Oct 10

October 10, 2005

Dry run and media event

I can’t believe that I think I can actually see some light at the end of this tunnel....

The two hour ride the other day around the track did wonders for my confidence that I just may pull this off.

I spent today and yesterday working on a simple removable canopy bubble and all the cockpit goodies like my iPod holder, two-way radio, food and water, etc...


I am at the point now where I may need to make a more serious commitment to going for the record soon. I want to do a 'dry-run' this weekend (weather permitting) at the rubber track at Glenmore. I'm thinking 10 hours straight and I'll probably start at about noon and go to 10:00 at night so I can test out the night operation.

I'll need various volunteers throughout the day so nobody gets too board.

I also want to make the dry-run event a sort of 'media release' event. I have a PR guy (Neil) who will be doing the PR stuff. If I'm going to do the dry run, I'll get my PR guy to issue a press release to all the local media. They can swing by and take some photos, talk to me, etc, etc

Ok - so, Before I take this next HUGE step (the dry-run / media release event) I need to know that this record is a possibility for me and for the bike.

From recent training, I know I can maintain 130 watts for over 12 hours. I would hope that on 'race-day' I could end up averaging the same wattage average over an entire 24 hour period. Well, lets make that assumption for now.

According to my spreadsheet to beat the current 1100 km record at typical Alabama conditions, at 120 watts and Crr of .004, I would need a minimum of .5 CdA (sq ft). That would be pushing it really - touch and go, but possibly worth a shot.

I want to proceed with the dry-run / media event next weekend if we can do a highway watts run with the canopy and we can both be assured that we are getting at LEAST .5 CdA in the state it's in now (without the finishing touches, and without the new fairing shells, etc, etc). Then maybe after refinements and the new fairing, I can get a .4 or something. That would be cool.

So - I am doing a couple of hours around the Glenmore rubber track tomorrow morning at 10:00 am to make sure that the canopy works and my seating position and viewing or OK. Then I would like to get out to a highway in the afternoon for a watts test. If all goes good with the tests, then I will proceed with the plans for the media release and dry-run.

CP1 To do:

1. Fully test seat position, canopy bubble and venting
2. Watts test on highway to make sure I am in the ball park!!!! (IMPORTANT!!)
3. Add a headlight and do a night test !!!
4. Make a 'windshield-only' canopy bubble to work with faired helmet
5. Fix landing gear retraction so it fits inside the fairing - also the hatch cover
6. Get 650 disc wheel
7. Build a new fairing mold from the new plug
8. Pull carbon fairing shells from the new mold
9. Mid-drive lightening holes (James Kenny)
10. New carbon fork?
11. Add a thin coat of epoxy to the left hand wheel disc because it is not air tight
12. Finish micro'ing rear wheel fairing attachments (wait for final fairing shells)
13. New light-weight bottom brackets
14. Dura-ace chain

Event to do:

1. Make short list of observers, timer and tech (Helen)
2. Confirm track survey OK (email to Al)
3. Confirm removable parts (lights) ?
4. Timing system
5. Shipping (Helen)

Training to do:

1. 10 hour dry run on track (this weekend??)
2. ride EVERY DAY!!

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