May 31

May 31, 2004

The TCR1 frame

Well, as luck would have it, 4 weeks from Ironman and I get sick. Wicked, wicked chest cold. However, it has given me a chance to get some serious design work done on the TCR1 (Trans Canada Rocket 1). I've been chained to my desk, my 3D modelling software and a box of Kleenex the last 4 days working with a couple of FANTASTIC guys - Paul Sims of Greenspeed and Bob Rohorn, designer of the S'Trike. These guys really know their trikes and they've been teaching me a ton about this stuff. More images showing the current TRC1 plan can be seen here.

Ben Eadie, a local recumbent enthusiast here in town has kindly offered to help me with some structural analysis of the frame. He's got access to engineering software and a machine shop.

I'd like to get the plan finalized this week and place an order for parts, steel, etc. I would expect a week or two for delivery, then time permitting, I'll start on fabrication. Ironman in Coeur d' Alene is June 27, then we head out to Victoria for a kayaking/camping trip with the kids and our good friends, the Ericksons through the broken islands. So, I hope to have something drivable by around mid-July. Then I'll start work on the first fairing - that should be fun!

This is the COOLEST concept: The idea is brilliant - you use the online calculator to compute how much Carbon Dioxide you emit in a year by entering in how miles you drive, your electricity bill, etc, etc. Then the web page returns the number of trees you need to plant to become "Carbon Neutral". That is, the number of trees that are required to absorb your CO2 emissions and replenish Oxygen. You can 'buy' the trees on-line with your credit card and they will plant them for you in one of their managed forests of your choice.

I love the concept because it's a workable solution for most average people - people who aren't willing or able to give up their vehicles, or make drastic, dramatic changes in their lifestyles in order to be more David Suzuki-like. Something needs to be done about our environment, but a workable solution needs to be easy for people to incorporate into their lifestyles. Start with having them 'pay to play' and that should eventually lead to more environmentally responsible future decisions.

Have a great and green day!


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