Jan 13

Jan 13, 2004

Got out for my first real good haul in the lowracer today. It was warm - around 7 degrees C and a bit windy. I drove out to a flat stretch of Highway 22 and did an out and back run using the SRM meter. I added a DATA page to the site where I will start to record watts data for all future versions of the lowracer, the M5, and my tri bike. The SRM will be an invaluable tool for controlling the testing environment to compare various modifications to the fairing, and comparing efficiencies between the lowracer and other bikes such as my road bike, and the bench mark 7 world record holder: the M5. As I mentioned before, it would be my preference to use an indoor facility like the Olympic Oval, but that might no be possible. Second best alternative to the Oval is the Glenmore velodrome, but since it's outside, I have to wait until spring to use it. Third option is outside on an out-and-back flat course. That will be highway 22. Anyhow - I'll start compiling data now using the highway on good days.

One complaint - I got sprayed pretty bad in the eyes and face with dirt and dust from the chain and the gear cluster spinning 24 inches from my face. Need to cover that whole thing up or wear a face mask with windshield wipers. Another concern is on my back trip I was in the highest gear going about 40 kph with the wind. If I were pushing 200 watts, I would be spinning way too much. I need to add more gears some how....

The watts data page is at the top of the HPV index called "SPEED DATA"

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