June 19

June 19, 2004

Since Ironman is next weekend, I needed to do a quick ride in my race configuration and I wanted to nail my race pace watts and speed so I decided to do some SRM power meter test runs with the Elite. I was surprised at the result!! At 200 watts, the disc rear wheel, aero front rim and aero helmet increased my average speed by over 4 km per hour! That's WAY more than I expected. My race pace is 220 watts and with the aero enhancements, that power input creates 40 km / hour worth of speed. Of course, it will average out much less considering climbs and pauses in peddling, but still - that's a nice cruising speed.

What I was also VERY surprised with is at both 150 watts and 200 watts, the 'aero' Elite was faster than the both the M5 and the Home built lowracer.

I think perhaps there may have been some 'sail' effect due to the disc wheel, as it was a bit windy (around 9 kph winds). That could explain the fast times, as 'theoretically', the lowracers should be faster than the road bike. Or perhaps the temperature difference between the two test dates played a roll in the significant difference?

Vehicle Photo (click for large) 150 Watts 200 Watts 220 Watts 250 Watts
ave speed kph ave speed kph ave speed kph ave speed kph
Home built
31.6 kph 35.6 kph
M5 lowracer 31.3 kph 36.4 kph
Elite Tri Bike 28.9 kph 32.9 kph 35.2 kph
Elite Tri Bike
rear disc wheel
front aero rim
aero helmet, aero water container
33.9 kph 37.7 kph 40 kph 41.1 kph
Lean steer trike 27.3 kph

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