April 24

April 24, 2005

Managing to hold it all together and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I finished this 24 hour training week with a personal best at the 2005 Police Half Marathon. My goal for a few years now has been to break the 1:30 barrier and I finally did it. The race went very well and the day was perfect - a high of 17 degrees C and plenty of sunshine. I used my trusty GPS watch so I could nail the exact pace I needed right from the start. I failed to take the time to calculated exactly what that pace was supposed to be and thought that if I averaged a 6:55 minute mile that I would finish in 90 minutes easy. Well, that was wrong, but luckily, I was able to finish with an average pace of 6:53 which brought me down the finishing shoot with only seconds to spare before the clock struck 1:30 !!! Whew! Got lucky there!

First 100 miler of the year

I'm slowly ramping up my training volume to top out at 28 hours a week, 3 weeks out from Ironman and things seem to be going quite well so far. My average swim times are down a bit from last summer, but my bike watts per heart rate (efficiency) is up a bit. Bike endurance isn't nearly there, but I still have 9 weeks of training to go. Running must be a bit better due to the PR half marathon, but you never know what will happen on Ironman day, so I can't really count on any of that.

Not much time to build the new bike though, but I take advantage of a few hours here and there and I am making some slow progress. I know I have been vague regarding the design and purpose of this new speedbike, so I decided to put together some drawings and plans that Ben and I have been working on so you can get a better idea of where I am going with this. I'm calling it the Sandwich Racer, and you'll see why in the photos in an update coming soon.

Here is a typical day for me these days:

I wake up just after the kids leave for school and get myself a cup of coffee and make some oatmeal for breakfast. I enjoy my coffee in front of the computer and do the daily email thing. Then it's into the shop to work on the new sandwich bike for a few hours. By around noon, I am on my road bike and outside for a 3 hour ride - usually to Bragg Creek and back. If it's a Wednesday, then I meet up with my buddy Greg and we ride 100 miles which usually takes about 6 hours including stops, etc. Needless to say, on Wednesday I don't get any work done on the HPV. I get home just in time to take Cody to diving practice at the Talisman center. This is Codys third year of competitive diving and he just earned enough points to compete in his fourth Canadian national championships - this summer in Quebec City. He trains 6 days a week for at least 2 hours a day, so I take advantage of the fantastic training facility that is the Talisman Center and get in an additional 2 hours of training - either running intervals on the indoor 200 meter track, an hour or so on the spin bike or few thousand meters in the Olympic sized pool. We land back at home about 8:00 PM and I eat and crash in front of the TV for the remainder of the evening trying to rehydrate and restock the carb stores.

So you can see why progress on the new bike has been so slow.

My training buddy Greg says 'PEACE' (so does his hair!)

Last weekend, Helen and I took advantage of both kids being away for the weekend (Cody at a diving competition in Regina, and Krista at a band camp in Vancouver), and did our favorite weekend outing - cycling to Banff and staying in a great hotel, trail running in the mountains the next day, then cycling back the third.

Trans Canada Highway and trail running ready

Rimrock Hotel

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