Feb 16

Feb 16, 2005

Paint Concept

Finishing these wheel fairings is taking a really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really long time. And by that I mean that is it taking really long.

But, I'm almost there. I just finished popping the last part out of it's mold and all I need to do now is trim them, bond them together, cut holes for the wheels, axle mounts, and cut and mold pockets for the disc brakes to fit into.

Then it is off to the paint shop (Streetheat who did such an awesome job with the custom Scion paint job)

The Rocket - the worlds first human powered hot rod!

It's about time us diesel-challenged types had something cool - I mean the sexy, bitchin kind of cruising in style cool. It's a statement I want to make about why we feel the necessity to attach massive gobs of horse power to our sports cars. With rising fuel prices, dwindling natural resources, ozone depletion, global warming and air pollution, our reliance on fossil fuels needs to be moderated.

But more important than being ecologically correct, we need to make some serious and drastic changes to our growing tendency to avoid physical activity! With increasing waist sizes, skyrocketing obesity rates, rising health care costs due to physical inactivity and lack-luster energy levels due to our relatively poor state of fitness, we could sure benefit from getting our asses out of the bucket seat and onto a bike seat more often!!

Introducing the worlds first human powered hot rod:

* 200 watt digital sound system featuring a 30 gig iPod, 8" subwoofer and 3 PolyQuest LiPoly rechargeable battery packs.
* Remote controlled sliding lexan canopy cover
* 20 watts of flashing high intensity LED rear safety lamps
* About .25 horse power (cruising)
* Top speed approximately twice as fast as a mountain bike at the same effort level (flat road).

Well - that's the plan at this point. Since crossing Canada in this version of the rocket isn't going to happen for reasons listed in a previous post, I figured it would be fun to go all-out and make this the coolest human powered vehicle ever - And hopefully at the same time direct some awareness to the world of human powered vehicles as a viable and fun means of transportation.

With that said - I need your help. Please vote on your favorite paint scheme by sending me an email greg@justgreg.com indicating the number of your preference, and/or any comments you would like to offer.

1. Short flames, yellow to red

2. Short flames, silver

3. The metallic flake is probably a bit exaggerated on these renderings

4. Same as above, but back wheel fairings

5. Extended flames with silver wheel fairings

6. Extended flames with black wheel fairings

7. More flame extension

8. Extended flames, yellow to red

9. Extended flames, yellow to red with black wheel fairings

10. Extended flames, red

11. Flamed wheel fairings

12. Red wheel fairing

13. Two-tone red flames

14. Two-tone yellow flames

14. Two-tone yellow flames


1. Strut slot sliders - Simplify to a folding cover
2. Canopy Bubble - make a sliding convertible top
3. Front wheel well - Make glass version
4. Wingnuts for fairing mounts
5. Electrical - rechargable battery with a panel with switches for rear strobe and front headlight
6 Add a second front caliper brake
7. Make a portable wind trainer using the (mini-rollers)
8. Look into painting the fairing
9. Find a helmet that fits in the bubble
10. Add second brake
11. Install sound system
12. Rear add-on lighting system

TOTAL distance on TCR1
866 km

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