March 18

March 18, 2004


TI lowered the seat and moved the rear wheel closer to the front of the bike. The lowering of the seat was accomplished by simply raising when the hub mounts on the two rear wheels. Unfortunately, when I did this, I tilted the front wheel back, raised the cranks and increased the trail by quite a bit.

I took it for a spin today and it felt great. The trail is definitely too much though because now the front wheel (and everything connected to it) wants to flop from side to side - meaning that the bike always wants to turn rather than stay neutral. The turning radius is OK - I could do a U-turn on a WIDE road and had no problem turning corners. It felt a bit unstable when I started to go fast, and I didn't have the guts to do a right hand turn at 15 to 20 kph. It felt like it would tip over. Don't know what to do about that - perhaps make the steering axis angle even shallower? The head tube angle is currently 37 degrees. Bob Rohorn's S'tike is about 30 degrees.

I can move the front wheel forward a bit more and decrease the trail back to 2 to 3 inches. I'm also going to try tilting the seat up to get my head up above my knees where I can see over a fairing. That will get my seat parallel to the steering axis and the seat won't sway from side to side as much which contributes to an unstable turn.

The other change option is to break the frame apart at the join below my seat and make the head tube angle shallower to match the seat angle.

Chnage idea #1: Move seat fwd to reduce trail and tilt seat up to match head tube angle

Change idea #2: Break frame apart and match head tube angle to seat (about 34 degrees)

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