Sept 18

Sept 18, 2004

Good ride today! Logged another 60 km and 2.5 hours on the TCR1 plus added another watts test to the database. It was a dead calm day and the 150 watts average was .08 kph faster than the previous test so they're getting very close meaning that the numbers are probably very accurate. Today, I ended up at 30.23 kph, 150 watts, 117 bpm heart rate. So far, I have logged 178 km of the TCR1 and before next Spring, I hope to have a few thousand kms on it! I have a ways to go. I'll keep a running total of my ride time at the bottom of each of these updates below the todo list.

My son Cody enjoying a high speed turn.

John Tetz really knows his streamliners and he's helping me a ton. According to his excel power calculator, if the fairing I am designing ends up with a drag coefficient of .8 (John's fully faired two wheeled velomobile has a CdA of .6), wheels rolling resistance of .005 (Two rear low RR Stelvios and 1 very low RR 650 racing tire), then with 150 watts of input power, I should end up at about 45 kph average which is 5 kph above my original goal. My original watts / speed plan for the cross Canada record attempt is here.

John's power calculator is here. PGUSc1.xls

On the road.

Todays ride report:

The modifications to the TCR1 chain stay width worked very well, as my feet were free to rotate around without clicking on anything! However, I had also moved the derailleur down and back a bit (note how much lower it is in the above photo) to allow my heel to pass without hitting it. That resulted in multiple chain derailments, and derailleur malfunctions. I'm not sure what to do about that. Someone has suggested shorter cranks, but I'm so used to my crank size that I am hesitant to change it. I'll give it a try as a last resort. Until then, I need to play around with some various derailleur locations until I find one that does not interfear with my foot, and also provides somewhat decent gear changing operation.

I must not have replaced the front wheel perfect straight because for the entire ride I had to lean to the right side to offset a tendency for the trike to wonder left. After taking a close look at the front wheel, I realized that it was just ever so slightly tilted left. I had removed the foam seat cushion and placed the seat pad from the M5 lowracer on the TCR1 for todays ride. That lowers my CofG a bit, plus provides my with the 1/4" or so of extended leg room that I still needed to achieve. It worked well, but not quite as comfy as the foam. I think a narrow strip of high density foam under the M5 seat pad will work just fine.

While hammering away today I noticed a bit of front frame flexing from side to side. I'm not sure if this is due to some metal that I still have not replaced from the chain stay operation yesterday, or if it's the wheel flexing a bit, or if the whole frame is. I need to take a closer look at where the frame might be giving, then add a gusset or two to see if I can stiffen it up a bit.

My right crank is clicking the chain stay again! Argh! I guess the chain stay surgery warped the metal slightly and now my crank is colliding ever so slightly with the frame on every rotation. At first, I had solved this by grinding away a bit of the bottom of the crank - not sure how much more of that cranks I want to grind away now, so maybe I'll look at removing part of the frame, then strengthening at by adding some tubing in behind where I removed a chunk. I'll probably end up doing exactly that to allow for the big chain ring I need to add anyhow... the list just keeps getting longer and I haven't even started on the fairing yet!

The plan for tomorrow: weld in the missing metal on the chain stay section, add missing gussets and add some gussets for where the flex might be coming from. Then I want to see if I can solve the derailleur problem.


1. Buy and install right brake
2. Invent new cable tensioner to allow more steering bar turn radius
3. Add front derailleur
4. Order 20mm axle bolts for the rear wheels (I'm using 1/2 inch now which isn't right)
5. Design and machine 2 seat mounts out of aluminum to replace current steel ones ( LATER.
6. Design and machine 2 steering tensioners out of alum to replace LATER
7. Order a new front wheel! (Helen is kind of upset that I am user her Zipp race wheel!)
8. Start work on the first fairing
9. Invent steering stiffener
10. Add larger chain ring and modify chain stays
11. Make clamp-on out riggers and try to flip it
12. Fabricate new steering bar (aluminum or composite?) or rework existing
13. Lathe an aluminum collar for .5" hub axles.
14. Design and build a trainer to fit mag trainer.
15. Replace steel cables with Kevlar
16. Crotch guard / fender
17. Narrow chain stays to allow foot to clear
18. fix derailleur
19. crank hitting chain stay
20. chain stay frame flex?
21. Narrow, high density foam for seat

TOTAL distance on TCR1
178.6 km

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