Jan 16

Jan 16, 2004

Got out for some more watts testing today. Froze my fingers off and fell over once resulting in a cut-up right arm. Ouch!

It looks like at 150 watts of power, my lowracer is as fast, if a tiny bit faster than the M5. At 200 watts, so far, my lowracer is about 1km/hour slower. I need more data to rule out weird wind effect, and temperature, etc. My feeling at this point is that the homebuilt is equally as fast as the M5. If the weather holds out, I'd like to add some data for 250 watts for both bikes, 150, 200 and 250 watt data for the triathlon bike, and the home built lowracer with the trike extension (to see exactly what kind of penalty adding the third wheel causes).

The watts data is here

On other news, I have asked to use the Olympic Ovals 400 meter track in the morning once a week for watts testing. I'm feeling that a more controlled environment will allow me to better test the HPV at higher speeds without having to do such long runs and without having to deal with weather, the cold, wind and highway traffic. They got back to me today and asked if I could put together a presentation for a managers meeting next week.

Here is my current to-do list:

1. Do 150, 200 and 250 watt tests with Triathlon bike

2. Do 150, 200 and 250 watt tests with lowracer with trike extension

3. Add an additional 200 watt test for both the M5 and the lowracer

4. Build a 20" front drive wheel and test it on the lowracer.
If it seems to work ok without increasing the height of the intermediate drive cluster, or hamper handling, then rebuild the entire front end. Repeat all watts testing with the new large wheel. (Larger wheel = less rolling resistance and longer tire life)

5. Learn the software for designing a rear fairing (Tail Box) and get company to make a test fairing.
Run the test fairing through a series of watts tests on the lowracer.

Watts testing on Highway 22


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