Sept 26

September 26, 2005

CP1 frame test at the Glenmore velodrome

I am very happy with how the CP1 frame handled the velodrome today. At first it was kind of scary going up those steep banks, but I got used to it fairly quickly. I got it up to a high speed of 50 kph on 200 watts and it handled just fine - no problems what so ever. Aside from the headache I got from all the BANGING around!!! Man that track is ROUGH. The concrete is smooth except every 5 feet or so there is a join crack. My helmet fits tightly between the top bar and the back of the frame and every bump gets transferred directly to my brain. 2 hours of a VERY, very rough ride, but the frame held up perfectly.

I made a hood to restrict my vision to the video monitor to see if I could get used to the camera view. At first it was pretty whacky, but I got used to it fairly quickly and was zooming around the track using nothing by the monitor to see out.

I spliced together a couple of videos I took while I zoomed around the track:

Glenmore velodrome video 1

Glenmore velodrome video 2

Next, I'll put the fairings on and give that a go. Maybe Wednesday if I can find someone to help me. After a couple of near wipe outs today and 3 slow speed tip-overs, I realize that I should probably have someone else with me....

To do now:

1. Build retractable landing gear
2. Build a window for the nose
3. Fit and securely fasten fairing into place, then cut a removable door for self-entry/exit. I'm thinking a simple hinge at the top would work
4. Make THIRD fiberglass plug for body work
5. Finish the rear wheel fairing attachments
6. Work on vision mirror system - AGAIN...

To do eventually:

6. Build a new fairing mold from the new plug
7. Pull carbon fairing shells from the new mold
8. Build proper SEAT!
9. Mid-drive lightening holes (James Kenny)
10. New carbon fork?
11. Add a thin coat of epoxy to the left hand wheel disc because it is not air tight
12. Carbon wheel disc for front wheel

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