March 17

March 17, 2005

New lowracer prototype misdirection

Above: A short video of the lever and push rods

This looks really cool, and functions absolutely great! Functions perfectly on the bike stand, but when I try to actually ride it, it's virtually impossible to ride.

Here is the concept:

Again, a good idea on paper, but a crappy idea in the real world I think. Here are some additional pictures:

Above: A close up of the rod ends and the steering lever.

Basically, that front 700 wheel is WAY too big to steer enough to balance and the addition of the rear wheel steering doesn't help one bit.

I am afraid that this little experiment is over - I will return to the drawing board and approach this problem with some more conventional solutions. I may stick with the mono head tube placed below the gear cassette, but I think to get the turn radius I need, I'll probably add a pulley above the gears so the chain will be in line with the steering axis. This should also move the chain out of the way of the wheel.

I still want to try for a 650 front wheel. Hopefully I can get the wheel back enough such that it won't collide with the chain ring. I'm going to use Rob English's Hachi as a guide - he uses two 650 wheels and claims he can do a u-turn on a residential street. I'll have to go back to my computer model as see how much room I have above the wheel, and where my knees are for placement of the intermediate drive or the pulley.

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