Aug 13

August 13, 2005

Family bike/camping trip through Washington states San Juan Islands

Every summer we get together with the Ericksons for a family adventure camping trip. Two years ago it was cycling/camping the Gulf Islands, last year was kayaking/camping the Broken Island chain and this year it was cycling/camping the San Juan islands on the east coast of Washington state.

Here are some of the choice photos of the trip. Click to see a larger version:

Helen all packed up
and ready to go

Val and Dustin


Ready for the ferry

On the road San Juan Island

Misty morning

Lunch break

The gang

Krista and Bridget


Cody, Krista, Dustin and Bridget

Krista and Bridget

Cody deep in thought



Matching jerseys - how cute

Helen on the road

Art on Orcas Island

This is a mirror

Restaurant dinner!

Helen asleep on the ferry

Lunch break

Lunch staple - peanut butter

Low tide

Creepy dome tent

Gary and his Blackberry

Emergency hotel reservation

Day at the beach

Greg and Helen
dressed up for dinner

Hotel! A shower!









Hackysak. My PR was 13
Dustins was 20 and Cody's
was about 243

Cards on the Ferry

Exiting the ferry

Egg-mobile touring

Get'er done!


Our future boat?

Helen is a morning person

Pack up in the morning

The whole gang

This says it all!! I love this.

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