May 27

May 27, 2005

Exciting news! The Rocket is back from body finishing!!

I am certain that you all have heard of it: "The Kensington Bizarre Bicycle Festival" is of course tomorrow morning (Saturday, May 28), so I had asked Shane at Innovative Wings if he and his crew wouldn't mind finishing up the body work so I can take the Rocket to the parade. I picked it up today and they did a fantastic job!! Very smooth.

The yellow color is just primer - the next step is to send it over to Street Heat for the paint job:

Greg Hannon is working on some super bright 5 watt LED lights for the tail fin and rear wheel fairings. When flashing, I should be good and VISIBLE!!!

The full sliding canopy is not on because it hasn't yet been completely sanded down and primed, but I'm not sure now if I even want to bother with it. The Rocket is just pure fun to ride - especially with the top off. The breeze is very slight - almost nothing at all which means that the air is being deflected over by the wind shield anyhow. In case of rain, I suppose I could add a stretchy cover of something. I'll think about it.

Here are some photos:

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