Mar 09

March 9, 2006

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Superior Paint and Auto Body did a fantastic job with the paint job. It's a pearl - metallic yellow on the fenders and top shell with a flat black on the bottom half and gloss back frame. Everything looks great! The gloss paint does a super job (believe it or not) of actually hiding the minor wobbles in the fairing shell. I am very happy.

Now I need to install the flashing high intensity LED safety lights in both tail fins, do something for a seat cushion, and get to the sound system! I have not finished the build because some special yellow brake and derailleur housings I ordered from Branford Bike, aren't here yet and I'm pissed off. I have made this mistake before - don't know why I have not learned my lesson. I found exactly what I was looking for at Branfords web site, sent them an email asking about inventory and back-ordering. I was told that everything I needed was in stock and could be shipped immediately. I used their on-line order page, and specified that the items need to be shipped by UPS air and that I would pay whatever it costs. Well, they shipped it all by freaking USPS slow boat to china. Typically - we're talking 3 to 4 weeks to get stuff from as close as Montana to Calgary using Lances courier. I was thoroughly pissed when I found this out, but all I ever get back from Branford is an email stating: "Thanks for your business, we ship by USPS". Oh - also, the entire order that was supposedly in stock is missing an item (some pedal taps) because they were out of stock and back ordered.

The windshield is marked and scratched - I think it is Lexan, but I'm not positive. I'll need to contact Zzipper Road Fairings and ask them how to re-surface/clean it. I have some plastic polish, but I don't think it's supposed to work with Lexan...

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