Feb 18

Feb 18, 2005

Paint concept results

Thanks for voting for your paint scheme preference. Here are the results:

Overwhelmingly, you chose the blended flamed concept, but many of you suggested that the nose area should be colored and the rear area black - the more traditional flame look. Personally, I like the reverse, as it's a bit different than every other flame job out there which always feature red flames on black.

Also some of you wanted to see some other color choices aside from yellow, so, I have a new choice task for you. Please email me with your preference out of these FINAL choices:

1. Black on Red

2. Red on Black

3. Yellow

4. Orange

5. Green

6. Blue

7. Purple


1. Strut slot sliders - Simplify to a folding cover
2. Canopy Bubble - make a sliding convertible top
3. Front wheel well - Make glass version
4. Wingnuts for fairing mounts
5. Electrical - rechargable battery with a panel with switches for rear strobe and front headlight
6 Add a second front caliper brake
7. Make a portable wind trainer using the (mini-rollers)
8. Look into painting the fairing
9. Find a helmet that fits in the bubble
10. Add second brake
11. Install sound system
12. Rear add-on lighting system

TOTAL distance on TCR1
866 km

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