Ready for the water!

Hatches & port lights on, not painted yet, no electronics, no equipment - still TONS to do, but she is ready to see water for the first time!

This is a view from inside the cockpit facing the stern. You can see the cabin hatch which is open to the side (like a door). This position allows me to sit in a variety of positions - on the seat back storage bin hatch (white hatch cover) with my legs in the cabin and head out the cabin top hatch, or facing the other way. It also allows me to easily crawl into the cabin.

The Lewmar port lights are mounted temporarily for the lake test. I wanted to get a feel for visibility through them, fresh air, operation, etc. So far, it feel really good - very comfortable and functional. I have a really great view all around me.

The is a shot from yesterday - vacuum bagging the cabin top onto the hull

Here is Manny's amazing work. Yes the keel bulb is on backwards - a small error which we will fix next week.

Manny's propeller designed by Rick Willoughby

Keel bulb

Inside the cockpit facing forward. We have not yet finished the carbon seems as you can see by the openings at the front port light.

The pilot hatch

Drive leg & prop slides into a tapered hole in the hull.


3 Responses to “Ready for the water!”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Compared to the first boat, this one looks a lot heavier.

    Can you pedal this for any great distance before becoming exhausted by the exertion?  

  2. # Blogger David Tangye

    What a wild looking craft - a real thoroughbred! Love the drive-train and leg - a really nice setup. Good luck with the first tests.  

  3. # Blogger Lee Purdum Lehman

    This craft looks stellar! The adversity you'll face will be the real test. You've come so far, Greg. I'm proud of you.  

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