Sept 2

Sept 2, 2004

We're finally home now - Ironman Canada didn't exactly go as planned. I had a good swim, kicked some serious butt on the bike (came in 5th with a 5:13 for 112 miles!), but fell apart on the run. But that's ok - I'll keep plugging away at it.

I've been making some serious progress on TCR1 (Trans Canada Rocket 1) over the last 3 days. Below are some screen dumps from Ben Eadies awesome model and plans that I am working from - this is taking all the guess work out of the fabrication process - definitely the way to go for a final product (as opposed to a prototype).

The steel tubes were cut to length, then notched using a dremel cutting wheel and a wrap-around paper pattern from SolidWorks:

Then I made a jig for the front section and assembled all the pieces:

Then tack welded them into place, then finish welded being very careful not to warp the frame. If you tack in multiple places around the tubes, then follow the same process when finish welding, the frame doesn't bend out of shape.

Before going too far with welding I wanted to make sure the crank and chain rings fit the frame:

Then I made a jig for the rear triangle and welded the tubes together:

I had the head tube shown above bored out to fit a Cane Creek Double X Head set (1.5" steer tube standard) - a SUPER BEEFY headset.

I welded the main frame tubes together and assembled the rear triangle with the main boom to see how the pivot felt - real smooth!! - these huge bearings are the way to go man!

Tomorrow I'll weld on the front section, add the derailleur, a chain, and put the seat on and take it for a spin! Exciting!!!

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