form IS function

If I seem a bit reoccupied with form over function these days, I'm not
really. Ken and I are working our butts off here trying to get the
boat ready for Vancouver island circumnavigation and choosing a paint
color, boat name and logo is all part of what needs to be done and it
is important to me. Make no mistake - The number one consideration
when selecting a color for the boat is pure function - I need to be
easily seen when out on the ocean. This is a very important safety
consideration. But a powerful visual impact has always been an
important aspect of my previous record attempts and it still very much
is with and WiTHiN (or Koa? I'm having second
thoughts on the name Koa, but more on that later).

My primary goal with all of my human powered endeavours is to attract
attention and inspire others to start thinking about using their own
human power. Skyrocketing obesity rates are resulting in health care
costs reaching upwards of 60 billion in the US (5.8 billion in
Canada). The problem is our sedentary lifestyles and the solution is
pretty simple: we need to get active again. I think what our society
really needs these days is others out there doing really cool things
using their own power. Unfortunately most kids today think a guy who
drove a jet powered bicycle 100 mph is way cooler than a guy who won
the Badwater ultramarathon. Check out YouTube for the proof.
I really doubt that the expensive professional paint job on Critical
Power human powered vehicle was necessary to break the 24 hour
distance record. But it got CP and me onto a 2 page spread in popular
Science. It also got me into the 2009 Guinness book of world records,
and Discovery channel, and other media outlets where I have an
opportunity to possibly inspire others to start thinking that maybe it
is kind of cool to do something physical. The kids seem to get it and
a solution to our health issues needs to start with our kids.

And speaking of that - I would like to ask you to donate $50 to my
charity and sponsor 1 mile of my 3000 mile Pacific crossing. Your $50
will buy a brand new bike for a kid who can't afford one. Do you
remember your first bike? I sure do. For the 8 million families who
are living below the poverty line, bikes for their kids are a luxury
they can't afford. Help me make a difference.
It takes only a couple of clicks and any credit card:

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The POWER of visualization

I presented my keynote speech twice to two different groups over the last month - a group of graduating grade 9 students with faces of stone and a local Toast Masters group for their year end luncheon who seemed fascinated and engaged. Boy, life as a motivational speaker really keeps the ego in check! After speaking to the grade 9 students, I was ready to quit. I'm not saying that they didn't enjoy my talk - I'm really not sure. As a rule, when you are 15 years old, and in a group of your peers, you don't show emotion - you don't smile, you don't nod your head, and you certainly don't laugh, especially when an adult is talking to you. So of course, I automatically assume the worse and think they hate me. With that kind of attitude, getting through a 45 minute speech is quite a challenge! I am told that this perception is all in my head, but I can't help it. That sort of goes with the territory - I am only as good as my last performance and unless I have my audience on the edge of their seats - and VISIBLY engaged and entertained, then I have failed.

Thank god for Toast Masters! I was chosen to be their annual year end luncheon keynote speaker this year and their response really gave me that desperately needed shot in the arm. One attendee actually came up to me after my keynote and told me that it was the best speech he had ever heard. Wow. In a discussion afterword, people were sharing their new 'Bold' goals with me and I was DELIGHTED! This is exactly what I aim to achieve from each speech - my objective with every speech is to change your attitude about what you want to accomplish in your life. To convince you that ANYTHING is possible if you believe in yourself. What a thrill it was to for me to see and hear how I might have effected the lives of a few dozen strangers - even in some very small way.

Here is a couple of short video clips from a recent speech I gave to GCA:

In my speech, I talk about the power of a strong, clear vision of your success and how that can actually create it's own reality - sometimes, seemingly without any action on your part. I think when we form these focused visions of our success, they tend to keep us on track and act as our road maps on our journeys. When we form these strong visuals, we make subconscious decisions on our journeys that support our visions. Then our visions come true, and in a way we don't even know how we did it. For many years, my vision was the cover of Popular Science magazine featuring the Cheetah human powered vehicle that had set the world speed record of 68 miles per hour. After one failed attempt in Alabama, I was finally successful in Eureka, Ca and set my own world record by travelling the most distance in 24 hours by human power in my own human powered vehicle which I named Critical Power. My vision had come true - and it came true to an extent that was even a bit freaky. I was astounded when I actually ended up on the cover of that very same magazine - Popular Science. And this happened through no action on my part, or anyone else that I know. That is what a powerful vision can do for you. I got a chance to learn a bit more as to exactly how these magical visions can effect and guide us on our journeys during a walk across a glass platform suspended 4000 feet above the Grand Canyon last week.

Helen and I just got back from a few days in Las Vegas where we took our kids Cody and Krista to a few shows. For me, it was a great chance to relax and recuperate after the brutal 90 mile Sinister 7 ultramarathon. The heat was insane - it was over 110 degrees (43 degrees C) every day! We took a day trip to see the West rim of the Grand Canyon and since we were there, decided to try out the new Sky Walk - a 20 meter glass sidewalk suspended directly over a 4000 foot drop down to the Canyon floor. It was pretty cool.

But what was really cool - to me anyhow, was how I felt as I walked across the glass floor. At first it was a bit freaky, but I soon become adjusted and walking across the glass platform while looking directly down 4000 feet to the canyon floor became quite 'normal'. However, it changed when I suggested that we stand on the side of the platform over a beam and 'pretend' that we were standing on a ledge looking down through the glass to the bottom of the canyon. Now, I suggested that we imagine having to jump 4 feet across the glass to the beam on other side of the platform. Wow - that was VERY difficult to do. Suddenly, everything was different and the glass was no longer that safe platform it was only seconds earlier.

What changed? We had formed a new VISION, and that new visual image we had created in our minds of standing on the edge of a cliff, risking a fall to our death became our new reality. It was a negative vision that resulted in exaggerating our fears. If a few seconds of imagining ourselves in a very scary situation can have this kind of effect, image what a few months - years - a LIFETIME of imagining ourselves in a successful situation can have!

What is your vision? Have you formed a strong, clear image of your success, and do you reinforce that vision daily with some powerful, focused thought?

I need your help:

One of my objectives with regard to my various adventures and misadventures is to provide content for a speaking career that I am trying to develop. As you can imagine, in this economy, finding work as a keynote speaker is VERY tough - especially for a new speaker like myself.

I just had a conversation with a company that I have hired to improve my Google search ranking for keywords "motivational speaker" and he told me that the most important factor in determining my rank in Google search is the number of links to my site from other web sites.

If you have a web site, please link to my speaking site . If you can do this for me, place a link called "motivational speaker", and link it to my home page Specifically, this is the html code:

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