April 23

April 23, 2006

The 4 R's - Rested, Recovered and Ready to Rock!

After a fantastic 9 day vacation in Florida with Helen and the kids, I am feeling wonderfully recovered and ready to hit the summer hard!

Here is how the summer is lining up:

1. Police half marathon next Sunday. I'll see how much detraining happened during my recovery / beer week in Florida and try to beat my 90 minute PR from last years Police. I guess I'll have to do some running this week...

2. I am getting the old M5 lowracer ready for 3 months of distance training for another attempt at the 24 record in July. I'm really looking forward to that! I love riding the lowracer and absolutely love logging long, long days in the mountains.

3. I am on a fast track to finishing the work that needs to get done on CriticalPower to ready her for the record run in July. Wheel fairings, hydration-food system, fairing shell paint and finish, etc, etc. Ben is helping, so I should be able to make some pretty decent progress within the next few weeks.

4. I want to drive out to Eureka California in May to drop off CriticalPower at Rob Hitchcocks place and do some test runs on the track. Then I fly home so that when the weather window is good, and my training is in place, I can just fly out and do the attempt.

5. My training should taper off near the end of July and I'll fly out to Eureka and give the 24 another shot.

6. In August, we fly to France for a family vacation / bike / adventure trip touring the Loire Valley Francois-Nicolas has invited me out to compete in the The world HPV championships 2006 which are held from Aug 5th to 11th in Allegre, France. I might head to France earlier, compete in some events at the HPV championships, then meet up with Helen and the kids for the Backroads trip.

7. As soon as I return from France, I need to get my triathlon training back on track!

8. October 21, 2006 is the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii (I still smile when I think of it!!!!!) Ironman Hawaii will complete my summer!

? Somewhere this summer, We need to find some time to get out to the cabin in Montana for a bit, and possibly also a sailing (learning to sale) trip (future adventure?????).

Here are some shots from the Florida trip:

Happy mom.

Happy teenagers and a dad in the background

Disney park and a frozen drink to cool off! It was over 90 every day.

3 days in Saint Petersburg for some beach / lawnchair / tropical drink / sun burn time.

Eat - just like Floridians!

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