After the Sinister 7 ultramarathon a few weeks ago where I dropped out at 120 km, I searched for another 100 miler for this fall that fit into our summer schedule, but the races that I found were either full or the dates didn't work. So, I have decided to hang up my running shoes for this season and dust off the cycling shoes and it my cycling training big. I want to do a big training / testing trip in WiTHiN in fall / winter, so I want to be physically ready for it.

Helen and I are going to cycle 100 km to Banff tomorrow for our anniversary, then back on Sunday. I'm taking the new NoCom with the old BOB trailer on the back. It's a funny image - that NoCom is probably one of the fastest bikes in the world and it will be hauling about 50 pounds of clothes and gear on an old trailer that has seen many great days of touring!

Nocom lowracer with a BOB trailer


6 Responses to “WiTHiN is off the stand”

  1. # Blogger Elrey

    I've had that feeling, too, with my grotty ol' BOB off the back. Black and rust, my favorite color scheme.  

  2. # Blogger "the Dude"

    re. trailers, there's a guy here with a regular road bike but with a long extended trailer that doubles as a hammock, without changing anything Thought that was some clever home-made engineering, just add a tent fly and food and head for the road.  

  3. # Blogger Elrey

    This post has been removed by the author.  

  4. # Blogger Elrey

    A small pictoral comment on the value of a trailer to safety is found here:  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    ACTually that Nocom with Bob looks kinda cool! Perhaps a composite fairing bolted on would complete it....  

  6. # Anonymous Guy Gilbert


    I would just mention one thing to engineer in this project, I suppose.... This long and fast shape will make very easy to begin surfing very fast on waves, a thing to avoid, even if it looks funny. This because a rolling can be catastrophic. I personnally think you should have a fast break for these situations, not only a floating anchor. Perhaps a kind of flap under the boat, or on the sides???  

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