Pedal The Ocean Expedition Team

Greg Kolodziejzyk
Executive Director & Expedition Leader


Pat Brothers
Expedition Management & Corporate Sponsor Advisor


I graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics/Comp Sci) before joining the Military as an Army Officer. I fulfilled a number of high risk operational roles including planning and conducting parachute, reconnaissance and sniper operations.

After ten years in the military and several operational tours I pursued a career in Management Consulting working for Deloitte Touche Tohmastu helping some of the world's largest businesses solve their toughest problems. In 2006, I graduated from the Australian Graduate School of Management with an MBA and started RaceRecon.

RaceRecon is fast becoming a world class institution with clients in Greenland, Peurto Rico, the US, Canada, UK and of course Australia. We have five staff based in Australia and the US who are all passionate about human performance and endurance.

Rick Willoughby
Human Powered Boat Design and Engineering Adviser


I graduated in engineering from the University of Queensland, Australia and have worked in the Australian mining industry or associated businesses since graduating.

My interest in boats stems from a long family association with the sea. My father, grandfather and great grandfather all made a living sailing and navigating boats and small ships. Consequently I have been involved with work boats and pleasure boats my entire life.

I sold my last yacht 15 years ago as my immediate family had little interest in yachts. After selling the yacht I began building model yachts to test hull designs with a view to designing a yacht for my retirement. In 2002 I decided to build a small human powered boat. My aims were to experiment with propulsion systems and hull design at a scale that I could actually use on the water.

I have built twelve boats over tha last 5 years and have gradually improved my knowledge base and design tools such that I can now design and engineer HPBs with a degree of precision. This enables accurate performance prediction and more reliable operation while being able to evaluate the merit of different options without actually testing the idea at full scale.

Helen Kolodziejzyk
Associate Director
Expedition Accountant
Nutrition Advisor


Ben Eadie
Documentary Director
Computer Modeling Advisor
Human Powered Boat Fabrication Advisor
Shop Assistant


Theresa Lor
KidPower School Speaking Program Director


I graduated from University of Calgary with a BA in Economics and Minor in Management. I went on to work for Greg at Image Club Graphics and then for the same group through various different ownership arrangements. Including Aldus, Adobe, Eyewire and Getty. I did a variety of functions from Accounting and Office management to specializing in HR and Payroll. After a few years off at home with my kids, I worked for iStockphoto, back in the digital content arena, again doing accounting, HR and Payroll. I retired from istock about a year ago and have been Greg's number one fan at various Ironman and HPV events. My background working with schools includes 2 years as School CounciI Chair and Vice Chair, as well as 6 years of general volunteering at my kids schools and church organizations. My boys are 8 and 10 years old and I am certain that they will make the right life choices given the awesome role models in my family.

Carol Short
North American Corporate Sponsor Liaison


I graduated from my Calgary home University, Uof C with a B.Comm., Finance major. I have 20 years business experience, across various industries while specializing in Information Technology Quality Management. I deal with all levels of organization and work with various industry, vendor, regulatory and governance groups.

As for the meaningful stuff, I have a hubbie, 10 yr old boy and a boxer (dog)!

I love to cook and travel, I like to be active (have to be active) and enjoy running. I have run 4 marathons and qualified for the Boston marathon at each one. My next goal is to actually get to Boston and run the race!

I am very team oriented and I am very happy to be apart of Greg’s team, looking forward to working with you all.

Matt Hoffman
Documentary Talent
Documentary Content Advisor
Documentary Cameraman
General Assistant


Stefan Dalberg
Events Director (24 hour record event)
Training Facility Advisor
Shop Assistant


2000 - Sailed to Australia from Anacortes, WA. - Travel time 4 months; 38 foot Beneteau with 4 people total
2003 - Western Canada Games - Gold Medal in Sailing; Laser
1998 - 2004 - Stints as Provincial Champion in Laser Class
2005 - Canada Games - 4th in Sailing; Laser
2005 - Member of 2-man team; first documented to navigate West Coast of Vancouver Island in a modern 14 foot sailboat unassisted; duration 3 weeks

Stefan has aspirations to to break world ice speed record (240km/hr) which has stood for 60+ years. He is currently a Contract and Lease Analyst in the Oil and Gas sector, with his free time consumed by running a consulting business which specializes in anything from boat repair/construction to supplying specialized talent in the film industry.

Christina Panagiotopoulos
Childhood Obesity Adviser


Cory Fagan
Physiological Sports Technician


Stevie Smith
Human Powered Ocean Crossing Advisor


Greg Spooner
Ocean Rowing Advisor


As part of team OAR Northwest, in Summer 2006 Greg became not only the first American, but the first EVER to row across the North Atlantic Ocean from mainland USA to mainland UK. In Spring 2009, Greg departs on his next expedition: a transcontinental river trek from New York to Nome, Alaska, recreating the 1936 search for the Northwest Passage.

Until then, Greg is currently studying toward a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington.

Leven Brown
Ocean Rowing Advisor


Robert Hurrell
Support Boat Advisor


1978 spent a year cycling to Isreal from the UK and living on a Kibutz.

Trained as an Instrument Engineer with British Petrolium and spent the next 15 years working on North Sea oil rigs and oil instalations in the Middle East.

When we got married we bought a 46ft wooden sailboat and lived on it for 14years cruising in Europe, The Mediteranean, The Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean sailing over 20,000 miles.

We have lived on the small 5 square mile Island of Saba in the Caribbean for 15 years and have worked as Diving Instructor, Delivery skipper, Ferryboat captain of 65ft wave piercing Cat, and last 8 years as commercial fisherman for Lobsters. Over 100,000 miles at sea.

Interests are sea kayaking, sailing, amateur boat building, modelboats and sailplanes and running the local sea scout group.

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