May 10

May 10, 2004

I finally came up with a name!

Over the weekend I rigged up some breaks for the two rear wheels, added a shifter for the intermediate gear and hooked up the SRM watts meter with the intention of taking it out for a watts test today. I woke up this morning to more snow and freezing temps, took one look at the machine and the PERFECT name came to me. This is the "Time-Space Antimatter Discombubulator".

I wanted to take it out to my test road and do an out and back watts test so I could compare the Discombubulators efficiency with it's previous version - the two wheeled lowracer, my Hass delta trike, the M5 lowracer and my road bike. But, mother nature won't have it. Which is a drag because I have a huge Ironman training week ahead of me. Trying to fit in 30 hours of training in when the forecast is calling for snow the entire week is going to be a major bummer starting with my 100 miler training ride scheduled for tomorrow.

I'm not expecting much in the way of aerodynamic efficiency due to all the crap hanging off it, the slightly less than perfect wheel alignment and the wobbliness of the hacked-apart-rewelded frame, but it will be interesting to compare. The watts data table for previous tests is here.

The last test before I start work on the next version will be a speed turn test. I want to be able to crank a hard turn at 20kph and not flip over. Not flipping over would be a feature that might come in handy on the cross Canada record attempt. For the test, I'm thinking of adding an outrigger wheel so I can continue to increase speed until one rear wheel lifts off the ground - then the bike will tip onto the outrigger and save me from a yard sale.

Ready for a good test ride.

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