March 23

March 21, 2005

Slow progress

Not because the work is slow going, but because my day is no longer filled with time in the shop. Typically these days, I have a few hours in the morning after computer work to make some progress on the new proof of concept lowracer. Then it's time on my bike - and unfortunately it's all been inside lately due to the weather:

Don't let the tan fool you - the weather here has sucked majorly. It's the drag of all drags to do a 5 hour inside bike ride, but alas, I will be saved from this crap weather. We're heading off to Hawaii next week for a vacation. I'm bringing the bike and I hope to be able to get a couple decent rides in.

Now that the front wheel can turn unobstructed, I need to expand it's frame work, so I spend this morning welding tubes to open the space up. Then I'll cut the others off. I think I'm way over building this - I could probably do it all 1000 times faster if I started from scratch with each rev and just used muffler pipe...

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