Sept 24

September 24, 2005

CP1 takes flight for the first time!

It wasn't much of an event, but it was a big deal for me. I was actually just taxing the streamliner down the driveway testing out the landing gear with the full fairing on, and I couldn't resist pulling her up I rode down the street, successfully landed on the gear, then 'lifted' off again to fly back home.

It wasn't fast, but it was successful. I cut a larger side window and moved the camera up higher and to the rear (I know, I know - everyone has been suggesting that to me and I finally tried it and you were right). The new camera position seems to work better than in the nose - I didn't really have any issue balancing it, but I found the perspective kind of strange. I would veer dangerously close to the side of the road and not really even realize it.

I'm still not sure what to do about a vision system. The mirrors are better than the camera, but the view is equally as limited and the drag penalty is much higher than a camera.

I am happy to finally have reached this stage - to be able to enter the vehicle, close it up, start moving and lift up onto two wheels, land back on three wheels and exit - all on my own.

The next major step is to take it out onto a flat and quiet road somewhere and get up to a decent speed. Then I need to find someplace where I can start to safely log some serious time in it.

Below are a pile of photos of the gull wing door, etc. Click on any of the images to see a larger version:

In other news, Ben and I wetted out the third fiber glass fairing shell that will be used to build a new plug for a new mold for new polished and shiny fairing shells. I will continue to leave the 'work' fairing on while I perfect everything.

To do now:

1. Build retractable landing gear
2. Build a window for the nose
3. Fit and securely fasten fairing into place, then cut a removable door for self-entry/exit. I'm thinking a simple hinge at the top would work
4. Make THIRD fiberglass plug for body work
5. Finish the rear wheel fairing attachments
6. Work on vision mirror system - AGAIN...

To do eventually:

6. Build a new fairing mold from the new plug
7. Pull carbon fairing shells from the new mold
8. Build proper SEAT!
9. Mid-drive lightening holes (James Kenny)
10. New carbon fork?
11. Add a thin coat of epoxy to the left hand wheel disc because it is not air tight
12. Carbon wheel disc for front wheel

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