March 7

March 7, 2004


This doesn't work at all. I wanted to remove the two rear wheels from the pivot trike and replace them with a single wheel just to see if it was ridable. It isn't.

After about 15 minutes of trying to stay upright, I gave up and figured that if it's that difficult to learn how to steer and balance, then it's probably not worth it.

I'm not sure you can see this from the photo, but the front wheel, peddles, gears and seat are all connected together as one solid assembly. The rear wheel is part of the two triangles on each side of the seat. The two assemblies connect together with a pivot (directly above where my stomach would be) that allows the entire front assembly to sway (turn or pivot) right and left to steer the vehicle. Unfortunately, with only two wheels rather than three, that 'swaying' must also balance the vehicle and that doesn't work very well at all.

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