human powered trans atlantic edpedition in the news

No press yet, but here is some of the recent press coverage of the 24 hour HPV record
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Popular Science Magazine October, 2006

I clearly remember the very first time I saw a human powered streamliner. It was on the cover of Popular Science - The Dexter Hysol Cheetah HPV set a new human powered sprint speed record by going 68.73 mph. I remember being absolutely amazed by the photo of the Cheetah on the cover. It was so cool! I immediately thought that someday I wanted to build one of those and set a speed record myself.

Full circle hey? Not only did I build a human powered streamliner and set a world record with it, but the cosmos thought it fitting that my original inspiration be FULLY realized, by sticking me on the cover of Popular Science.

HPV news July/August 2006

The Eureka Reporter

Eureka Times Standard

Eureka Reporter

Calgary Herald

There was no coverage in the Calgary Sun due to a very big competing story that made the front page.
An enormous Candian guy wins the Belly Flop World Championships (serious).

Web-based news:

Solid Works Press Release

Eureka Reporter

CHQR radio 1 2

US Department of Energy

Reliable Plant Magazine

CFD review

Press from the Glenmore media event in Calgary (2005):
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Calgary Herald, Oct 20, 2005

Calgary Sun, Oct 17, 2005

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