Feb 21

Feb 21, 2004

I discovered something pretty cool today. I've been messing around with some various designs that would give me a larger front wheel, as I am not happy with my puny drive wheel due to a few concerns:

1. Larger wheels have less rolling resistance
2. Small wheels wear out faster (tires, bearings, etc)
3. I can't get enough gears for faster speeds when I add a fairing.

Example of a completely horizontal steering axis - note a full steer simply tilts the bike to one side and provides no turning at all

The general idea here is to steer by leaning from side to side. The seat and entire front wheel and drive assembly pivots on an axis resulting in a turn. My first attempt at this was wrong - but accidentally really cool. The pivot is parallel with the ground and actually does nothing to turn the wheel - you go straight, but leaning sideways. If I engage my old front wheel steering mechanism, you can turn corners and the bike leans into the turn like a two-wheeler. It feels really neat and might have some application if I could lock-out the pivot for stability when moving slowly or during cross-wind situations.

However, this isn't really what I'm after because I really want to do away with the front wheel steer so I can replace my tiny front wheel with a nice big 650 - so, it's back to the drawing board. Next version will have the pivot angled to provide a standard trail.

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