Be a sponsor of the trans Atlantic human powered expedition!

A human powered ocean crossing is a fairly expensive proposition, but not without some pretty attractive benefits to a potential sponsor.

I estimated total PR value of my HPV 24 hour record attempt adventure to be in excess of 8 to 10 million viewers. That includes Popular Science Magazine with a total circulation of about 7 million, local news coverage which included both TV, newspapers and magazines as well as international press and TV plus dozens of web sites. The long term count could reach as high as 15 to 20 million with mention of the world record in books now being published, more web sites linking to the AOG site, continued growth of the AOG web site and longer term 'feature story' type of public relations efforts.

The human powered Atlantic crossing is a much larger project than the HPV record, and as such, should generate much more world-wide, national and local attention. I will be focusing on national and international press coverage, both long before the actual ocean crossing, and during the expedition.

A major sponsor of this project will take advantage of preferential logo placement on the human powered ocean boat, the name of the boat, logos featured on the AOG web site, and branded clothing worn by me during photo shoots and TV interviews.

If you are interested in becoming involved with this ambitious and exciting project, then please contact me!

Greg Kolodziejzyk

I have a list of equipment and supplies that I require. If your company can offer assistance in any way (like donating equipment or supplies), here is what I can offer you in return:

1. A series of high res photographs and video clips of your product being used in the 'extreme' ocean environment while on the expedition which the sponsor could use as content for various advertising and promotional campaigns.
2. A testimonial from me regarding the applicability of your product and it's use during the expedition.
3. I managed to get quite a bit of press coverage for the 24 hour HPV record including the cover of Popular Science magazine, and I plan to aggressively seek as much publicity as possible for the Atlantic Expedition. A major sponsor would definitely benefit from that kind of PR exposure. Imagine your logo on the side of Critical Power HPV in Popular Science Magazine that is distributed to over 7 million people!
4. Web site advertising content like the image shown above that the sponsor can take advantage of now, rather than waiting until I do the crossing.

Here are my current partners:

Nimbus Kayaks, inc.

Nimbus Kayaks is providing a Hyak Tandem Kayak that will be used as a base for the prototype human powered boat.

Trimble Corporation

Trimble is providing a Recon rugged PDA. These PDA hand held computers are absolutely incredible! Water proof and shock proof - perfect for an ocean crossing. I will be using the PDA to run a GPS with navigation software, and to BLOG text, photos and video web updates to the web site via a satellite phone. Trimble is sponsoring the expedition with TWO PDA's a primary and a backup.

Check out this video of the Recon PDA being
thrown down concrete stairs and run over by a tank!

Fugawi Marine ENC.

Fugawi Marine is providing GPS marine navigation software that will work with the GPS and Recon PDA computer.

Rugged Technologies, incorporated

Rugged Technologies is providing three of their top of the line water proof Cool series keyboards. The keyboard will plug directly into the USB port of the Recon.

TCR Sport Lab

TCR Sport Lab offers a comprehensive range of services provided by highly trained and well informed coaches to support both the high performance elite and recreational athlete. I am looking forward to working with Cory Fagan on both testing and training to get ready for the Atlantic record attempt.

Amazing Voice

Amazing Voice's mission is to provide an excellent voice over recording service, delivering outstanding quality exceptionally fast & conveniently. They benefit from a large pool of professional voice talent that is prepared to assist enhancing any organization's image. Amazing voice provided the voice talent for the Pedal The Ocean Expedition video.

Race Recon Expedition Management

RaceRecon will be providing expedition support and expertice. I choose RaceRecon because they have some experience with expeditions of this type (see Crossing The , around Austraila paddle expedition , circumnavigating Peurtico by kayak and one more very large expedition around Greenland which has not been announced yet), but mostly because Pat is a guy I can really relate to. He is a sub 10 hour Ironman triathlete and is a total geek like me. He digs watts and spreadsheets and aerodynamics and is a pretty decent web designer. He also 'gets' it when it comes to what we need to do to provide value to a sponsor and how adventure expeditions can be run like a business.

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