Sept 9

Sept 9, 2004

Fixed the steering.

This works WAY better! I lengthened all the levers on the steering cable system and it works great now. I started by widening the points on the steering bar where the cable connects. Then I changed the whole rear assembly. I welded a tube to the back of the seat clamp and used the frame struts to pull from. The range of motion is now about 10 inches from a full right hand turn to a full left hand turn rather than 3 to 4 inches with the old way.

Now that I have someplace to mount break levers, I'll start work on the disc break mounts tomorrow.

On the weekend I think I'll throw the SRM watts meter on it and take it out to my test track to see how it compares to the other bikes. The next test on the agenda is Mick Sims 20 kph hard corner test. I'm pretty sure it will pass because I know I've taken it faster than 20 kph around the neighborhood and turned some pretty tight corners. It know I can tip it - I just need to learn exactly how much cornering force is required to accomplish that. Then learn how to avoid it.

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