Sept 21

September 21, 2005

Telescopic landing gear action.

This is taking WAY too long, but it's turning out pretty cool so I'd like to make as big a deal out of it as possible (one way to justify taking the time to do it).

The landing gear telescopes out of the slider hole in the frame and rotates as it extends out. The reason for the rotation is to better hide it above the floor of the fairing. If I didn't rotate it a bit, then the bottom of the wheel would poke out below the bottom of the fairing shell. As you can see by the photos above, the method by which it rotates into position was fairly simple - a slot cut into the slider tube to guide the telescopic strut into position.

Action is via a brake cable and handle. I pull the handle which is connected to the brake cable which pulls down the gear leg. Since the gear leg is spring loaded, I can lock the handle behind a couple of fasteners that go through the frame, or let go of it to allow the gear to snap back into retracted position. Here is the elastic deal that holds it closed:

So you've now read the book - here's the movie. Since Brad Pitt is actually in Calgary shooting another movie (true), he asked to appear as a guest star, but I said no.

Here is a new MOVIE showing how the landing gear extends and retracts.

To do now:

1. Build retractable landing gear
2. Build a window for the nose
3. Fit and securely fasten fairing into place, then cut a removable door for self-entry/exit. I'm thinking a simple hinge at the top would work
4. Make THIRD fiberglass plug for body work
5. Finish the rear wheel fairing attachments
6. Work on vision mirror system - AGAIN...

To do eventually:

6. Build a new fairing mold from the new plug
7. Pull carbon fairing shells from the new mold
8. Build proper SEAT!
9. Mid-drive lightening holes (James Kenny)
10. New carbon fork?
11. Add a thin coat of epoxy to the left hand wheel disc because it is not air tight
12. Carbon wheel disc for front wheel

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