Sept 27

Sept 27, 2004

We had a great race at Melissa's 22km road race in Banff on Saturday. Helen finished in the top 14% and I was 40 seconds slower than I was last year (probably due to less preparation than last year).

I added 77 km to the TCR1 odometer today - a great Autumn bike riding day!. They are repaving some roads in the area and as a result, I take a detour around the mess which means some of my ride is on shoulderless roads. Most vehicles are accommodating - in fact, far friendlier than when I'm on my road bike. I guess the novelty of the trike gets their attention. A lady stopped at 3 different places today just to get a better look at me and the trike. At the other extreme, some dude in a van drove up an entire hill right behind me with the horn blowing the whole way! The trike is pretty wide, and in order to pass, cars have to cross the middle line. I guess this guy figured he shouldn't have to go through the trouble - so he just laid on the horn the whole way.

I also added another watts test to the database. This time, I ended up with a 150 watts average of 32.56 kph - which is quite a bit faster than previous tests. It could be due to some slight winds today, or the temperature.

I decided that I need to get an accelerometer (or a g-meter) and quantify exactly at how many g's of turning force will cause the trike to flip. That way, I can watch the g-meter during high speed turns and have some confidence that it won't tumble. That's the next item on the agenda - to add an outrigger wheel and do some g-meter tests.

Two other items added to the todo list are to establish a relationship with a charity to represent, and to find a good PR person. If you know of any good PR people who would be interested in helping out - please let me know. And, if you have any ideas about a charity that might fit with my trans Canada event, please suggest it to me.

2 Duu LIST:

1. Buy and install right brake
2. Invent new cable tensioner to allow more steering bar turn radius
3. Add front derailleur
4. Order 20mm axle bolts for the rear wheels (I'm using 1/2 inch now which isn't right)
5. Design and machine 2 seat mounts out of aluminum to replace current steel ones ( LATER.
6. Design and machine 2 steering tensioners out of alum to replace LATER
7. Order a new front wheel! (Helen is kind of upset that I am user her Zipp race wheel!)
8. Start work on the first fairing
9. Invent steering stiffener
10. Add larger chain ring and modify chain stays
11. Make clamp-on out riggers and try to flip it (changed to#25)
12. Fabricate new steering bar (aluminum or composite?) or rework existing
13. Lathe an aluminum collar for .5" hub axles (Ben E. said he'd do it for me).
14. Design and build a trainer to fit mag trainer (donated by Michael Hoenig).
15. Replace steel cables with Kevlar (maybe not - I think the flex of steel is good....)
16. Crotch guard / fender
17. Narrow chain stays to allow foot to clear
18. fix derailleur
19. crank hitting chain stay
20. chain stay frame flex?
21. Narrow, high density foam for seat
22. Make front quick release safety
23. Change steer cable sheaves to Pete Heals idea
24. Add missing and new webs
25. Add a g-meter and quantify turning g's at flippage threshold. (add outriggers)
26. Firm up relationship with a charity (Helen???)
27. Find a PR person

TOTAL distance on TCR1
398.3 km

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