Sept 14

Sept 14, 2004

Argh! Fabrication takes a long time!! I wanted to get out for a good ride today, but had to finish a few small things first - a fender / crotch protector for the front wheel, a better grip for the steering brake, a place to mount the SRM computer and I wanted to tilt the seat back a bit because I noticed that it was angled too steep and that could be one reason for my sore ass. Well, it took me almost all day fiddling around with these things and I didn't have time to ride much before the rain. The good news is the new seat position is perfect! I ended up raising it about 2 inches and moving it forward. That reclined the seat a bit more and the lower part of the seat cups my rear better now.

This is the fender - I cut a steel tube in half vertically and welded a plate to the bottom of it that fastens to the seat.

I cut out two leg guards from some old plastic container lids. My thighs were slightly rubbing on the tire as it spun and resulted in two small burns.

The steering brake lever works great! It's a grip connected to a brake lever which is clamped onto the handle bar. I simply pull up on this to lock out the steering pivot. It works so well I would like to change the entire handle bar to rotate to lock.


1. Buy and install right brake
2. Invent new cable tensioner to allow more steering bar turn radius
3. Add front derailleur
4. Order 20mm axle bolts for the rear wheels (I'm using 1/2 inch now which isn't right)
5. Design and machine 2 seat mounts out of aluminum to replace current steel ones ( LATER.
6. Design and machine 2 steering tensionsers out of alum to replace LATER
7. Order a new front wheel! (Helen is kind of upset that I am user her Zipp race wheel!)
8. Start work on the first fairing
9. Invent steering stiffener
10. Add larger chain ring and modify chain stays
11. Make clamp-on out riggers and try to flip it
12. Fabricate new steering bar (aluminum or composite?) or rework existing
13. Lathe an aluminum collar for .5" hub axles.
14. Design and build a trainer to fit mag trainer.
15. Replace steel cables with Kevlar
16. Crotch guard / fender

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