Jan 23

Jan 23, 2004

The weather has been holding out, so I did some speed runs with my triathlon road bike to compare speeds to the lowracers and also to get some idea of the kind of watts I need to produce in order to make my goal time at Ironman.

First - the encouraging news - the lowracers (both my homebuilt and the M5) are WAY faster than the road bike. So the theory about recumbent bikes being more efficient than upright bikes is true - at least for a laid back lowracer recumbent. Check out the speed data page:


As you can see, at 150 watts, my lowracer averages just over 31 km/hr and the road bike averages only 29 km/hr. At 200 watts of power, the lowracer averages 35.5 km/hr and the road bike averages just under 33 km/hr. In fact, to average 35 km/hr, it took a whopping 250 watts of effort on the road bike and only 200 on the lowracer. This is encouraging.

The unfortunate news is my earlier estimate on the kind of effort it would take to produce 40 km/hr average on my triathlon bike was very wrong. It looks like I'm going to have to make somewhere around 270 watts (or more)! So, according to my estimates, to make my goal Ironman bike split of 5.25 hours, I will need to average 230 to 240 watts. To be honest, I'm no where near there now. Just doing 8 minutes at 250 watts was an effort. My heart rate strap wasn't working (need batteries?), so I don't really know where my heart rate was at, but according to a LT test I did with Cal the other day, to produce 250 watts my heart rate was in the high 150's - I need it to be in the 140's. Hopefully more bike intervals will get me there before Ironman Cda in June.

Here is a 3D rendering of what the HPV might look like with a fairing (now called a 'streamliner')

Here is a quick time video

I spent the last few days creating a short "Trans-Canada HPV record attempt" introduction video. I sent a copy to the Olympic Oval as an attempt to convince them that they need to support this project and let me use the facility for speed testing. Hope it helps.

If you are interesting in getting a copy of the video - let me know. I'd be happy to mail one to you. If anyone is actually reading this!

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