Well - here she is all freshly painted. FINALLY. Ken and I hauled the boat to U-wrench in Calgary where we rented their paint booth for a few hours. Typical of the kind of good luck that seems to follow this project around, when Ken was in the auto body supply shop asking questions about paint, he met Chuck from Hoodlum Customs who was also buying supplies. When Chuck learned about PedalTheOcean, he offered to shoot the paint for us!

Chuck did a great job, but I can't decide if I actually like the paint color or not. It's not what Ken and I had specified and I think the paint shop we purchased the paint from didn't provide exactly what we had asked for. Inside under florescent lights it looks sort of copper - like a penny. Outside in the sun, it looks more orange. It's supposed to have pearl in it, and you can see some pearl in the paint can, but I don't see any pearl on the boat at all.

I'm hoping once we add decals and stickers and everthing else it will look better.

We have two weeks to finish - the home stretch!!!!!

WiTHiN in the U-Wrench paint booth

Chuck from Hoodlum Customs

Chuck shooting primer. WiTHiN looked like a gray battleship


7 Responses to “Painted!”

  1. # Blogger john

    Never know, that color might even be a little easier on the eyes!  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I would have gone with the most visible color known. I made the point once in the beginning that this vessel is one tiny little thing out in the ocean. You want to be seen. On radar and with the naked eye. It can help to avoid being run over.
    I don't understand painting it a color that will blend in with the water at times. This is not a fashion show. You wanted pearl in it? When the saltwater gets through with it, the pearl color will be the last thing on your mind.
    ANSI Yellow. Just saying.  

  3. # Blogger Frank Eeckman

    Looks great. I guess the pearl part can be seen when the sun hits it. It does reflect a lot of light and that is good. I also think the contrast with the water is good.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Why was the underside not painted orange? If the boat capsizes and remains that way, such as may happen if the keel breaks off, the underside is what the search craft will see..  

  5. # Blogger Adventures of Greg

    The bottom of the hull is painted with Antifoul paint and that is black.  

  6. # Blogger olmon

    The pearl effect will show up as the paint 'changing' color in different light situations. I've been 'shooting' pearl since the 70s & personally am not that impressed by it, However, it is a big 'thing' and therefore popular. Who can figure???  

  7. # Anonymous JazzyJeff

    often the pearl won't be there unless it gets put through with a gloss then and only then will the pearl be beautiful.  

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