"Within-24" Human Powered Boat - prototype phase 1

This is 'Within-24', the first phase of the human powered prototype boat designed for a human powered trans Atlantic record attempt.

Within-24 will be used to attempt to set a new 24 hour human powered boat recordon June 2 to June 3, 2007 at Glenmore Reservoir in Calgary Alberta. The only difference between Within-24 and the full prototype boat is this version does not feature the full enclosed deck. There is a partial, soft deck that covers the bow and stern.

It is based on a Nimbus Hyak tandem kayak which is 19 feet long by 28" wide. The kayak deck has been removed and the custom soft deck will be temporarilly fastened to the kayak hull. The boat is propelled by pedals that turn a chain that runs down to a right angle gear box which spins a 2 blade propeller.

Stability should be similar to the original Nimbis sea kayak, but because Greg's legs are higher than when in a sea kayak, the outriggers may be required during less that perfectly calm conditions.

At 150 watts of input power, 80 rpm, our predicted speed will be about 10 kph. The boat speed calculator excel file is here: Boat Speed Calculator

This image shows the partial bulkheads in Within-24 before the deck covering. The compartment in the nose (bow) and stern (tail) will be filled with expanding foam to provide Within with enough buoyancy to not sink. The seat is adjustable and the prop rotates out of the water for servicing and beaching.

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